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mnbudget prepare error


I am trying to submit a budget proposal. I generated the commands for the console through Dashwhale. I am running

mnbudget prepare 'my budget title' www.dashwhale.org/p/my_budget 1 531712 'my_payout_address' 'amount'

The error I get is: Error parsing JSON:Conf.

I have never proposed a budget before so I am not sure exactly how the process works. It is true that anyone on the network should be able to vote? But even if only Masternodes can vote I am using a qtwallet that has my masternode.conf file. The payout address I selected is associated with an Electrum wallet but it doesnt seem like this should be the issue either.

Please does anyone know what might be the problem? Can I run this command from the QTwallet console or am I supposed to run it through dash-cli?

Please post the commands. I'll look into it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.55.15 AM.png