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New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner


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I saw this video a few hours ago:

Apparently, this Russian guy has put together a new ASIC that gives our 10.8 GH/s on Dash, leaving the Baikal A900 Giants way behind... Something unprecedented.

The Russian guy says that it costs $9000 USD now (normally costs $25k). The comments (in Russian, I just Google Translated) ask why hasn't iBeLink announced them on their official page (this one?). Apparently they say they'll post it soon, but that the Russian miners and China miners have a good relationship, and apparently the Chinese sent the Russians this early stage ASIC for testing. The Russian's website, http://bitbaza.com/ , doesn't appear to have the miner listed yet. They're only contact method seems to be a phone number, +7 (499) 705-19-34. No Skype, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Furthermore, I PM'd iBeLink's profile here, and they said that they're working on a new prototype miner, and omitted any comment regarding the youtube video, price, or any other relevant information.

Dash's facebook page tipped me out. I'm not sure that they do a background check on how legit this guy is, so we should be careful.


Has anyone heard about these guys?
I can't see any 10.8G hash but 4 blades for 1000MHs/1GHs hash in total 4GHs+
1:40-2:00 look the pool data , it never show his worker but only total hash.How about put 12 baikal A900 giants in 3 workers 900MH/s*12=10800MH/s=10.8G it will do the tricks .o_O
and 2:12 those numbers are mess up 1000+MHs/5s not 2500/MHs/5 s each? ...ok.
oh wait . Whats wrong with the MHs/avg?! 20/Mhs? its totally mess for 2 hours long run:mad:
And lets check this out the Acc/Acceped reading , 4 blades 134+127+140+117=518...well 2 hours for 518 Acceped o_O
It's coincidence i got my 12 giants in hands for 10800MH/s or 10.8GH/s
12 Giants in 4 workers beat it 500+ Acc less than 40 mins:eek:

Compare with last asic of ibelink DM384M is 90% same looking but the PCB of blade & USB connector are make difference
AND the power usage 728w its dead close to the old ibelink DM384M

Base on those reading ,I just can't trust it at all :cool:
Please point me out if i got anything wrong.

Added my 12 giants after 2 hours run


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I had contact with this seller. It's for preorder only. Shipping time 3 month, price 7.5k, min order 10pcs. We still wait for confirmation from official ibelink stuff.
Thanks for the feedback, @Yeso. You're right, the numbers on the pool data were kind of fuzzy, and you never see his worker. And like you said, it can be perfectly a configuration of 12 Giant what would yield him results, and the iBeLink just a facade.

With order requirements like @ilia_2s described, I'm definitely not going to be the first one to put out 75k to get 10 of those. Well wait and see. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
Bitbaza just replyed with this img and new demo video very soon
as i see this img , looks like they just double hashrate display and hashrate MH/avg still messed up.
I replyed bitbaza and told them to show pool hashrate with pool worker in new demo video .
Let's see what happen next ;)


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Again, i uploaded my giants runs for 54 mins+ pool site data for comparing ,
i suppose the new asic should do almost same number with my giants
and hope to see they'll show his pool data like coinmine.pl .
Please point me out if i got anything wrong.


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Bitbaza just updated his shop
more Asic Info to dig out
Heshreyt: 10.8 GH / s ± 5%
Energy consumption: 730 W (at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius)
Efficiency: 0.07 W / MH (at ambient temperature of 25 degrees Celsius)
number of chips TNB0303-FL28 28nm: 64
Operating Temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C
Mains: Ethernet
Power supply: 110V to 240V, 50Hz / 60Hz, built BP at 850W
Certification: FC, CE, LVD
device Dimensions: 490mm (L) * 350mm (W) * 180mm (H)
Weight: 22 kg Packets
10.8GH/s powered by 28nm chips X 64
chip Efficiency are 0.07 W/MH
64 X 0.07 X 730W= 3270MH/s=3.27GH/s?
I'm no engineer:oops: ,am i wrong?
A few things:
  • Weird thing that the iBeLink page (supposedly the OEM) hasn't listed their product on their main page yet. Why would an OEM not list his product but a reseller does?
  • I looks exactly like the DM384M, but it's possible that they're only using the same chassis and that the ASICs inside are different.
  • If I'm reading your screenshot appropriately, it seems the DM11G consists of 4 workers (that can be individually assigned to mine on different pools), and each worker consists of 6 ASICs (bottom left corner of the picture)
  • The language bar used in the screenshot seems to be Chinese, not Russian. I guess if the Russians took the screenshot, they may have a Chinese keyboard to communicate with the OEMs more easily. Or it could be that some Chinese guy was doing the test and sent them the screenshot.
I'll keep trying to see if @iBeLink or @iBeLink_1 reply and to check the legitimacy of this. I found in another thread that their email address is [email protected].

10.8GH/s powered by 28nm chips X 64
chip Efficiency are 0.07 W/MH
64 X 0.07 X 730W= 3270MH/s=3.27GH/s?
I'm no engineer:oops: ,am i wrong?

I think the math is: 730 [W] / 0.07 [W/MH] = 10,428 MH/s.
That must be Russian Fraud.... calculate it
Dash Mining Profit Calc says.... 10GH make profit from 7450 Dollar per Month....why should they sell this devices... they can use it thereself....and they are rich
IT IS SCAM in my opinion dont believe that shit
But i notice DM11G uses 28nm chip as well , and heard someone on slack "10.8GH/s cant be possible in that size unless they are at like 14 NM ASICS"
So i'm wondering .:confused:
btw did you on slack already?(dashnation)
@Yeso look my post...calculate for urself... dash mining calc.... it is more profitable for them use it herselff...no way that anyone will sell it for 7500-15000 dollar... cause that are a roi of 1-2 month
I dont know...what they want to sell....but it is fake....NOONE....would sell a device...what can easily earn 6000-7500 $ 1 MONTH....why they shoould sell it ?
I think its Russian Fraud... and all who want to order this.... will see it is fake...
i dont believe that that device can make 10 GHS cause 10 GHS is very much for that low price... and yeah we will see..
The circuit boards are different.
Check my attached file
WE discuss it in previous thread, it may be latest revisions of dm384. What diff we can see? Different usb connector, that more frequently used on PCB, and other count of capacitors. As for the rest the design is totally same.