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Market cap rising

Except for a now present buy wall for 15663 drk at .003749. Until that wall comes down, I can no longer day trade. :(
No it wont!
As LTC price remains in that shitty price (manipulated by the hardware makers and markets wolfs) we should put the price @ same level of LTC (~0,23) to scare those bitches who are playng with all the people who was spend a lot of money to contribuite to cryptocurencies and they doont gave us a change to make the turn over...!!!
Sorry my english!
We're at 7! Next one to go down is the mighty doge.

edit: or nxt they are like the same market cap and frequently switch spots.
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This might be my last attempt at day trading, not sure. Can't believe how ridiculous it is. Still thankful for dark, have done well overall, but would have felt much better if I just held. After failing with dogecoin some I felt like maybe holding wasn't always great, I guess I can't win.