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Lots of money being spent on “Marketing”, yet I have to search, photoshop and custom make handouts.


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Can we please get organized enough to provide resources for our own community members who are using their own funds and donating their time to promote Dash?
The brochures from the Miami conference (and ALL other marketing materials) should be easily available to people (such as myself) who are evangelizing on our own.
The marketing materials exist but are not easily found. Here you go: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/139722753/Presentations
Yes. Someone on discord gave me that link last week. I’ve spent a week photoshopping using the info graphic as a start point. The handout is still not really correctly formatted, but I ran out of time and just got the rush delivery today. So that at least I have something to give out at the booth.

I ordered a sign which looks OK based on a 300dpi PNG. Which everyone on the Discord said was way to grainy but no one could find a true vector version of our logo.

The point is... it should not be hard and expensive to accomplish this task. We have boots on the ground people right where they can have good effect, and we should help them.

1% of our Air Force budget could fix this.
Hi there - vector graphics for printing at any resolution are available here: https://www.dash.org/graphics

I have been (re)creating updated versions of all infographics and handouts over the last 1-2 months and have arranged translations as well. All of this work was announced on this forum and on Discord, and can be easily found using a search engine or the dash.org website. If you need any design modifications or original files, logos, vector art etc. please contact me here, on Discord or at [email protected]