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MN / DMT tool Rewards Address incorrectly set up


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I hope someone might be able to assist. I set up MN using the DMT tool on a Trezor. However I incorrectly entered the public voting key address as the reward receiving address. The reward funds have therefore been sent to the public key voting address. Does anyone know how I could access my reward funds on the public key voting address using the DMT and trezor. I've checked the trezor wallet and the funds are definitely not there.

I honestly don't understand how I managed to make such an obvious mistake! I had double checked every key but I think the error I made was transferring each key to an external notepad and then checking against that notepad file. I must have copied an incorrect address to the notepad file or being distracted for a moment when copying the keys. There are so many keys now on the DMT it is quite confusing keeping track of all these different keys.

Perhaps, as a future suggested feature request for the DMT there could be a security check on the DMT to make certain that the rewards receiving address cannot be any of the voting keys. And if they are to throw up an error to alert the user.
Hi there! Maybe @Bertrand256 will be able to implement a check like that.

The problem is indeed that the voting key is generated by DMT and is therefore not in the addresses in your Trezor. However, if you still have your configuration in DMT, you can view the voting key as both a public and private key - just click "View as private key" in the menu next to the eye icon. You could import this private key into another wallet like Dash Electrum and recover your funds that way. But first I would do a ProUpRegTx to make sure no further payments are sent to the wrong address.
Just for the record, the problem has been resolved.
As for that security check, this kind of verification already exists at the protocol level: a ProRegTx will be rejected if the mn payout address equals the voting/owner address.