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Mining Hardware and Guides


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Currently available ASIC miners:
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Would you please suggest what would be the best hardware to Monero local mining? I don't have a decent website with a big amount of views but I feel investing in hardware can turn to be a profitable long-term possibility. tyvm for any answer
do we still have that info somewhere ?
or can u help update OP please
I am seriously considering building a GPU mining rig and I have done quite a bit of research on it. I feel like it is something that I could accomplish without any issues in the actual assembly, but one piece of information seems to be eluding me. Once a rig is built and ready to be put to work, how do you get it started?
What is the best GPU for mining? There a wide range of GPUs is available in the market with different technologies developed by different manufacturers. Do we have to prefer any specific GPU based on the technology it uses, if we are going to use it solely for mining?