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New Dash Promotion Game | Dash-Lanes Kingdom

If the value of DASH rises (or drops) this will not affect your DASH income in the Kingdom

yeah right - but since DASH is a limited resource and increased usage (eg. by this game with conceptually exponential growth) will increase also the value of DASH and then it will become exponentially (?) more expensive to participate in the game if the house price level remains constant. At some point somebody will need to pay $100 to enter - the point where the game breaks down and nobody is willed to pay that $100 anymore. (the situation would be different if DASH had an unlimited amount and would not be linked to to a fiat money exchange rate)

I am not aware of the real back coupling function. But a constant selling price will create this kind of feedback. One way to mitigate it would be some kind of price reduction over time or number of houses or whatever
Hi Dwarf, I have updated the game and included your suggestion on the 3 houses. Also I included the achievement feature. There are 5 available right now. I hope you like it. Because of the quick change, I may have left some typo's related to the number of houses. Also I have to solve the family story. For now the extra houses on King's Lane and Queen's Lane are not built (Future).
On the other topic:
At some point somebody will need to pay $100 to enter
Because all is in DASH I do not really see the problem. If you collect the wealth (commission and revenue) from your balance you'll have the same transfer ratio. I do agree however that $100,- sounds much at this moment to join this type of game. It would then become a promotion game for the rich, which is not really the purpose. Maybe it is a good idea to create another kingdom with lower entry if the value of DASH increases. This would make stepping in the Kingdom affordable for everybody. I also once considered to make a similar game for Bitcoin, but then it would have to be a satoshi-range house price to make it accessable for a large group of people.

Meanwhile I am considering lowering the house price for the current Kingdom as per your suggestion. Opinions on this are appreciated. If the price would be lowered I think 0.5 DASH would be more comprehensable in the game explanation than 0.3 DASH.
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if only a small amount of money is payd then it could go forever and is a nice toy to explain DASH to more people. But the game may impact the price since more transactions will be done and that will rise the price of DASH directly rising the price of houses and so preventing people to use it anymore. Though it cannot go forever.

just as a hint: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/04/042104.asp

"The problem is that the scheme cannot go on forever, because there are a finite number of people who can join the scheme (even if all the people in the world were to join)"

A simple solution for that would be to devalue the houses in the same or a higher rate than the DASH price might surge. Then even if the game dies out it may not hurt anyone in the pressure of finding a next person to buy his houses because it will be just a small amount of money.

if you set the value reduction to 0.97 of the previous price in every round (level) it should do it because also the value of DASH cannot increase indefinitely
after 10 rounds it would be 0.74 of the initial price but there are 2^10 = 1024 more people into DASH with small amounts
0.2 it is.

I will make the update shortly. If you are willing to help check for left over old prices on the pages you're very welcome. I will ofcourse send you 0.8 back when I'ám done changing.
I am not just yet ready for implementing price reduction concept on further lanes ;)

Thanks for your insights Dworf. It is much appreciated.
I have another idea to make it more attractive in the long run - when you have finished the current version ;)
I see only
for now who have bought houses

my DASH address:
Ready updating the Kingdom: Yes. Ready for new comments: No not yet.. now time for a royal refreshment and a small duty.

Hope you like the result. Let me know if you find any old remains in the current version.
Welcome richrichrich to the Dash-Lanes Kingdom!

May the kingdom grow and prosper and may you be overloaded with wealth!
Thanks for joining!
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Welcome to the new resident on Dworf's Lane: Talon!

May wealth and good fortune be yours!
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the king will go to sleep now for some hours.. satisfied about the growth of the fair Kingdom today.
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