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Let's get thinking

Maybe IX could be used for serving microtransactions in p2p Reddit-like sites (i.e. 1 upvote = 0,0001 DASH). I don't know any of them working right now though (DATT - 'decentralized all the things' isn't). I've found very interesting platform for such p2p services called ZeroNet. (http://bit.no.com:43110/1EU1tbG9oC1A8jz2ouVwGZyQ5asrNsE4Vr). Try to go to sites ZeroTalk, ZeroTorrent, Taxi Drift, ZeroBlog and many others, it is very funny.

I've created my own p2p site in that network (without servers ans domain reg): http://bit.no.com:43110/1G9s2eptrshvMmXaR1egEnGcbL9WdeQFAa

Right now there is a fee for InstantX = .01. It doesn't make sense to use it for microtransactions. And tips and things the don't have an immediate delivery of product don't need InstantX. Standard transactions have a lower fee and would work better for microtransactions.
I'd like to see integration with self service POS systems in supermarkets and bulk retail. At least where I live the machines have about 20 options when you get to the payment step, and it would be relatively easy to add in Dash through a software update. Nearly costless to the retailer.

Unfortunately I think it might be a hard sell for dash right now (but a real coup if we could make it happen). Bitcoin might be able to get some traction with it.

I would like this too. We outlined a strategy we thought would make this happen. The voters said it wasn't a good fit.

The dash wallets and software are not ready for a simple plug and play integration. Part of the project we put together would fund the developers and software engineers on the dash side and the retail side to make this happen along with finishing the mobile wallet IX. The latest core plan will be finishing the mobile wallet IX receive code along with including mixing.

I am also working on the wifi portal. This will completely skip the self service POS systems....stay tuned.