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Need Help ( Dash | P2Pool )


New member
i setup a P2Pool whit dash.
Anything seams to be run and work.
But for a test i startet a Miner

cpuminer-gw64-avx2 -a X11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u Xh6Z41p8a2QJdY2TP62Fe3Bic5pot332nr -p x

The miner is runing on a Laptop (core i5) and CPU Mining and connected to my pool.

But he is not shown on the aktive Miners and the Local Hashrate (Pool hashrate) is 0.00 H/s (Rejected 0.00 H/s / 0.00%). all is running since 3 Hours. I think i should see something, or not?
Hi there. Unless you are mining on testnet for testing purposes, a cpuminer is not profitable. A Core i7 can only achieve about 0.0003GH/s when using all cores. Compared to the output of the Spondoolies SPx36 ASIC miner 540GH/s, your hash rate is so small it is effectively a rounding error.