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New, completely custom pool Simple Dark is currently running a 3% bonus


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After more than a month of development on Simple Doge and Simple Vert. We are proud to announce Simple Dark mining pool We've built a completely custom mining server and frontend to let us bring new features to the mining community.

1. Monitor your temperatures, fan speed, voltages, and much more from your phone or anywhere that has internet. After installing PowerPool Agent on your rig (don't worry, it's really easy) your stats page on our pool will show you an overview of the health of your rig.


PPAgent Currently supports cgminer and it's variants. CUDAminer support is planned for the future.

2. No registration required. Simply point your miner to `stratum+tcp://stratum.simpledrk.com:3353` using your Dark address as your username and you're all setup. Optionally enter your username in the format `[Your Dark Address].[Worker Name]` and the graphs on your page will automatically split up by worker.

We look forward to seeing you there! If you have any feature suggestions, need some help getting setup, or just want to chat join our IRC channel.

Normal mining pool information:

* PPLNS payout system
* Default 1% donation with option to change to 0%
* Payout after every block found, no minimum balance, no payout fees

Quickstart Guide to mining with us
Stats screenshot
PowerPool Agent (cgminer monitor) Installation and Download Instructions
IRC channel

PS: For those interested, all the software we've made is open source, check it out on Github!
Trying this one out now after liking the SimpleVert pool a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, they are in a run of really bad luck right now with over 17 hours spent working towards a block. Now, please get the agent working for ccminer! Was using drkpool before, but want to get the overhead costs down as I don't really like the 1% plus a 0.01DRK transaction fee.