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Miner reallocation2 / DAO refill

Boost the DAO to 20% from miner rewards

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Doubling the DAO funds is not a good idea imo.
First of all, it would lower the final emission of the coin. Why? Because not all 100% of the DAO coins would be created, instead miners part would be created for sure.
Secondly, the situation we are now, the price of Dash and issues we are facing now, are the combination of many smaller choices of MNOs, decisions, market/gov activities and non delivery of the Platform over years.
Changes shouldn't be done on a protocol level because DCG has tail on fire but inside of the organization itself.
Doubling the DAO funds is not a good idea imo.
First of all, it would lower the final emission of the coin. Why? Because not all 100% of the DAO coins would be created, instead miners part would be created for sure.
Secondly, the situation we are now, the price of Dash and issues we are facing now, are the combination of many smaller choices of MNOs, decisions, market/gov activities and non delivery of the Platform over years.
Changes shouldn't be done on a protocol level because DCG has tail on fire but inside of the organization itself.
What you're describing seem to be reasons to not fund DCG more than we already are.
DCG has dominated the superblock allocation for a long time, so it's reasonable (though not provable) to assume that doing more of that would only compound the problem, but what's the alternative? Really, what do you think we should do @splawik21?
What you're describing seem to be reasons to not fund DCG more than we already are.
DCG has dominated the superblock allocation for a long time, so it's reasonable (though not provable) to assume that doing more of that would only compound the problem, but what's the alternative? Really, what do you think we should do @splawik21?
Not destroy network trust by doubling the treasury and fucking with the already awful tokenomics would be a good start.
A fixed treasury amount ensures it will be used toward things that improve the value of Dash, so spending power of that fixed amount becomes greater and greater as the network grows.

If anything, the treasury amount should start off extra generous at the beginning to fund initial growth, and then taper over time.
Random thought.. perhaps just change the treasury payouts to time locked transactions e.g. Proposal Owners can't spend / move their earnings until, say, 6 months into the future. That POs come to appreciate it's not easy come and easy go.
I'm partially with @GrandMasterDash.
DAO in the current form almost promotes abuses and failures. Changes are needed but not in a form of increasing allocation. We need a change that promotes accountability and delivery.
It could be in a form of systemic change, where the current money allocation workflow would be re-designed.
Another option would be a complete change in a way of giving money to participants without workflow chnges. More scrutiny and oversight on MN side, so only those who delivered "last month" would get money "next month".

Situation when something is "almost done" for years (or even months) should not be tolerated anymore. DAO should promote culture of delivery. Without exception.
Are you for real? What happened ALL THOSE YEARS when your team was responsible for treading water? Then you abandoned us? FU!
As i remember there was a lot of pressure from the Dash community on certain management positions within DCG for years.
They were directly blamed for the failures to deliver Platform. This should have been directed towards the devs, not towards the management.

I don't blame kot or other DCG managers to feel forced to leave DCG, being exposed for so long to that negative pressure.
Failure to deliver Dash Platform rest solely on the devs and they should be held accountable.

Reorganisation of DCG to avoid similar delays in the future should be done by either the CEO of DCG (currently not fullfilled) or by the CTO of DCG.
If CTO of DCG is not willing to implement a reorganisation of DCG, then that will just lead to further erosion of trust in DCG.

At the very least the reorganisation should be done to get a grip on the too high DCG runrate, due to having so many developers still work on Dash Platform.

Preferably i would like to see :

A : Deliver Dash Platform to Dash Mainnet ASAP (even more urgent now that DCG reserves are getting depleted at an alarming rate, due to high DCG runrate and due to low Dash price). Time is literally running out here for DCG. Look for ways to expedite the launch of Dash Platform, maybe cut the testing phase short (from two months to one month) and postpone any feature in Dash Core v20 and Platform v0.24 / v0.25 that is not essential to the Dash Platform launch on Dash Mainnet. Maybe even go with Platform v0.24 for now with regards to the launch of Dash Platform, if that speed things up. Leave optimization and cost savings of Dash Platform for a time after Dash Platform is launched on Dash Mainnet.

B : Reorganise DCG to get the DCG raterun under control and restore trust in DCG ability to deliver updates according some kind of time line that the Dash community can rely on in the future.

I consider A shortterm and B longterm.
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It's just as unethical and counterproductive as all the previous reward scheme changes.

Of all the things we can do, apparently raising the share for DCG is the only thing that comes up, for something we just don't need. Like at all. I just don't see the justification on any level.

FUCK DCG and the MNOs.

If the block reward share is ever touched again to disadvantage miners, I'm liquidating my entire holding, without mercy.

I like miners better than MNOs, at least they can't ruin an entire project. Where is anything of substance that says that arbitrarily raising shares for anyone is beneficial and causes no damage to the overall project?

Maybe it's time to fundamentally downsize and reprioritize, if you're out of money and try to understand what you did wrong that got you to this point. Drop what is not necessary and invest in what has the most impact to generate "revenue" if you really want to continue pretending you're a corporation. New clients! New investors! New money! It's truthfully what corporations do when they have 3 months left of operating budget.

Do I need to send a "How to turn a profit in a corporation - for dummies" booklet to Dash Control Group? Would it help? No, you're right, I got it wrong, the MNO cunts and Dash Control Group can always initiate operation 'rape the miners'. Dash is a complete farce and you all know it. How is any of this ethical? How is this not the epithomy of centralization, corruption, greed and stupidity?

Show courage.

File for 966.

Stop pissing on investors and the original product/innovation.
Are you for real? What happened ALL THOSE YEARS when your team was responsible for treading water? Then you abandoned us? FU!

Kot ran a subset of DASH, our team (infra) and a few others. I don't think it's particularly fair to put the failings all on him since he didn't really interact with developers day to day, infra runs a tight ship, like a well oiled machine.

Do I need to send a "How to turn a profit in a corporation - for dummies" booklet to Dash Control Group?
I know you're being facetious, but try not to refer to us as Dash Control Group on public forums etc... others who aren't as familiar with DASH could get the wrong idea and not understand the 'in joke' here.
DCG can't commit to a mainnet release this year (2023) and QE constantly communicates they're coding like crazy. It's not a healthy situation for anyone. I want DCG to perform optimally, not years of constant high/extreme pressure, approaching a possible total burn-out and all the time not actually getting anything evo delivered? I'm not sure, what anyone's thinking in Dash currently. Yeah, I know there's something Evo on testnet, but they're also virtually bankrupt.

Dash could try to deal with its extremely poor market performance by identifying and resolving causes. Start by admitting that Dash is likely wrong about a few things, possibly even a lot. Dash is obviously not following a successful strategy, but somehow nothing changes. The wannabe CEO & CFO are gone, but they were ghosts anyways and did significant damage to the project, but yeah things just suck and it's really because of internal problems, not because of anything external or a parameter that needs to be changed.

Giving more to a group of programmers who show no ambition to promote this project, ever, .. I'm sorry, but DCG doesn't deserve it. The project doesn't work because Dash in general is a chicken shit project that hides in a cave and brainwashes their investors with poppycock. I don't mind that it is alledgedly highly technical now, that's great in theory, but you don't really feel it, other than DCG is now just coding all the time and that's it. Exactly what they wanted. Exactly how it was during old DCG, but now there's no CXO level that can talk some talk to distract the investors a bit. So we're a technical project. Right.

Answer honestly if you would support Evan/DCG's decision to create Evo knowing it would take at least 7 years (and counting), without this having been requested by anyone in the community, and that the final solution would be to have everything we currently plan on releasing to just have "evo usernames wallet" (components, secondary blockchain). It was all just an idea, a suggestion. Everybody would say NO WAY you fucking retards, Dash might be dead in two years, let's focus on what matters NOW. Nobody cares about granny anywayz.. She ain't buying any Dash you fucking retards! It was Evan's idea, but in the end it was really DCG's decision to do it and to keep pushing ahead while blowing fairyfarts in our face.

This project does not depend on Evo, at all. Evo is not a priority. It should not be, but DCG is going "all in" on it, while constantly being in a financial situation that is unhealthy to put it mildly. How does that make sense in a so-called corporation? What the hell are you people smoking? It also means they're not focussed on what's most important for Dash. WenEvo meme is not helping. From a technical pov; stability, security and reliability of the core network should be primordial, and DCG imo even failed in this regard big time, just recently with the chain halt, as well as with the major service availability exploit (old qfcommit replay attack) that went unnoticed for 6 versions. They weren't even the first to notice iirc. I think a lot of people were shocked, but don't dare to say anything. Overall resolution for a global network unavailablity was very long, but I understand it's hard to compare to a non crypto network. We don't have any type of fail-over mechanism, but this also means that bugs causing chain halts are simply unacceptable, so where is the operational capability? Show it to me. They were just not prepared at all for this eventuality. This just shows that global adoption, or even any significant amount of adoption is just not realistic. Half a day of service unavailable, 24h ? What was the major incident detection time for DCG? Insane. We don't even have a proper network incident (alterting) monitoring tool. Imagine we have hundreds of thousands of users. Investors like Bitcoin, cause it doesn't change. In this way, it's more reliable than Dash. Dash changes a lot, constantly in fact. It's now happened once, and somehow we all know, it will happen again somewhere in the future. The delusion is broken. Who monitors the network? Who analyses network data? We don't have money right. We'll hear it when there's a problem. Dash code perfect. It has hurt my trust in the project's basic operational capability.

I would have been more forgiving, but honestly I see a lot of serious problems. Just to give one example, I kindly requested if any improvement points were identified regarding the chain halt major incident and no-one in DCG answered. Aside from doing all the necessary to restore the service, all we got were some brief answers to questions on discord, a handful of tweets and a blog post. Almost a sense of "what's with the questions, chain halts just happen from time to time". Bugs cannot be avoided. Testing everything is impossible. Don't bust our balls please, we're exhausted. That was it. If you can't see that this project has downgraded into the hobby club of we-also-want-to-make-a-crypto-devs, then you're blind. They're not on top of it, not knowing what's happening on miner side, having no contacts afaict. It is as simply as having a mailing list for miners. Make it subscribable on the website or whatever it takes, hire someone to make a list. Honestly a retard could do it. We can do it. Communicate! It's just beneath DCG. They don't care about the miners. It really shows. When I asked about communication regarding the chain halt, I got scolded for asking about it. I wasn't even critiquing. I just wanted to know what communication had been done so far, as I woke up to the drama. Sad.

Darkcoin/Dash V12 would still be producing blocks without any serious issues today. ChainLocks is the cause of 'ChainHaltEqualsDeath' eh?, new BLS scheme serialization bug. Woot woot. Moooo superior than lame "ordinary" (ew) Proof of Work chains! Three times hooray for BLS schemes! There is development and operations, and I feel it's all in on Evo and bare minimum on whatever else is strictly required.

Dash Control Group and the low IQ minions really do not care about the miners. They're going to kill off Proof of Work entirely as soon as they can and a majority of MNOs will support it, cause they'll get a larger share too of course. That's exactly how corruption works. Two fuckers decide to "legitimately" take (steal) from a third. They won't even know or care what miners think. They've already proven this. So there's no denying this. Once you show you're unethical, basically corrupt, you will just keep pulling the same corrupt string whenever needed. It will be justified in some way, e.g. BLS provides more entropy than PoW, so why not and the usual poppycock of 'overpaying for miners'. Says who? The masternodes! They're brilliant, don't you know? 45% will be reduced to 1% in phases as DCG suckage goes up, and ultimately removed when feasible. That'll be it. Total criminal shite on the same level as the taxation scamming governments. The deal is like this. No, wait. It's like this now!.. Hello there, we're changing the deal again!! Ding dong, it's the masternodes again!! We're going to just go ahead and take it all! That's right, bitches! All of it, including DCG's take. DCG can fuck off. It makes perfect sense to those who are blinded with greed. Soon after Dash will be deader than dead and they just won't get it.
As long as the MNOs don't say "enough is enough", the bullshit will go on. It's way overdue for some real talk and real action. How is DCG ever going to make Evo stable, secure, performant etc.? They don't have any money anymore! Instead of doing any promotion of Evo, you will see DCG in permacavetrollmode dealing with all kinds of shit that didn't come up during the testing. One million lines of code? They're going to need more money and more coders just to maintain that crap. It's become one-dimensional. Everyone involved in Dash (funded) somehow always needs more money. We haven't delivered or accomplished anything, but more money please! No CEO would allow this way of working. He would honestly kick you all out after not sticking to a roadmap for the third time and trying to explain it away with technicalities. DCG is never confronted with people who are accountable for the bottom line. Software companies need to deliver projects according to budget, timing, project margin, etc. or the whole company gets dragged down. Has anyone in DCG ever actually worked in a software company? C'mon, I want to know.

Evo is a project with too many red flags. Yet, after so much dough has been put in the development of Evo, at the same time no-one even bothers about maybe creating a budget for Evo promotional graphics. Might be handy when you try to promote something. It'll be done last minute, with no budget, cause they had no time to think about any of this in the past 7 years, as a corporation. Sadly, when you say this on the censorship-loving discord, there's just no-one that cares. Truth is DCG is clearly incapable of anything else than coding and QE has tried to mildly convey that message a few times. The only one left who bothers to communicate with us. I know it sucks for him, but he has to deal with it. He's technically Chief Technical Officer from a CEO-less company. Act like an executive and start cleaning up all the jank that keeps us down and focus on what matters most.

I know, I know, we wasted a lot more on junk and downright scams. That is also true. Not denying that. I voted against all that crap though, but yeah "democracy". It's honestly more like an idiocracy, but hey I don't know anything for sure either.

Fuck this grant system. It's retarded and like I said several times on the discord years ago, it's the source of our dysfunction as a community, but the grifters will never admit to it, neither will DCG. They got a strangle hold on what ultimately turned out to be a ineffective system to put it mildly. The voting numbers show people know there is a problem, but don't know what to do about it. Total submission. Exactly like a corrupt government where practically nobody votes anymore, cause the plebs know it's all poppycock and they'll get fucked sideways anyway. Dashers can't get anything done anymore, without the proposal system. Without budget, without getting paid. It's Dash's downfall. It's the design. You align with the design. One person works for pay, suddenly everyone needs pay. Suddenly you're a "corporation" and true passion dies out. It's a deadlock on growth for what should be a grass roots project, contrary to popular belief in Dash and it hurts our economic value. It's a corrupt free money system or a taxation scheme that becomes a problem. Get rid of it or reduce it at least, until you can work without.
The saddest part is that barely anyone will use Evo, simply because there is no promotion on anything Dash and by promotion, I mean basic communication, participation in crypto world by the creators. Nothing more, because they are not very presentable and half the team can't express themselves well in English, so I know very well expectations should be realistic, but they are the ones who are creating it. That's something all of us need to deal with. However, just to give one example, why can't a Russian speak 'Russian Dash talk' on a Russian conference. They can all go together and do something very valuable to the benefit of themselves, DCG and the entire Dash network. We could've had a much stronger link with cryptogeeks in Russia, a country of 150 million people. Wouldn't they like a bigger pay? It's truly bizarre they can't see this. They don't want to see it.

Yeah, I guess we couldn't do that, all the money went to Venezuela adoption and other jank. Some Russians have dough, most Venezuelans don't. Some Americans, and Europeans have some dough too to play in the crypto casino. Why is the obvious never obvious to Dashers? Still stuck in erroneous bullshit coming from late Dash Cunt Group? Could be. Dash needs people who say that these adoption efforts are nothing more than blatant treasury grifts that just end up hurting the overall project, making it look like a digital scam token ramming itself down poor people's throat. Those proposals are not intended for actual adoption, their intention is to fool Dash investors. There, I said it. Dashers promote Dash to Dashers. It's like the only thing happening on the promotion front. Keep hiding in your cave, bitches!

It's crazy to think anyone in our community can really promote a highly advanced and very complex project like Dash, let alone Evobloat. You can see from the chain halt discussion that probably less than 1% in our community really has a decent grasp on Dash Core's technological layer, most people are just fans/users/investors. DCG doesn't teach the many people that have invested in Dash and are present/available. Where are the explanatory Dash tech YT videos? Not valuable? People wouldn't watch a succinct little 5min video on ChainHaltLocks by Pasta? What are they afraid of? Scared we're going to find out that Dash is an unscalable piece of junk?

If you want to understand Dash, you can try all the deeply detailed tech docs, which explains a lot, but at the same time doesn't really explain anything. It's honestly very complicated and I'm saying this as an academic master engineer. I mean, get real, it's 400K lines of hardcore c++ peer to peer net code. Bitcoin has about the same though, I know, but there's hundreds of people going through the code and essentially hasn't changed much, etc. It's more manageable over time. It's different. Bitcoin is audited continuously. The time DCG took from V17 to V18 reveals they don't have or did not have a perfect view/control anymore over the whole dash core codebase. Prove me wrong please. Basically running the network with issues which "they" can't figure out. How many people are actually going through the Dash Core codebase from DCG continuously and know it end-to-end? I'm not blaming them, there's no blame here, it's a consequence of the huge amount of code that Dash has added on the "simple" bitcoin codebase over the years, by different devs, but somehow DCG always has a very very small Dash Core team. Wrong set of priorities? Basically one or two devs. UdjinM6 didn't even get paid. How does that make sense? They feel like one or two devs for core is good enough I suppose. Thousands of people putting their fate into one person's ability to write perfect Dash Core code. I'm spelling it out to make it clear. Wake up! Where's the contingency planning for when Pasta gets hit by a bus or UdjinM6 just dissappears? Massive amounts of respect for UdjinM6 though. Not a bad word about the dude. I have a perfect parsing of all the github statistics of all Dash's repos and I know in detail what every Darkcoin/Dash dev has contributed since the genesis block, verified by UdjinM6.

My point is that "promotion" really needs to come from the creators, only they can truly explain what Dash is, what the network can do, how it's different/better, ... It's a choice this project has made. Zero promotion basically for many many years. Just amateur hour effort by people who want to try and do 'something' and often cause more damage than good.

Somehow this project cannot go beyond the amateur level, but more than a million dollars was given to a completely useless DIF to just name one thing. The cult actually thinks the DIF is great. It's not. Even years ago, when the DIF was birthed, I said on the Discord, trying to argue how dumb it was to "invest" in other projects, while our own project was not running well and was clearly missing one thing that was begging for money, i.e. defining a successful marketing strategy overall and plenty budget for an actual intensive campaign. I made a blaringly large pie chart once showing what Dash was using its funding for, which I shared on the discords. It showed how completely unbalanced and incoherent expenditure was and how DCG doesn't understand it needs branding/marketing/promotion/communication/presence to not only survive, but to thrive and to consistently provide breathing opportunity to production/delivery by attracting new investors that buy our product (raise the price) and alleviate overall pressure. It's a symbiotic relationship with operations/delivery. If you can't master this, you're unworthy of incorporation. How much money has been invested in visual branding since some 15yo charged $50k for the current Dash logo? Close to $0. We changed our old megacrappy animated "what is dash" video, by another newer, but also lame "what is dash" video. That's it. This lack of love for the brand/project transpires outwardly into the Dash community and ultimately the entire crypto sphere.

You know what DCG has told all of us for many years, "product isn't ready yet to be promoted".. I challenged it for a long time, but hoho, complete retards and the gullible MNOs went along with it. They were lying. It was a matter of competence first and foremost and being too cowardice to admit you're incapable and don't know what to do. Be honest, say you suck big time at promo promo, put 25% of the budget aside monthly for a pro who can do something each year. We could've helped, but if all you do is lie and hide, well, yeah, people disconnect and the project starts to slide as it doesn't attract anyone new. Could've spent a $100K on guerilla marketing apparel just to name one thing and simply given to MNOs who would've done the rest. Slap a 1000 cool Dash stickers all over your city. No fucks given. This city is now aware of Dash. It's how it's done on low budget. What's the problem cunts? You're going to get arrested for slapping a sticker on some municipal bench where people wait for a bus? Oh no, Dash Control Group might get an angry letter. Oh no. Better behave. Darn that corporation could be a weakness. I don't know. We did a lot more than that when we were Darkcoin, without budget, but hey then some fuckers join and suddenly white brand everything into something that is just so much harder to 'market', requires a ton of effort, no self-marketing anymore. Evan, you fucked up on that one too. It's not the shortness of the name that counts the most, it's how unique/memorable it is. LMAO. Such lame shit, I can't take it anymore. Dashers are lame ducks. We could be TOP10 again in 12 months if we put our minds to it, but the mindset is stuck. There's just no leader anymore (since Evan) that pumps us all up and makes us proud cunts. You think I wouldn't go balls out crazy if we had an inspiring leader? Proud motherfucker shilled DRK like crazy to anyone who cared back in the day, we were gangsters and looked totally crazy no doubt about it, but the excitement was just so strong. Since Dash.. damn .. the feeling is just gone. From a cool project to a grey corporation. There's not much I can show that excites people, if anything. I have to be careful they don't see the crap the DAO created. It's not easy .. before it was just instamine, but now.. pff. You know I'm right and yeah it hurts me too.
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Dash has tried to dumb down the overall message to an audience that simply wasn't even listening yet. I don't support the slogan "Dash is Digital Cash" at all. Nobody wants digital trash. It's meaningless and generic. There's about 5,000 "digital cash" variants according to CMC. I don't know if you're aware? Everybody wants hardcore cryptocurrency. Times have changed and young and old are dealing with crypto addresses like they were born into it, just as expected. I was born in the Dark. It's this project's true nature. You're all in denial. You want to pretend that you're simplifying, but you're overengineering. Dash is the fucking batmobile of crypto, trying to pretend it's a Volkswagen. The core wallet is just wack. Ain't no human touching it. The mobile wallets don't really count, they're not really Dash. Well ok maybe it's Dash, but it's not Darkcoin. LOL. It's an incomplete product without DarkSend if I need to spell it out why.

Store of value is what matters and everything that supports this is priority, everything else, just isn't. Everything that goes against it, is detrimental in the long term. Dash, in my opinion, has given up most of its store of value mechanism for one must have, one nice-to-have feature and a dumb grant system. People want store of value first and foremost. Yeah it's great that Dash is fast, when the chain isn't halted that is and it doesn't take 40 minutes to have the wallet loaded, but honestly nobody cares, nobody will switch to an economically weak project that can transact fast or can support dapps. It's nice to have, we're very spoiled in terms of tx confirmation time and I know very well that this aspect of Bitcoin is total suckage. However, Bitcoin will still be considered 1000x superior to a shitcoin like Dash, that can transact fast. Yes, shitcoin, having great technical nice-to-have aspects, does not prevent you from being a shitcoin. If the project is shit, the coin is shit, so Dash is a shitcoin and the market knows it all too well. Page 2 incoming bitches. Man, that's going to hurt. Yeah for me too, you dumb shits. You think it will be a confidence booster? They're going to spin it somehow that it doesn't matter or just full ignore, yeah the latter. If you said it five years ago you would have been called a batshit crazy FUDDER and get banned instantly. Joel, BigR and macro would've gone full psycho on that poor individual who was just being honest. Community is blinded by a minute aspect of the 'product' and truth is, no matter how awesome ChainLocks/InstantSend is, or whatever, it doesn't make us better than other projects. We fail where it really matters to people. People want to save their money away from the traditional systems, who are downright criminal and anti-humanity to the core. It's not just about seeking pumps and quick cash outs. Not in the broad/deeper sense, otherwise Bitcoin would've been dead already. Priority #1 for Dash is to become the best digital store-of-value system, price/unit is simply the primary KPI thereof, it should be DCG's only KPI, nothing else really matters. Everything must be in conjunction with that primary objective. So, DCG, what have you done lately or ever in fact to cause price appreciation?

Dash needs to understand that it needs to listen to what people want, instead of pretending it has a superior design, and that this will bring people in. It doesn't. The opposite is true. Deal with it. People asked for trustless MN shares for years however and DCG kindly flipped them the bird, saying they had the code, but simultaneously never implemented it, cause busy with evo. Monumental mistake imo. Somehow "community" promoting CN now, cause retardation is slowly settling into the project. We just can't do better. It's heart breaking. Honestly, it really is heart breaking! Evan would never have promoted any such solution. It's just wrong. CN is not trustless and should not be promoted to anyone. Investors need to decide themselves if that's something they want. It's all great, until the disaster happens "mooooo" and suddenly you get "not your keys, not your coins" from the same people who promoted it! Yeah ok, but you promoted it though. I thought it was safe! Trustless MN shares would have helped our price a lot more than people are willing to admit. Allow people to lock in chunks of 100 Dash from inside the wallet to start with. Network can technically do all the rest. There's solutions to the operator aspect. MNOs or anyone who wants can do a sidejob running shared MN servers. Everything can just be signalled on the network and people can jump on it and earn some extra dough. It's so important to onboard new people who have to buy at higher prices and can't go full MN right away. Dash needs to attract people who want to shared masternodl. It also helps to keep in a lot more Dash. Retention. Create that collateral time lock and create even more retention, get that spike back up on the MN count. Give extra to people who commit long term and who will be unable to sell their masternodes and create massive splashes during big pump. Consequently better retain growth, post-pump. Be smart. Improve store of value mechanism. But no. Evo. Evo will do a lot. Like how, explain it to me. It won't even store your profile image. I'm your angel investor, convince me. Otherwise no money for you.

Dash seems incapable of making any profound change that excites people. The best years of Dash were those that weren't Dash. I can't believe how this project got derailed so insanely into the longest biggest scope creep madness I've never seen in my live. Announced feature by Evan; "Evo = Usernames for wallets (to hide the address)" in 2015 to some insane new database software in 2023 as just one of the many components of Evobloat. You see, if you give geeks enough money they'll end up coding a whole new fucking operating system to create the 'Evo' dream. I'm sure they've thought about it. I'm not even kidding. Even if it ever gets done, there will be nothing but silence in terms of public outreach. The desillusion will be large for many when they see that the Dash chart just continues its bleeding, after we had one cointelegraph article that gets 2k views and that's it. Dash has not made an effort to establish a network of public outreach, no-one knows the Dash devs, most people invested in Dash couldn't name more than two or three devs top of mind. They probably can't even find the list on dash.org. Dash has faded away into being literally an unknown project in the crypto space. I don't think any media network is going to promptly report on Dash's big long overdue grannyproof wallet. This is entirely due to DCG 2016 to 2023, both CXO and devs. It's only getting worse. You're looking for cause. I'm giving cause right here.

The worst part is really that it's going to suck anyways, anyone who knows the project in and out, knows it will. It will work sort of, kinda like privatesend works sort of, and instandsend ... It's going to be embryonic/experimental and there's going to be aspects that will be discouraging, which was admitted to by the "architect" on the zombie dash dev discord years ago, even on the initial presentation of Platform in 2018. Interesting for engineers, but unfortunately no meeting was ever had with the client about specifications and expectations and the bill is ginormous and brought the "company" to its knees. I can only hope I'm wrong on this.
If they're out of money soon, they should put Evo in the fridge for a year at least, like a traditional corporation would do. Focus on the core of the project. If you can't promote the core of the project, there's no point in doing Evo anyways. Maybe appoint a real leader that makes people accountable for not delivering and cucking an entire group of investors for nearly a decade. It's just around the corner. Sure, 7 years later, "we're out of money". We need more money. More money!! It proves that Dash has an overall flawed design/strategy and is incapable of proper money management, unironically. Name it what you want. DCG could've very well said back in 2016/2017 already; "honestly it's just beyond our capabilities (not realistic) to implement it in any timely fashion, cause we have no clue about design/feasiblity", but they didn't, they dragged everyone along until this point and it's still not there. Did not bother to communicate anything during 2017, while pumping like crazy. Roadmap still said delivery 2017. It's all on bitcointalk.org if you don't believe me. 5 official roadmaps later, and the web version has been updated several times as well (time wise). What does that mean? That means in the past 7 years at no point they had any clue how long it would take or how much resources it would take and did not have the candor to openly talk about it with the community, so we can all make coherent decisions that take into account risk aspects of the project. It means you can't trust DCG's assessment for an ambitiuous project in any way and similar ambitious undertakings in the future are no longer acceptable. They're just winging it. Somebody needs to say it. Even up to months ago they were still refactoring large sections of the codebase for evo. Javascript, yeah no it's not going to work out, we need to rewrite in Rust. I mean. Enough is enough please. It's just crazy. It's been many years of crazy winging it and someone needs to put a stop to it for all of us. The project can survive and can do much better without Evobloat. It proves that Dash is centralized, DCG decides on their own to kill PS and have misled the community for many years with Evobloat.

All that was needed was a KISS solution to attach usernames to an address in your wallet, and if it's not possible, then fuck it, we'll do something that actually matters! Implement it as best as you can, promote it and get your pump, build USD reserve, retain growth, move onto the next thing. You know that wallets basically already have 'contacts', nobody cares if it's decentralized user identities, especially if it's going take you more than 7 years to implement it and as a result Dash becomes a page 2 coin. A shitcoin basically. Don't tell me I'm FUDing. Once upon a time many high IQ Dashers took dumps all over coins that were below TOP20, calling them shitcoins and scams and what not. Some people in Dash have a disgusting attitude towards other projects. Litecoin and Monero are much better projects overall than Dash and they wrote a lot less code to get there and no treasury. Think about that.

Truth is that DCG would have been bankrupt in any normal market situation after 1.5 years. Dash managed to survive so far, cause of Darkcoin's superior initial market positioning back up to 2016 (TOP5 coin bitches, entirely due to Evan Duffield and UdjinM6) and Bitcoin's overall massive success, on which the lame duck Dash project is 'floating' (in slow death mode). Early Dash was basically pumping, based on everything that was accomplished during the Darkcoin period. Nothing new was implemented, there was just a name change and nothing but silence from DCG. Dash has now consumed that float almost entirely and is slipping in an irreversible accelerated death fall and all you get is denial. Masternodes will be worth a few satoshis a piece somewhere in the coming 5 to 10 years, just like I said three years ago on bitcointalk.org, that we were going to 0.001 if nothing fundamental changes. No reaction. Just denial. Everybody who stays in this project is consciously deciding to go down with the ship and there's no violins playing (no budget), but no worries, the network will still run technically and 1 Trash will always be 1 Trash and there's always the "other alts are suffering too" cop-out. I mean, some of you must have a little black book titled "stuff you can say to the dashtards who are getting a little rowdy".

In retrospect, Darkcoin was ruined when Evan decided to create a treasury (a grant system, thus no accountability) at the expense of the miners under the guise of we can create more value this way. It's a worse mistake than the woopsie instamine. A strong project with one huge "mistake", over time became a weak project because of many many small and not so small mistakes, which were all approved and funded by the network. Since the treasury, everybody wants to suck it dry or so it appears to me sometimes. Amateurism and weakness instantly became synonymous with Dash. From Maxcoin Scammer, Baldwin fake actor US tour, Tao of Shitoshi, PizzaG Blondie, KuvaCunters, horse d loving documentary makers, fake cannabis dispensary startups and many many grifters, soft scammers and actual hard scammers later, including the long lasting favorite "Dash Venezuela" scam, Dash suddenly somehow for unclear reasons became a jokecoin, but yes despite all that, the treasury and governance model is awesome says the Dash cult. It creates more value than what miners do. Right. It makes Dash so much better than Bitcoin. Truth is that it has devalued Darkcoin (Dash) as a cryptocurrency. Truth is that most of that 10% turned into pure toxic garbage. It has thrown huge amounts of toxic crap over an otherwise perfectly viable product on its own (for a small share of the market), to the extent that people from far away can't really see the good part anymore. You think all that crap doesn't stick, it sure does. You have to clean it all up with hard effort.
What do you think any potential investor thinks and feels when he sees an update from incorporated Dash Control Group? Profound interest, excitement, wooed and bedazzled, inspired, oooh they exude "professional corporation" so much I get a little tingly. Maybe they get mesmorized by QE's Dash halo? LMAO. He's glowing for sure. He's the only one, that still glows a bit. He's capable of more, but insane on Evo. All code problem is right there. It's a huge problem. He's going to do it if he has to die for it. He shows passion where I see none in others. Without him there's simply no Evo. I love the attitude, it's great, but I also highly advice against this way of working from an executive perspective. It's not right. It shows it's wrong to do this side project called Evobloat. Without QE I would have probably just given up two/three years ago, when unfortunately in our conversations he fooled me once again into thinking that it was getting real close. Even though the Evo testnet app just crashed every time I did an action. Lies. Man, I'm a sucker, thinking back about it all. Shame on all of DCG. You too, Bob. Fuck you too for shamelessly lying to us and quietly exit scamming.

Instead of spending all money on coding all the time, they all need take a break from coding and invest in their presentation, both on a personal level and as a group/entity, a real company in fact! You represent a global network, a global decentralized company, a global brand and well yeah... 100 views/dcg update. Aren't they doing internal meetings on this? I'd be more worried about that, than about delivering Evo, but yeah I'm probably just weird. Maybe they should meet in real life and get to know each other a bit better, have a summer bbq together, don't code for a month, save the money for a trip, film it, but hey that's just crazy talk, right! Where's the rapport between all of you? Do you even like each other? There's never any money for anything you suggest to DCG. Can't even wear a Dash t-shirt just once during a stream, or just something you know. Dash dev hoodies? Fire one dev, get some stuff to make the update attract new investors. Yeah no, you see, the Dash devs don't really like Dash, nor the community. They're just there to write code. Can't even have a professional grade portrait picture taken. Maybe some visuals to promote the brand during your "presentations"? Some cool Dash intro video each time you do an update while your most die hard investors and fans are waiting for another boring update, but still bother anyway. I don't know. Shit $500, yeah no can do. Evo you know. Always Evo. You could add some really nice 'human/real touch' to dash.org, but yeah... stock pic, unchanged for 5 years already. Genericism. Dash is soulless, there's no or not enough heart in the project. If the CEO can't inspire its own employees, what kind of company do you get? You can't help DCG if they don't want to be helped and only want to code, like a machine would. The entire team needs a bootcamp with professionals who see the issues and help them, but there's an unwillingness in DCG, a spoiled attitude that would not last long in the real world. Always a list of excuses at hand to explain the unexplainable away. It's too easy behind a computer far away. Not just once, but years on end. Rest assured, it won't last much longer anymore in crypto as well. Dash is pretty much done. Everybody knows it, except Dash apparently. People are openly stating that Dash is dead all over cryptoland. They 'is' right and you know it, you're just dissonant. Evo will save us mentallity. I'm saying it won't and things will get worse.

If all the Russian devs that are part of DCG, never bother to be online on our community Discord and like participate, what does that tell you? I say they only care about Dash as a job. Hired guns. Nobody wants to work for Dash. Dash has no appeal by itself, DCG has less than none. DCG uses a traditional HR agency afaik to find people. They take whatever they can get. If the budget is out, they will all go, that's how much they care (just my sentiment). They can all go, I don't care about anyone of them either. For 7 years at least we have had several Russian devs, and somehow we have almost no presence in any Russian crypto community. Aren't they proud to be part of the Dash creators? These people can't ever just once stream what they're doing and speak their own language and create some following from Russian crypto geeks? Where's the Russian discord channel where we can see what they do? Why don't they do a quick DCG update in Russian to create a Russian following? Too much to ask? Can't even post some interesting things you're working on on your preferred social media. Too scared to see they're not smart, can't code well or that they're total weirdos? Don't tell me it's cultural differences, I've lived in Russia for a long time, I know Russian cunts all too well. They're a great people with great heart, but in Dash I'm not feeling it. Why so shy? Be a proud cunt!

Same goes for the other DCG cunts too. Including Dash Core. It's just so lame, how are they expecting people to invest in this project. It is based on what people see and hear from the devs. It's been like that since faketoshi. So page 2, 3, 4 and 5 is in the works for Dash. Luckily no-one in the Dash community cares about CMC ranking or the BTC ratio, seems they got the community properly brainwashed in that regard. Market cap is bullshit, but somehow price matters to investors and DCG is always out of money. Coherence is not part of the Dash vocabulary or overall strategy.

I'm obviously excluding UdjinM6 of all this critique, he's been with the project since 2014, and although it's a major pain he's total anon, I simply have tons of respect as I followed all the code up to ChainLocks. Just no issues whatsoever and a real nice guy. All I have to do is look at the total number of commits by UdjinM6 for Dash Core and well yeah. He's been a godsend to all of us and it's hardly recognized due to his shadowy anon presence. I respect it, but I'm still kinda sad he didn't become the project lead in place of Evan. He wrote the code, fuck everybody else. I know he's no fan of messing with the block reward share too by the way, so why the disrespect. Cause he isn't very opiniated and kinda lets the "community decide", even though he feels its wrong (based on my personal conversations with him years ago). You shouldn't let dumb MNOs decide what's best for the project, UdjinM6. I trust your judgment more.

We started with 80% miners, 20% for MNs, no treasury. It should have stopped there and never ever be discussed again. I posted about that on bitcointalk.org, basically saying "Yes, but no further, arbitrary changes that touch the economic design are not good." I'm 100% that our price would've been much higher and we wouldn't have fallen into the evo madness. Would have had a lot more respect still in the crypto space, than we have now.

Dash just overall has grown this very weird vibe of an autistic kid that thinks he's very smart, but is somehow too dumb to understand why no-one likes him much and is too sociopathic to want to find out why.
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Something that sits extremely unwell with me, I feel obliged to explicitly point it out again, is the killing off of PrivateSend step by step by DCG leadership, which was supported by many dashtards who have no idea why the Darkcoin whales are in this coin. You dumb shits! It's the one thing other than messing with the block reward share that is unacceptable. Everytime I read some jank justification to remove/downgrade/hide DarkSend, it's like a major dick punch. It hurts like hell. Without DarkSend, Darkcoin is just as worthless as any other non-privacy public blockchain. The flip flopping, the unclear position, the fact that it is often brought up as some sort of valid discussion topic is majorly frustrating and pushes me away. DCG rarely, if ever, comes out defending privacy/darksend cause they're a fucking corporation. Tiny little dicks. Even now. Darkcoin/Dash is a privacy coin. Deal with it or fuck off. Really, fuck off. Why do you invest in a project that has a privacy feature since the start, which is fundamental, for it to later try and remove it with funk ass IQ85 reasoning? Cause Ryan's lies were so sweet and you just can't get enough of self-rape? Please don't make your ignorance normative for the rest of the cult. It's bad enough as it is.

First Privacy coin, years later, "we're not a privacy coin". DCG retard propaganda based on a justification that is completely flawed. Glenn Austin. I will never forget. They deliberately wrecked it unilaterally for their sake only. Dash should've had all the best of the best privacy tech in all the wallets by now, default, across the ecosystem, working perfectly. It doesn't have to be slow-as-fuck-mixer-but-trustless-DarkSend. We can call anything DarkSend if we want, or poppycocksend if you will. Truth is it should just be send. Everything default. Get rid of all the options and default to most recommended. Implement something better if you can, but I've pretty much never heard anything on this front from DCG. According to them, .. people want usernames most, wait no, it's apps now, not privacy for their coin. Ok. Oh no delistings !! Oh no, panic!!! You dumb shits, grow a pair please, we're getting delisted anyways after all the lies and bullshit that has come from DCG in this regard. It's a badge of honor. If we were proud cunts we would pump on it. It's major recognition that the elites are not on our side and it scares so many of you. Like free fucking advertisement. You can be smart about it or cry like little shits. How's the Japan relisting effort ongoing? Around the corner, right? I said it years ago, that it was all bullshit coming from DCG and here we are. Coinjoin cucked. Dash has done everything it could to degrade the original successful product Darkcoin.

So, if you rip off the miners and create a treasury, you get an incorporated bunch of amateurs who switch a working unique name to a generic keyword that is actually ruined in the name space by a disgusting laundry detergent brand, they ultimately unilaterally decide to remove a fundamental feature of the product (in phases of course like corrupt politicians/businessmen do), for their own concerns only. Most interesting. Design for self-destruction detected right there. Treasury equals destruction, prove me wrong.

Anything that becomes inc. becomes a problem in the end. Same with CN., one of them expressed it unequivocally that he wanted PS removed from the core wallet, literally citing regulatory concerns that might impact them. Bam, another dick punch when you're chilling out listening to XMAS/NY YT update. It doesn't mean PS has to go buddy, it means CN has to go. Bye!

I'm at a point where I want to see DIF abolished, before it causes some kind of legal bullshit which rapes the MNOs, just to begin with. DCG reduced to core activities (tech/production) AND "promotion" (communication/teaching/explaining) AND simple presence in crypto (interviews/conference) and community, mostly Discord I suppose. Just chat with investors from time to time. DCG preferably becomes deincorporated if things just don't turn around for Dash. They're not capable of more apparently and in all practicallity they've never acted as a company. There's no accountability on any level. It will relieve them of all the pressure we've put them under for so many years, while we pig out in the lazy armchair waiting for the miracle pretending we still have some degree of control over Dash's inevitable outcome. We can all just act normal again and be on the same level and start fresh. No more Control Group. We'll be stronger, more focussed in terms of objective, more obfuscated in nature, more protected. Harder to get to from the outside evil world. Those with talent and passion will remain. The jank will dissappear. So, let's concede that the big dream is dead and reorganize to something that can actually survive long term, something that people actually want. Small, focussed effective team with a successful strategy. Something that is a lot more down to earth and real. No more lalaland and poppycock. If you can't talk about Dash in any interesting or explanatory/educational way that is understandable, well sorry you may be a good dev, but we're looking for more versatile individuals that, in due time of course, can help grow the project, not just the codebase. Tangible presence in the crypto space is simply mandatory! If you don't meet this requirement, you're out. It's a big change. The leader of the bunch will need to start leading by example, so the cunts get the point. You can't have a club of silent devs and then add a clown to it to promote what the devs are doing.
Dash needs to be unique/specific/specialized/purposeful and not a generic bland "digital cash". I don't care about Evo if you can't make the core of the project successful. I'd make most of the budget available for promotion of Dash Core and not give anything to Evo for at least one, maybe even two years. Evo devs can fuck off if they don't like it. Those who truly care will stay connected. Dash needs hard decisions to the benefit of the entire network and all its investors that put their hard earned money into this project and not this ultimate cucking crap.

I would advise external auditing of (at least some of) the work done by DCG as a matter of principle and to reassure investor confidence. It would be most valuable to have an unbiased evaluation just once of the technological layer of Dash Core, especially the critical parts. An analysis of the ChainLocks mechanism, both from network reliability perspective and security perspective would be most valuable for future decisions, instead of this bias. It's pure Dash propaganda. Make it unbiased by having external auditing and let's not act like cryptotards that shill the "project features" without really knowing anything about it. Plus, I'm aware there's a scaling problem, so... "we got chainlocks" doesn't have much effect on me to be honest. I trust Proof Of Work. It has stood the test of time. Thousands of engineers have full confidence on its design. That's what the market also indicates. Dash should start listening to the markets. They usually have reasons for not knowing or caring about a project. How about the devs go 1-on-1 with someone who can ask some tough in-depth questions, who isn't utterly biased when it comes to Dash. I'd certainly feel more comfortable knowing our design, our reasoning for certain decisions, is solid. Now they don't have to defend anything I feel, they can just claim and that's it. MNOs will eat it up. There's no universities anymore interested in Dash? Not one researcher? Right, they don't know it exists and there's no way of contacting researchers to give them a heads up on your fantastic innovation called ChainDorks.

I would advise external consulting on Dash's economics to evaluate the correlation between Dash's specific design and horrible market performance, despite its self-proclaimed superior features. Dash MNOs increased their share after Ryan's delusional slide deck to improve Dash's economics and the chart today reflects that performance is even worse. So are we going to discuss the reversal of that decision? Cause the flawed theory didn't work out and suggests the opposite might be true. Giving more to DCG (treasury dev fund) or MNOs (artificial and entirely arbitrarial high yield for service) results in accelerated downfall of the price and the swings to the downside are getting more aggressive and abrasive, while the bots with all their fake traffic can barely move the price in dash, cause there's just so very little price support in Dash.

Everyone in Dash always wants to get their Dash as cheap as possible, even shorting the price (beyond moronic) for a quick buck, but no-one wants to support price and buy spot. The chart doesn't look dead enough yet to you as Dash investor? ZOOM OUT. Gotta aim low if you want to go high or something. Dash community has never pumped the price through collaborative effort, yet I have seen total shitcoins do combined efforts that were truly spectacular. Total shitcoins are doing better than Dash. They promo promo their product, which is essentially not that great and yet floating sky high, >> 30 positions above Dash in CMC. Still, today. You see Ryantard was wrong, there's no flippening at all. He was obviously lying again. We could all set the price if we wanted too, if we were smart, but we're not. Not collectively. The mindset is just wrong. It's what you get without a true leader. Over time it's mostly the Dash community itself that has thrashed and continues to trash the price. I can pick out not dozens, but hundreds and hundreds of comments of Dash "traders" pissing all over the dash price and feeling good about it. They even get commended for it by other Dash investors. MNOs also just love dumping their high yield revenue on new Dashtards. Makes total sense!

I would advise hiring one top professional marketing firm to advise DCG/Dash on how to turn around a dying project that "only in our own opinion" is very valuable. No amateurs. Spend the big money. So no Evo for a while. All that sweet money into marketing Dash Core for one or two years. Let a top firm do an analysis, let them formulate suggestions of improvement and have them report back to the entire community. Execute it if agreed. You'll earn the money spent back in 3-6 months, which you need to reinvest again, immediately. If price goes high enough, you can maybe think about Evobloat again, but it's not recommended from my perspective.

Have you looked at the core wallet? How much investment has been made to make it esthetically pleasing? DCG, you write lots of code, but you do not know what beauty is. I would advise hiring, with slightly less priority, but still very important a master designer that can overhaul/finetune the look of Dash across the ecosystem, make it more consistent over core, mobile and web. Give it the shine it deserves. Create positive change. People don't see 500K lines of functional code, but they do notice how crappy the font is, how off base the colouring is, how misaligned gui elements are, how the icons look like they were made in 2012, how the logo hasn't changed one yota since 2016, how's there menu issues on certain Linux distros, etc. I know it sucks for DCG, but human beings are emotional and that crappy mixing button from 2006 for example has become real ugly. Just the way some of the information is presented. Dash has an ugly wallet, that always feels like I launched some superheavy software. What is it doing god damn it ... ? It's just "loading the wallet". It's normal! LMAO. it hasn't even started synching yet. There's no InstantSend in Dash.

I would advise prioritizing a bug/issue free Dash Core ecosystem as #1, way above Evo. I know, it's a radical thought.

Evo should have been ICO'd in 2017 and offshot to a seperate project, but yeah hindsight. They could've been sitting on a pile of $100M to codemasturbate themselves into Evo heaven, but no.. CFO/company ooh.. yeah no can do. Glenn didn't want to.. possible legal rammifications. Didn't even create a huge dev fund for Dash Core >> $1,000 (cause taxman) and forever secure the future of the coin. Morons!

Do I need to say more? Cause I got more.

I'm afraid it just doesn't matter anymore, Dash is a brick wall you can't get through anymore. Small and nimble my ass. Incubator-like. LOL. It's just as unmovable as Bitcoin, hijacked by DCG&MNO retardation. It's stuck in suckage territory and its entirely its/our own fault. It's the superior design, bitches!
Evan was a gangster, we all know it, but he was a smart gangster that was very talented and productive and even with his ginger pale af skin look, high pitch voice and meak presence, he still went out there to promote his god damn project, knowing full well he instamined the shit out of it and would get flack about it. Spaced out in Hawaii shirt, talking about "no premine" (LOL) Darkcoin, while he was constantly working on the project and delivering, with basically no budget. How's that possible? What is present there in the Darkcoin period with DRK dumping to $1? It's called Passion. Dude is legendary imo and had bigger balls than all of current DCG's balls, combined! I mean, Evan wasn't a great presenter either, he was just himself and spoke proudly and often inspiringly about the project and the tech was most impressive at the time. He was very knowledgeable and could answer any question regarding crypto on the spot. More than good enough for me. It generated a lot of attention towards Darkcoin. He went out and defended the project and I bought more. Lots more. F for going insane on Darkcoin back in 2014 and 2015. It was just fucking awesome. Confidence grew enormously from a tiny little project, to "wooow, we're taking off"... When Evan spoke about Darkcoin, I just felt how special it was at the time. When DCG speaks in their updates, I'm embarrassed! Total fucking cringe fest. Thank you very much!

Which DCG dev has participated in any conference or whatever where devs had a discussion on crypto or presented their project, where Dash made it known to anyone watching that it exists and there's investment opportunity? You think Evan never thought like "I'd rather be coding than going to event x to talk about DRK/DASH"? You think he wasn't nervous in front of all those people? He did very well. Check his panel interview with other crypto dudes. He was getting better all the time. One person did more to promote the message of DRK/DASH, than anyone "paid" that came after him, over a period of 7 years. There's at least two people I can think off in the community that did more for outward reach than the whole fucking DCG team together and there was this one woman from Venezuela and a dude, that just outclassed everyone and the project actually dumped them. I mean, there's just no words. There's facepalm moments, but Dash is truly on its own level. If there's a rake laying on the ground, Dashers will step on it! So forgive me if sometimes I speculate beyond the "this is just incompetence" angle. Ryan Taylor did have an interview once with the Maxcoin scammer where he let him piss all over Dash. I guess it's something. DCG really couldn't and apparently still can't do any better, now that these cunts are gone.

If you want something in life, you gotta fight for it and Dash isn't fighting. DCG doesn't have the fighting mentality other than coding. Fighting means dealing with all the problems, face them. There is no alternative. They only grow larger over time.

We still need major change. We can do it in a controlled way or it will be forced upon us.

Price appreciation towards $100 at least by EOY. This is the target for the executive. Not a gazillion lines of vaporcode. Get out there and promote Dash. Thank you very much!

No idea how to do that? You can only write code? No creative thinking?

What? You don't want to talk about Dash anywhere?

You don't even want to try?

Well, shit. Yeah, you're not welcome (anymore).

It's time for the balls-deep investors to open their mouth and signal that fundamental change is still needed.
@Nthelight epic.
Focusing on what the market wants is a coherent next step.
Supposing platform isn't vaporware the network should leverage that additional capabilities to get these functions.

The HOW is the question.

The centralized dcg model is no good. The inshallah treasury grant system also seems not to be it.