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Hi sush here am blogger and from india.

I write all types blog.
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Why Did These Celebrities End Their Life?
One always wonders why such successful celebrities would end their life, no matter how much they have been disappointed in the love life or are under stress... But that's where the core of the problem lies.

• While these celebrities delight in the spotlight, exposed, naked, without their personality, too much exposure and lack of privacy result in depression, anxiety disorders or mental health problems at some point in life.

• Young people are especially prone to these problems. Sudden fame and wealth may be too much to handle at an early age.

• No matter how happy, normal or successful these celebrities may seem, they have this deep fear of losing it all day, which also functions as a catalyst for depression.

• Many of these celebrities may be suffering from extreme emotional pain. But the public life they lead forces them to hide these emotions, which does not lead to a healthy state of mind.
Why did these celebrities end their lives?
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