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Mining Equipment Mass Selloff!

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Mining Equipment Mass Selloff

Warm greetings to the Darkcoin forum! My name is Max, and I'm the CEO of a small San Antonio company called Zellux Computing. In the past, we built cryptocurrency mining rigs and sold them to investors at a slight premium. Right now, we're having to shut down our business because an electricity cost of $.09/kWh is unsustainable, and we're all going off to college. I'm working with my team to get all the pictures, info, and pricing for the rigs and extra parts completely sorted, but consider this a preliminary post for now.

Here's a screenshot of my company's inventory spreadsheet that contains what I'm selling. The prices listed are only what I bought them at.


Miner 1 - Rig

  • GPUs test mining on/off starting in late February, mining continuously starting in mid-May
Miner 2 - Rig
  • GPUs test mining in late March, mining continuously starting in mid-May
  • The one MSI GPU is one we got back from RMA
Miner 3 - Rig
  • Testing mining on/off starting in early May
  • Mining continuously from mid-May to mid-June, hasn't mined since then
Miner X - Parts
  • What it is: We kept a full set of extra parts in case parts from other computers went bad, for the purposes of inventory turnover and preventing selling bottlenecks.
  • These are all brand new unopened parts, except there's only 5 GPUs for sale, not the 6 on the spreadsheet
Miner 4 - Rig
  • On/off test mining in early June, hasn't mined since then
  • GPUs bought freshly refurbished
Miner 5 - Parts
  • Not assembled. Only the PSUs have been taken out of the box.
  • No parts have been turned on, and they're all new
  • GPUs were bought freshly refurbished, and also haven't been opened
  • Miners #1 and #2 will be sold personally, by me. Everything else is a sale by Zellux Computing.
  • All miners run BAMT 1.6. The only ones that have been anything close to constantly used are Miners #1 and #2, which run very stable and cool and which have been going for about 2 months. They also don't run overclocked.
  • All cards are non-reference. No crappy stock AMD Sapphire cooling systems. I might have some reference cards to sell later, though.
  • Every miner is fully operational (we just fired up #3 and #4 again yesterday to test risers); however, you might have to do some software configurations for Miners #3 and #4, because we stopped working on them at the beginning of June.
  • We are waiting to RMA another MSI 290x not listed here, and will sell that as well
  • Most (if not all) of our parts are still under warranty. We still need to go and double check to make sure though, especially with the refurbished parts.
  • We have a bunch of extra risers that we're willing to include as extras/replacements.
  • The Wifi Ethernet Adapters we use do not require a driver install - you preconfigure them to your wifi. I'll include the little guide booklets on them
Selling Details
  • To be filled in later
  • We are intending to sell these on Ebay, because a lot of this equipment was financed through debt and we need USD. However, I'm willing to take DRK or BTC for the purchase of Miners #1 and #2, since that is a sale separate from everything else.
  • We are based in the US, but we're willing to sell internationally. I'm not too familiar with how that works, but if you're looking to buy from outside of the US, we'll work together to figure out the specifics of anything that might require.
  • For the rigs, we'll package them up very very carefully, standard procedures. If you want to do something slightly different like shipping the GPUs separately, we can talk that out as well.
  • For all the other parts, we've kept all the original packaging and will use it for shipping, as well as put it inside another box with packaging for extra safety.
If you have any questions, please respond below! I will get to them as soon as I can.

Reserved - under construction

Please continue to be patient as I complete the listing and fill out prices!

Miner #1/#2 - $3150 ea
$3150 Each or $6000 for both. Can be paid in USD, BTC, or DRK

Miner #2 Top View
Miner #2 Diagonal View
Miners #3 and #4

Miner #4

Miner Accessory Parts


4 * Unopened MSI 270

4 * New 850W RM Series PSU - $130 ea
Two completely unopened
Two opened but never used or turned on

Unopened Spectre Pro PWM Case Fan - $10
-122.2 CFM

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Before, we couldn't figure out how to configure it to mine Darkcoin but I think that might have been a pool problem. As I speak, I'm trying to configure them again, so I'll have ballpark hashrates and power consumption figures asap. Edit: Note that they have only mined Vertcoin before . edit again: I got it mining Darkcoin! But why is Work Utility so low? Is it supposed to be like that?

Edit again: Have to list parts here because I'm only allowed 20 images per post

4* Scythe Fan Slim - $5
-1 unopened
-3 opened with no signs of wear
-Includes a free 120mm fan grill for the first three orders
-May have more than what is listed
Fan grills:


New 4 GB G.Skill RAM -$38

New 2GB Kingston Hyper X Ram - $19
-There may be another one

New Biostar Motherboard (Can use 6 GPUs) - $48
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Yes WU will be very different from what you are used to. My 270s have a WU of 0.036-0.037 per card.
I've been slowly bumping up my settings according to what you sent me and I'm getting to about 8.15 Mhash/s. I'll try updating the drivers as you suggested
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