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MyDashWallet with Tipping and Hardware Wallet Support

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Pre-Proposal Idea to check if this sounds interesting and has a chance to be voted in. With all the recent marketing proposals it might be a good time for a great development project. Is the cost (20 Dash) fair?

Elevator Pitch
MyDashWallet.org will provide an easy way for anyone to create Dash wallets locally and send Dash to anyone (to normal Dash addreses, to emails, on twitter, reddit, telegram, discord, etc.).

Like MyEtherWallet.com this service allows the easy creation of wallets in your browser, it is not an online wallet, all data stays with the user locally (except when he deposits or tips or sends Dash obviously). The service is free to use, there are no hidden fees. Later versions might support importing external wallets and supporting hardware wallets or online wallets. We will also look into making it easy to obtain Dash with other coins at a cheaper rate than ShapeShift and might integrate with other fiat services in the future (uphold, coinbase, exchanges).

Unlike Ethereum the Dash desktop or mobile wallets are already great, this service is NOT a replacement for those, it is an addition and provides easy online and browser access. The use case here is NOT storing huge amounts of Dash, but quickly using small amounts for tipping, online purchases, etc. without touching your cold wallet you might have on your PC or hardware wallet. Due to the superlow fees in Dash you can easily move back and forth.

Preview (not final design, just for a quick illustration):


Currently sending someone new any small amount of Dash requires explaining one of the following options:
  • Paper Wallets, how they work, how to redeem them, how to check them, etc.
  • Installing the full Dash Wallet on your PC or the Dash Wallets available on Android or iOS
  • More experienced users might have accounts with other services and can just create a Dash receiving address there (e.g. on exchanges)
While Dash is great and all, and Evolution will make it even better and easier, right now you can't simply send someone Dash on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord or via Email easily. This service will solve that problem and this is the immediate Use-Case for the first version pitched here to be released in January 2018! It allows you to send any amount, no matter how tiny (why not tip someone simply 0.01mDASH, which is less than a cent).

Basically you can deposit some Dash and send it to anyone, who will simply receive a link to click and redeem (or let it stay there and redeem later).
  • If the platform supports private messages (email, reddit, telegram, discord), the user receives a private link to redeem what was send to him.
  • If the platform has everything public or does not allow sending private messages to random users (e.g. twitter), the user receives an authentication link only he can use with his authentication data.
  • Optionally the sender can set a timer until when the Dash has to be redeemed, if it is not used by then it will be send back automatically (useful for tipping, where often tips are not redeemed weeks later).
If the new user has no wallet yet, he can keep the received Dash amount and use it later, but he can also send it to any other user or address.

Dash is by far the easiest to get into for new users, with this service it will feel even more close to PayPal before Evolution is out and thanks to InstantSend new users don't have to fully understand Blockchains or why you have to wait for confirmations. The only thing holding back new users is understanding why they would need Dash in the first place, where to spend it and the difficulties buying the first Dash. Over the next months this service will tackle these issues and be shaped into a useful service for new users.

The website will be provided as a non-profit service with the main goal to make the first experience for new users easier and straightforward, existing users can also benefit from an easy and safe online experience. The whole Dash community benefits from new users and new money coming in the ecosystem.

Also would be a pure online wallet be easier or is just the wallet generation like MyEtherWallet better? We don't know and will probably provide both options as both have usecases (to deposit for tips or to hold Dash locally), but by default it should be like MyEtherWallet.

25 Dash: 20 Dash for the website and service development, this covers the cost for our small team and all running costs we will have building and maintaining this service. Plus 5 Dash for the proposal reimburstment.
  • First week is about the creation of the website and basic services (which should be easy with our previous work experience and due to the fact MyEtherWallet is open source as well)
  • Second week is about integration into Discord, Twitter, Reddit and Emails at least (optionally more services, if there is not enough time, a later proposal will be created for Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. support). This will be the most amount of work and has to be done early as there are always many issues and testing live online services is a complex task.
  • Third week is starting the beta test and finish the remaining features
  • Final week is about the release, fixing all outstanding issues and going live
Due to the Dash price increase and the project length (1 month with our 3 people team) we don't think more funds are required, we also have a lot of software and websites up and running helping us to get this out quickly. All development will be done transparently with weekly updates and be completely open-source.

Here are some early mockups how the tipping via MyDashWallet would work on each social platform:
  • On twitter you just mention the @DashTip bot in your tweet (as a reply or in a new tweet when you also mention a receiver). That user gets a reply with a link only he can open when authorized and can redeem the tip.

  • On Telegram you either chat with the DashTip bot or if it is included in the channel you are in, you simply type commands into the chat.

  • On Reddit you simply mention the /r/DashTip user and type some message and any amount in a reply. I know there is a reddit tip bot already, but it is not easy to use and this would make it super-easy for anyone.

  • On Discord we have some bot development already, but things are not progressing very fast, if that bot works we will just add support for MyDashWallet, if not we simply write our own bot (there is already a simple prototype on my github). This is a screenshot while code reviewing the java bot in development, moocowmoo and August asked for my help (bot in working in DashTipBotTestingGround if anyone wants to join and test, msg me on Discord)

  • And finally via email invites, this is not fleshed out and will be part of the MyDashWallet.org website, a simple hacky version is just to send out the invite link directly (obviously would be better if this is managed by the website and not seen by anyone except the receiver):

Our team has been working professionally in the game industry for the past 15 years. For about a year we have been involved in cryptocurrencies as well and have completed several projects:
  • BuyDash preproposal website for an early easy idea to buy dash via credit cards (was not approved)
  • Added support for several cryptocurrencies (including Dash) to a major bitcoin betting and prediction market website with many thousand users
  • Written several bots on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Reddit for tipping purposes (again, including Dash). Up to 100 tips and new users processed per month.
  • Written some smart contracts, maintaining nodes for Dash, Eth, Ltc, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
  • Written Asset Exchange Service with cheaper fees than ShapeShift and Changelly (with Dash, Ltc, Eth, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Support). Not yet released, msg me for a teaser.
  • Reviewed discord tipbot development progress
  • We are also hosting the the monthly Bitcoin Meetup in our city, where we talk about Dash too :)
  • We also maintain and operate several games on iOS, Android and Steam with 25+ million downloads (most known are SoulCraft and Heroes Of SoulCraft)

This proposal is for the first month of development, we rather create more proposals once this is approved for future updates than to include them now and plan them yet, when the service is not up and ready. Future proposals will most likely include these features, let us know if these are crucial and we should include them in the initial proposal:
  • Hardware wallet support: Ledger and Trezor are used a lot on MyEtherWallet, the apps for Dash on those devices are fine, but it might be easier to use the browser to quickly send out some Dash, tip people or simply check up much quicker through a bookmark in your web browser.
  • Quick and easy exchange: Fees and slow confirmation times can kill the fun of exchanging to Dash or from Dash into other crypto currencies. Due to our experience building an Asset Exchange we can integrate this here too and provide cheaper fees than ShapeShift or Changelly.
  • Integration into Fiat Services, maybe a super simple way to buy via credit card without any lengthy approval process (we started into this direction with our previous BuyDash proposal) or simply integrating existing services like Uphold, coinbase or exchanges to let the user buy there.
  • MyDashWallet.com is currently taken and parked, but shouldn't be expensive to grab that one as well as some variations (.net, etc.)

By providing this free service we hope new users can be introduced quickly into the Dash world by receiving their first small amount. Power users can also benefit as sending tips will be easy and work across all and any social platforms. Dash is in the unique position to allow such a service easily with the low fees and instant transactions to make a good first impression to new users. We are still excited to work for Dash and do more amazing things for Dash in the future, let's do it.


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Sounds great, especially the idea about tiping through social media. I just wondering will there have sufficient people to maintain those services.

I assume you own mydashwallet.com?

I would really like to see this but i have a hard time believing that it is that easy or cheap. You should nail down and recreate every feature of myetherwallet possible first. Primarily the access modes (Ledger, Trezor, Digital bitbox?, Keystore, Mnemonic?, Private key). For anyone who has used myetherwallet with hardware wallets it is so easy. To my knowledge dash does not have any real coin control off a hardware device. Private/Instant send are also issues for the hardware wallets. And i think at least for ledger they would have to update the dash software for uses like this.
Hi ampp,

Thanks for your interest and questions. Would be nice to get some more feedback, our team is not sure if this has a chance to be voted in and if there is enough interest (well, all news is currently about the Dash price rise, not easy to get a word in).

I assume you own mydashwallet.com?

Not yet, but the mydashwallet.org mentioned in the proposal plus a few variants.

I would really like to see this but i have a hard time believing that it is that easy or cheap.

Good point, we want to start really small and easy and focus on one feature per month, currently we have the most experience with tipping bots and really like how easy MyEtherWallet is to use as compared to the clunky wallets or a full node with mist (which is a horrible experience for a first time user on Eth).

You should nail down and recreate every feature of myetherwallet possible first. Primarily the access modes (Ledger, Trezor, Digital bitbox?, Keystore, Mnemonic?, Private key). For anyone who has used myetherwallet with hardware wallets it is so easy. To my knowledge dash does not have any real coin control off a hardware device. Private/Instant send are also issues for the hardware wallets. And i think at least for ledger they would have to update the dash software for uses like this.

Do I understand you correctly you want us to create an preview version of MyDashWallet.org first? I think I can convince the team to spend a day or so on it, but remember last time we build BuyDash.org we spend a few days on it and put 5 Dash into the proposal, which was not voted in (it was close, but still very disappointing for us, luckily we found other work in this fast growing industry quite quickly).

Also remember that the actual hardware support with Ledger/Trezor would be planned for the second month, it is definitively not as easy as just putting up a website, but we think we can manage that as well once the first Milestone for January is done.
My biggest concern would by phishing. MyEtherWallet.com has led to a huge number of problems for people new to the crypto space since an online wallet portal is so much easier to provide false links, bad urls, etc. I like the idea in principle, but I would like to know what your thoughts are to help prevent phishing.

My other minor concern would be if unclaimed tips become orphaned funds, or if there is a time limit on claiming them like many tipping bots have.
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My biggest concern would by phishing. MyEtherWallet.com has led to a huge number of problems for people new to the crypto space since an online wallet portal is so much easier to provide false links, bad urls, etc. I like the idea in principle, but I would like to know what your thoughts are to help prevent phishing.

That is a good point, some warnings are always useful, myetherwallet got better over the years.

Not all of it has to be open source for easy cloning and fake people out, we can easily put in some barriers and make sure users know about https and checking the url (like myetherwallet has done and become much better in). We have a lot of experience with certificates, https and hosting things securely, this wouldn't be our first website or service.

To make things simple we propose to let the user store his password with our database on mydashwallet.org (not his private key). Even if he re-uses some password or enters it into a wrong website it has no use as without the private key, nothing can be done and the owner can still block his account. Plus if the user forgets his password and needs to change it, a simple email password recovery can be given. Obviously people giving away their private key is extremely dangerous and the website should warn users about the dangers in crypto.

Again, we do not propose people store huge amount of money on mydashwallet, it is for tipping and spending small amounts, so the danger should be lower (but we can't fully prevent people from doing stupid things of course).
Small early update, thanks for all the support and votes to get us funded, yeah ;)

Development will start tomorrow, we already got a few more domains and are in negotiations to grab the .com one (but if it is too expensive or we can't get a timely response, won't matter much, the other domains are just to protect users from mistyping or remembering wrong). We will post weekly updates.

TheDesertLynx also did an interview with us, check it out: https://www.dashforcenews.com/mydashwallet-web-interface-wallet-and-tipping-platform-funded/
Thanks so much Joël, you are the best.
One of the great things about MEW is that it's on Github and you can run it from your own computer, is this also going to be possible with MDW?
Sure, you can either simply download the website and run it locally (as it is mostly javascript running in your browser anyway, some features won't be updated like the price if you are offline and you can't see incoming dash or send dash if you are offline, everything else will work just fine).

Or you can download the source code, compile it with Visual Studio and run it locally or on your own browser: https://github.com/DeltaEngine/MyDashWallet

A first version will come out later today, we got all the basic features up and running (hardware wallets, InstantSend, PrivateSend, all the help sites and basic functionalities to check wallets, send dash, etc.) Next up is integration into social services, tipping and sending Dash via email links to anyone without a wallet.
Another update: We have tested all services now for about a week and improved it. The basic https://MyDashWallet.org is now complete and we will add the remaining tipping services till next week:
- Website tested in many browsers, desktop, mobile, many different screen resolutions and formats
- Full support of in-browser keystore file creation with password protection
- Support of Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets with display of each address balance
- TREZOR Support, the libraries are a bit more managed on the TREZOR api (you need to enter pin and approve reading the account on each login, and then confirm each transaction twice, it's the TREZOR way), but all features are also supported
- Import, export of private keys (only for keystore files, hardware wallets won't give you private keys obviously)
- QR codes for receiving (and when exporting paper wallets also showing an QR code for easy swiping of the whole account)
- Full support of advanced Dash features: InstantSend and PrivateSend (private send mixing is done on the MyDashWallet node and NOT trustless, only use if you are ok with it, but this is the only non-full node solution out there)
- Full source code of the website, all javascript and most of the services are available (some files with our configurations are missing on purpose, but all the information is included on how to run it on your own full Dash node rpc connection if this is what you want to do) on https://github.com/DeltaEngine/MyDashWallet

Coming next week:
- Direct tipping (from the website into an email, twitter, reddit, etc. user account)
- Indirect tipping via tipping pot (you can put lets say 10mDASH into a tipping pot and enter your social account names for twitter, reddit, telegram, discord, etc., where a bot is running and waiting for your commands). Very comfortable :)

And we have a long list of even more cool things, but for that we would need additional funding, we will probably open a proposal in a few weeks when we got some nice feedback. We already have some early activity and about 20 transactions have been handled, 3 private sends, we don't know how many users we have or how many logins as we don't track any data (we only know about the transactions and mixing attempts from the full Dash node).
@strophy Thanks so much, great!

Small update: We have now bots working on Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Telegram and are currently testing tipping, if anyone wants to join the testing fun message me on Discord (username DeltaEngine). If it works well, it will be released by the end of the week into the wild :)
Hello supergayusd,

thanks for the feedback!
We make this real and will integrate this feature.

Scanning an QR-Code should work end of the week.


Support MyDashWallet
The final version of MyDashWallet.org is now online, feel free to use all of the cool new features, tipping is still being tested and bots still have to be added to Discord, etc. (but feel free to help test it at our testing channel: https://discord.gg/69AQSZ )

- New Design, much Dashier :)

- Due to popular demand: Added free Mixing service (without need for any wallet on site, can be used from any Dash wallet)

- Tipping via Email, also on Discord via bot and on Reddit and Twitter (see note on /Tipping as some of this is still being tested)

Also tons of other fixes and improvements while the site has now been online for over a month and we have had 645 transactions, 177 privatesend mixing requests and tons of happy customers :)
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Tried PrivateSend and it works flawlessly, thanks! When (if at all) will users be able to select their own node? Also, is it possible to add QR code scanning ability to both the wallet and the mixing address?
I tryed the PrivateSend (Mixing), create and import keystore and import private-key. All worked excellent.

Ledger hardware wallet: I was not able to use brave or firefox, but chrome works. If you use the ledgerwallet.com app, you can create additional Dash accounts. Is it possible to access all account via MDW?

Tipping: I also tryed to send emails. It is now 48h ago, but no email was delivered. I am sure that I will not lose any DASH. However, if someone reads "emails are send immediatety" he could get nervous. https://mydashwallet.org/Tipping

Print paper-wallet: Maybe also show the private-key as QR code?

UX: If you are logged in your wallet and click "Check Address", how can you come back to the wallet? Maybe open this link in a new tab. Also suggest to open any external link in a new tab.

However, MyDashWallet is a really great and impressing service! :)