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Mining DRK with two R9 280X GPUs


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Which settings for the sgminer-software do i need, if i want to mine Darkcoin with two ASUS R9 280 X GPUs?
I use -I 18 to have a bit more usable machine, and -g 2.
I get about 3.1 mhash on my asus 280x with undervolted core and underclocked RAM frequency
I have the following bat-file-settings now:
sgminer -k darkcoin -o stratum+tcp://coinotron.com:3341 -u xyz.xyz -p 123 -I 18 -g 2

When i start sgminer, i get the following error-message:
Unable to open darkcoin.cl or ./kernel/darccoin.cl for reading
Failed to init GPU thread0, disabling device 0

What is the reason that it doesn´t work?!
The missing .cl-file was the problem! Thanks for solving this problem! Now it is running with 3,500 Mh/s. Is this hash-rate ok for two of these cards?

It seems that only 0.1 DRK (roundabout 1.0 US-$) would be earned within 24 hours with this hash-rate. This wouldn´t be profitable at all (350 Watt power consumption), or is my calculation wrong?!
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Well I go 3.1 mhash with my Asus r9 280x dcuII (not a great ASIC value, about 65%) but I keep it undervolted&underclocked (RAM @4500 mhz) so it runs cooler and it consume less power, even if it's slower.