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List of Merchants Who Need to Re-Brand

Bitstickers has DASH as their sticker name, but it is a really old coin design from almost a year ago, or maybe indeed over a year ago. I don't see where they accept DASH though? Looks like only BTC LTC and DOGE. Do we have a new coin design? I could contact them with it and ask them to accept DASH?

doesn't even list the alts they carry because they basically carry anything listed on cryptsy. So, no need to contact them, unless we want to ask them to especially mention DASH?

Yipptee = email sent. Nothing is terribly visible on the site, might not be in a hurry.

BitLasers = they don't have actual alt coins listed. They undoubtedly accept several, or whatever their exchange trades. Nothing to update.


Bitstickers - TanteStefana it looks like they use coinpayments.net (like the DASH foundation), so it's possible they accept DASH. maybe just contact them to let them know we have updated graphics? I looked at their contact page and it looks like there is no available option. Here it is if you wanna give it a try. Ill keep them on the list till I hear back from you. http://bitstickers.net/about/submit-feedback/

Revolutionary Supplies -
removed from list, no need to contact.

Yipptee http://www.yipptee.com

I went to checkout screen, looks like they only accept bitcoin via coinbase. Not sure they accept DASH. let me know what you hear back from them.

BitLasers http://bitlasers.com removed.

Thanks TanteStefana
CEX.io has it as DRK still


I don't use their exchange, but I noticed that.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Added to the list. Going to check other exchanges as well.

Hi...the new web site will have the new DASH Accepted Here Logo...We've had our graphics firm print some up for the front door of the winery and as well as at the tills.

We'll take pictures of our DASH logos in place in the next couple of days when I get back there.

bigrcanada Hey which store is yours? Sorry I have seen you talk about it before just spacing on it right now. I will update the list just let me know.

Updated list April 21, 2015
Here is what Remains for Need to Be Contacted

General Shopping (Smart Drugs/ Nutritious/ Supplements):
Healthiverse: http://healthiverse.net

General Shopping (House/ Garden):
Above All House Plants http://www.aboveallhouseplans.com
The Reef Shop http://www.thereefshop.com.au



[email protected] -
[email protected]
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I finished contact the remaining companies. The merchants on the list in OP are ones that I were already contacted, now we wait for a response. There is one company I cant not contact and will need help with.

I think it's a chinese Exchange? Correct me if I'm wrong?
Incorrectly have Darkcoin on vote page
contacted: Not Yet
response received none:
Contact Info:

Might also want to send these EXCHANGES an email as well. I already did. Don't pester just let them know.

Incorrectly have Drk
contacted 04/22
response received
Thank you for writing us. We will inform our supervisors about your this.
If there is anything else i can help you with, please don't hesitate to ask.
Best regards
Margaret Lawrence
CEX.IO Support
Contact Info:
[email protected] -
[email protected]

DASH is not listed here but we are on vote page.
So go vote and contact!
Double Win!

Incorrectly have Darkcoin on vote page
contacted 04/22
response received none:
Contact Info:
https://hitbtc.com/ - support button bottom right
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Response from CEX.IO:
Thank you for contacting us on this issue.We are aware that Darkcoin was rebranded 2 months ago and we were closely watching the changes that were being made to Darkcoin as DRK has always been quite popular with our users. We were very enthusiastic with the coming changes and scheduled the renaming process with our Dev team. However, we have discovered that the crypto currency names are hard coded in our system and upon the preliminary analysis it appeared that changing DRK to DASH would require more complex changes to the website than we initially hoped. This changed is scheduled to come in a future web site release, in the mean while we have changed the DRK icon to DASH icon on the Wallet page.Since this issue might cause confusion for our users it has been set as a high priority.Regards,
Chen Xi
CEX.IO Support
Response from Bitfinex:

Hello Balazs Kiraly
Our system is heavily dependant on the concept of 3 character currency codes, which DASH would break. So for the time being we will maintain DRK as a symbol. Kind regards,Bjorn
Bitfinex Suppport Team
[email protected]

...but we will continue our efforts to get the code changed
Does not accept Dash Donations. In fact they they discuss it in length here.
Would you please add Dark Coin to your options?
Honestly, this is unlikely. We've only had a couple requests for Darkcoin and the implementation cost of adding it would not be something we can handle at the moment. Add to it the fact that BTC makes up a small portion of our revenue compared to Paypal, and there's little incentive for us to do it. We do use Coinbase as our BTC payment processor -- if they were to add features that allowed us to accept altcoins easily, I would certainly consider it.

This Site is Listed twice in our directory. Also got this disclaimer today (well passed the 28th).
Crypto Poker will be in Maintenance Mode until May 28th while pending transfer to new ownership. All balances remain intact. Thank you for playing poker with us!

What is this? Honestly? This website is never updated, I have no idea what it is and I cant find the guy who owns it. Should probably not be listed on our merchant directory.

Site Under Maintenance.

THE Following Website no longer exists

The Following Websites do not offer DASH as payment option or It's Not Visible
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