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Marketing on Russian-speaking internet (PR, Social, CPC)


Hello, Dash!

We are launching digital marketing campaigns for Dash in Russian-speaking internet in March 2018. The goal of these campaigns is to get wide exposure of Dash in Russia among crypto enthusiasts, crypto traders, crypto investors and traditional investors.

Here are some useful links:
Budget proposal
Telegram-channel for MNOs with reports and updates

Thank you for your trust and support. We started. Soon we will publish the roadmap of our activity in March and then will provide you with regular updates on how it's going.

Looking forward to get Dash on top!


Друзья, всем привет!

Спасибо за доверие и поддержку в ходе голосования. Работа началась. В ближайшее время мы опубликуем карту нашей работы в марте, а также будем регулярно выкладывать отчёты о ходе кампаний и статистику.

Некоторые ссылки:
Бюджетное предложение на Dashcentral
Предварительное обсуждение бюджетного предложения на форуме
Telegram-канал с отчётами и обновлениями

До связи!
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Update 2018-03-06 – funds distributed

Hi everyone!

We received funds from the treasury on the 4th of March, 11:15 UTC+3. The media-plan was adjusted according to the actual Dash's market price (1 Dash = 600$, 1$ = 56,66₽). All the funds were sent on advertising accounts with transaction fee 1,0169%. The final available budget is 1,638,040.60₽.

First campaigns were launched on the 5th of March.

In the next few days we will publish first statistics.
Stay tuned.


Обновление 2018-03-06 – средства выделены

Всем привет!

Бюджетные средства были получены нашей командой 4 марта в 11:15 (московское время). Мы скорректировали медиа-план в соответствии с текущим рыночным курсом Dash – 600$. Все средства были переведены на рекламные аккаунты. Комиссия за транзакцию составила 1,01% от общей суммы. 5 марта были запущены первые рекламные кампании.

В ближайшие дни начинаем публикацию отчётов о ходе рекламной кампании.
На связи.
Update 2018-03-14 – Report #1

Hi everyone!

Roadmap: Today we publish first report on what's done so far. First of all, here is the roadmap of our work with all important milestones.
Media plan: Here is media plan which we are following during March campaigns.
Statistics: Reporting on first part of our campaigns in March is here.

Here is a short overview of it:
- 16,554,278 ad views
- 25,094 of users visited site and are available for retargeting with further messages about Dash.
- 1,562 users read analytical review of crypto market and left us their emails (we will reach them with further materials)
- 388 engaged users proceeded to Dash resources after reading analytical review of crypto market.
- 594,336₽ (nearly 10,500$) spent.

Audience feedback:
We polled the audience who read "analytical review of crypto market" on www.ru.capital/report and made a short-list of improvements which has to be applied to it. We will publish updated version of it on 26th of March. We expect it will increase users' engagement and in the end effectiveness of our campaigns.

Current status:
We stopped all the campaigns for several days until we publish new LP, update analytical review and finalise integration with Dashinformer.

So far we are pretty content with the results and are looking forward to execute further steps of the strategy.
Stay tuned.
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Update 2018-03-31 – Report #2

Hi everyone,

Today we publish final report on what's done in March. We finished tests of 3 marketing approaches, in which we reached following key results:

48,555,209 views of Dash’s ads on 8 advertising platforms on Russian-speaking internet
153,766 clicks on Dash banners and redirects to https://dashdigital.cash and https://dashdigital.cash/report
70,000+ users collected in pixel audiences for further retargeting on 7 advertising platforms
2267 email addresses collected for further email-marketing efforts
44 Dash (26,000$)
total spend

Accordance of declared and actual numbers is verified by Alex_ru from Dash core. We provided him guest access to all advertising campaigns. Our position is that public access to advertising accounts can harm the community as the information can be used by Dash's competitors. However, If needed, we are ready to open private guest access to any other member of the team to reconfirm veracity of our reports.

Short overview of results:
  • We parsed the audience of Russian-speaking investors, crypto-investors and crypto-enthusiasts and prepared several segments to target with Dash ads.
  • 3 Landing Pages prepared and tested:
  • We started collection of site visitors’ audiences using pixels and counters of major advertising platforms available in Russia: Vk, Twitter, Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, DoubleClick, MyTarget, Facebook.
  • Several creative approaches prepared: total amount of tested banners is more than 50.
  • Major advertising platforms tested: Vk, Twitter, Google Adwords, Yandex.Direct, DoubleClick, MyTarget, Facebook

Detailed reporting:

We prepared 17 pages-long report which contains details of passed campaigns, which contains:
  • description of 3 tested marketing approaches
  • overview of banners used
  • description of executed AB-tests
  • overview of how following factors affect performance:
- age
- gender
- geo
- long-term interests
- devices
- advertising channels
- operating systems​

Attention: We were advised by Alex_ru NOT to publish this report because the results can be used by Dash's competitors. However, feel free to request this report by mail [email protected] or by Telegram: @maxjaja, and I will share it with you personally. If you think that such precautionary measures are excessive and report must be public, feel free to share your opinion below in this topic.

Thank you!
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Yes, I can confirm that test marketing company was conducted in accordance with the received budget and declared goals. Testing has made it possible to identify a number of interesting areas where it makes sense to focus efforts on subsequent advertising campaigns (if MN owners decide to support the continuation of funding this activity).
Hi everyone)

We published a new budget proposal for the cycle in May about a week ago. New goal is 96+ million views of Dash ads, 250,000 clicks to landing pages and 43,000 redirects to Dash resources such as DashForce, DashNation, Dash.org, Dashinformer and several more. We are also adding PR campaigns in Russian internet-media.

Short overview of the scope of work in May
* Continue CPC campaigns on MyTarget, VK, Google Adwords, DoubleClick, Twitter, Startapp
* Rule out Facebook and Yandex.Direct
* Rule out ineffective targetings and audience segments
* Add CPC-campaigns on mobile networks
* Launch campaigns on SMI2.net, one of biggest advertising networks in Russia, which specialises in advertising in Russian internet media (e.g. rbc.ru, forbes.ru, kommersant.ru and many others, where the audience is highly relevant for Dash).
* Add PR-efforts in Russian internet media, Telegram-channels and YouTube-channels.
* Launch email-marketing campaigns
* Refine used landing-pages: https://dashdigital.cash/report and https://dashdigital.cash/promo
* Partnership with speakers, bloggers, experts and journalists in terms of creating native content for Dash’s advertising, which we think is the most important point in the whole strategy.

Here is the link to to the proposal on dash central: https://www.dashcentral.org/p/digitalmarketingru2 with full description.

Please, support us during the voting)
Thank you!
Hi everyone,

Because of a long downward trend we planned Dash’s price around 300$, but as you can see Dash recovers. it means that in case of budget approval we will have extra funds apart from those planned in this proposal. We will extend advertising period a couple of weeks longer (6 May – 13 June instead of 6-31 may) to use these extra funds efficiently.
Ban of Telegram in Russia

Telegram is one of the most important platforms in Russia, its audience is advanced, turned to global trends, very loyal to the content inside Telegram channels and has disposable income. Telegram gathered all active groups: entrepreneurs, investors, youth, both political establishment and opposition.

Despite the fact that Telegram has been blocked in Russia by authorities several days ago, it’s still available to the majority of its users even without VPN, thanks to the efforts of Telegram’s team. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the latest events consolidated Telegram’s audience in some form of a protest and increased its engagement into the content inside Telegram channels.

Thus, we decided not to cancel or resplit planned PR efforts for Dash in Telegram despite the fact of the blockage.
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April budget cycle

Our team received 294 Dash (137,000$, 8,600,000₽) in April's cycle on the marketing efforts in May-June. These funds will be spent on increasing Dash's brand awareness on Russian-speaking internet by native integrations in Internet media, YouTube, Telegram, social networks and CPC-advertising.

P.S. Here is the first native integration we've done so far in this cycle. It's the interview with Dash's coordinator in Russia @Alex_ru_dash on Cryptum TV and Gennady M youtube channels

Thank you, Alexey for collaboration!
I had a chance to attend Minsk BlockChain conference sponsored by Dash. Thank you Minsk team for organizing such a great event!


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Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I reported last time on how our work is going: production took more time than we initially expected, but finally we reached the shore.

Here are the main results of what we've done:

9 native integrations in YouTube (resulted in 476,000 views):
An interview with Alexey Gusev (Alex_ru), Dash's coordinator in Russia
An interview with Alexey Gusev (Alex_ru), Dash's coordinator in Russia
An interview with Alexey Gusev (Alex_ru), Dash's coordinator in Russia
An overview of Dash by PRO Blockchain team
A live stream QA with Alexey Gusev (Alex_ru), Dash's coordinator in Russia
https://youtu.be/NKqyLlHSoGc – A native ads of Dash on Sokolovsky! #1
https://youtu.be/qV4f1D0omMw – A native ads of Dash on Sokolovsky! #2
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue3hCA_DEhU – An interview with Alexey Gusev (Alex_ru), Dash's coordinator in Russia
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFtaiKVx8lw – An overview of Dash by Ruslan Sokolovsky!

19 native integrations in Telegram (resulted in 354,100 views):
t.me/tontelegramnews/338 – A short interview with Dash holder who describes possible vulnerability of Telegram token caused by key person risk + links to Dash's Telegram channel and official website
t.me/rationalnumbers/1332 – An infographic showing that Dash has the lowest commission comparing to main competitors (This post can't be found with search, but you can find it directly in the newsfeed on May 22nd)
t.me/trollfactory/217 – An interview with Maxim Popov (marketer who works for Dash in Russia) at the crossroads of blockchain and politics. Plenty of Dash's benefits are mentioned.
t.me/whalesgohigh/3491 – A longread written by Mikhail Pojarsky covering Dash's advantages over competitors
t.me/belamova/632 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel and official website
t.me/smartfin/3828 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel, official website and Dash mobile apps
t.me/trollfactory/230 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel, official website and Dash mobile apps
t.me/finkrolik/9044 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel, official website and Dash mobile apps
t.me/newtelegach/1273 – An interview of Alexey Gusev (Alex_ru) covering advantages of Dash over competitors
t.me/politota_plus/8795 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel, official website and Dash mobile apps
t.me/karaulny_accountant/10057 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel, official website and Dash mobile apps
t.me/kremlin_mother_expert/13006 – A repost of Alexey Gusev's (Alex_ru) interview to a publicist Mikhail Pojarsky
t.me/russianmacro/2280 – A short overview of Dash's benefits over Bitcoin + links to Dash's Telegram channel, official website and Dash mobile apps
t.me/trollfactory/263 – A repost of Alexey Gusev's (Alex_ru) interview to a publicist Mikhail Pojarsky
t.me/whalesgohigh/3455 – An interview of Alexey Gusev's (Alex_ru) interview to a publicist Mikhail Pojarsky
t.me/tvjihad/3393 – An interview of Alexey Gusev to Д///ихад team covering the issue of crowdfunding of islamist organisations via cryptocurrencies, future of blockchain technology and Dash's advantages over competitors
t.me/startupoftheday/554 – A longread covering Dash's advantages over competitors (a repost from https://dashdigital.cash/report)
t.me/icobase/63 – A longread covering Dash's advantages over competitors (a repost from https://dashdigital.cash/report)

4 publications in prominent media:
https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/3675147 – 5 reasons why Dash will end up a cryptocurrency race as a winner
http://www.rbcplus.ru/partners/5b3f8c237a8aa931ea169f72 – Digital agora of Dash as a precurse of widespread decentralised votings in business and politics
https://medialeaks.ru/skoro-kripta-...investitsiyam-v-dash-o-budushhem-kriptodeneg/ – Crypocurrencies to become the new iPhone
https://vc.ru/44441-dash-igor-vaulin – Crypto agiotage has passed. What's next?

6 articles:
https://dashdigital.cash/report – 5 reasons why Dash
t.me/whalesgohigh/3491 – Why do you need cryptocurrencies if you’re not a crypto-anarchist?
t.me/whalesgohigh/3455 – The Future of Cryptocurrencies
t.me/Dash_Ru_channel/107 – Cryptocalypse
http://www.rbcplus.ru/partners/5b3f8c237a8aa931ea169f72 – Blockchain Elections
t.me/Dash_Ru_channel/108 – 17 Friends of Dash

paid-click campaigns leading to https://dashdigital.cash/report and https://dashdigital.cash/promo:
Twitter – 57806 views, 421 clicks, 31 actions
VK – 5296170 views, 8487 clicks, 943 actions
MyTarget – 114994742 views, 381148 clicks, 6756 actions

In a couple of days we are going to provide more detailed report on the passed campaign.

Stay tuned!
Thank you!

P.S. Many thanks to alex-ru for collaboration during production.
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Hi everyone!

Here is the statistics and full list of our expenses from the previous budget cycle.
Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Thank you in advance!
I attached the audience reports based on the statistics of 13 June – 13 July marketing activity. We used Yandex Metrika pixel installed on https://dashdigital.cash/promo and https://dashdigital,cash/report to build them. An example of the report is shown below, the full list of reports is attached to the message.

Here are some audience insights that can be drawn from the reports:
Age: 18-24 segment showed the highest conversion rate – 4,86%, 25-34 – 3,79% and 35-44 – 3,66%. Other age segments performed significantly worse.
Gender: male audience better reacts to Dash banners and shows x3 times more engagement than female audience
Long-term interests: The audience interested in finance showed the highest conversion rate and the highest affinity-index of all other segments, which is expectable, but still worth to mention.
Geography: More than 90% of users have their origin in Russia. The hugest segments of the audience which had conversions came from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Minsk (Belarus), Krasnodar, Kishinev (Moldova), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).
Devices: PCs showed significantly higher conversion rate comparing to tablets and mobiles, but this is due to the nature of advertising platforms we were using – desktop traffic is a lot more clean than mobile one. Also, it is worth to mention that it may be due to UX issues on mobile devices, though we executed mobile versions of the pages used in the campaign.
Sources: VK and Twitter had much higher conversion rates comparing to MyTarget, but Twitter had to be discontinued early because of new Twitter restrictions and VK had much less volume than MyTarget. In addition, MyTarget had significantly less cost per click comparing to VK which means competitive cost per goal/action.



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  • Geography.pdf
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  • OS.pdf
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  • Sources.pdf
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This time I'd like to report on the measurable results of our previous campaign (May–August):

476,048 views of Dash-related video content on YouTube
354,100 views of Dash-related text content on Telegram
59,503 readings of Dash-related articles in prominent internet media
421 visits of LP1 and LP2 from Twitter
381,148 visits of LP1 and LP2 from MyTarget
8,487 visits of LP1 and LP2 from VK

6,756 conversions via MyTarget
943 conversions via VK
31 conversions via Twitter

Conversions are:
- redirects to "governance" section of dash.org
- redirects to "financing" section of dash.org
- redirects to "team" section of dash.org
- redirect to "join team" section of dash.org
- redirects to "download Dash wallets" section of dash.org
- redirects to "Evolution" section of dash.org
- redirects to "Roadmap" section of dash.org
- redirects to "Binance" from "Buy Dash on Binance" button
- redirects to Dash channel on YouTube
- redirects to Russian Dash channel in Telegram
- redirects to Russian Dash Twitter channel
- redirects to Dash page on VK
- redirects to Dash documentation on github
- redirects to DashForceNews
- email subscription button

Also, we created a Telegram channel posting Dash's news and articles in Russian (in addition to Telegram chat created earlier by Alex_ru) and shared the right to post in it to Belarus team and Russian representative from Dash Force. Now there are around 470 subscribers: https://t.me/Dash_Ru_channel.

Also I am attaching a few screenshots covering statistics of Dash's VK page, which was involved in CPC-campaign in VK. Two pikes are clearly seen on all three reports, which are periods of our two campaigns.


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