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Launching DASH into Africa on the continent’s fastest growing broadcast platform Kwesé TV.

Jeremy Bean

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First Move Advantage for DASH into Africa on the continent’s fastest growing broadcast platform Kwesé TV.

The Opportunity:

This Title sponsorship offers an unprecedented opportunity to market DASH on Pan Africa’s fastest growing broadcast platform, strategically positioning DASH as the digital currency of choice across the continent. Africa is the fastest growing mobile money market in the world, so much so that smartphone penetration across the continent is expected to double in just the next four years.

Africa is the next digital frontier and Cryptocurrency is the great African opportunity, let’s ensure that DASH takes pole position in this strategic emerging market.

The Platform:

ESPN KWESÉ Sport and Kalakoda Promotions have teamed up to launch Friday Fight Nights, a Pan African championship boxing series with a reach of over 180 Million viewers across 32 African countries*. The Friday Fight Night events are staged on the last Friday of every month at venues across African cities showcasing the cream of African boxing talent over a 3-hour live broadcast.

The Facts:

· 180 Million Broadcast reach*

· 32 Countries

· 3-Hour Broadcast

· Performance Bonuses paid to fighters in DASH

· Fan Prizes paid to winning fans in DASH

· Africa is the fastest growing mobile money market in the world

· Smartphone penetration in Africa is set to double in the next 4 years

· DASH to enjoy primary branding across all event marketing and media


The Approach:

Each event is promoted through a 3-week multi-channel marketing blitz with the full force of the entire ESPN KWESÉ TV platforms’ media machinery harnessing a unique 360 sponsorship opportunity.

Each event will be structured as a campaign to drive new DASH users and DASH Wallets sign ups - everything will be geared toward DASH adoption and new user education. Performance bonuses will be awarded to the fighters, paid to them in DASH on live TV through a voting pole mechanic driven by the fans.

Fight fans can also win DASH through live competitions with the entry criteria being DASH wallets sign up. This delivers direct fan engagement, with DASH becoming an integral part of the show format and pushed by the commentary team as well as “on screen media” and live call to action graphics across the 3-hour live broadcast window.

This engagement will extend with fighters being given financial and Cryptocurrency workshops through a structured program educating how to both invest DASH winnings and trade DASH. This initiative will be documented as great content and incorporated into the marketing narrative. Once fully adept and with a thorough grasp, athletes will formally become DASH brand ambassadors communicating and advocating as “influencers” to fans, promoting the DASH brand and new DASH wallet sign ups as part of marketing mix and communication strategy.

We will also like to integrate DASH across our event eco-system with eventual DASH POS systems used for ticketing, food & beverage and merchandise. We want fans both sitting at home or at the fights to engage with the brand on a practical and direct level. As a standard to each event we will have a dedicated pop up DASH brand activation kiosks where fans can get to find out about DASH, get assisted to get signed up with incentives and “DASH Exclusives” on offer.

“DASH Exclusives” will be marketed where ticketing access for certain high profile events taking place in large arenas or stadiums, will ONLY be available through DASH at dramatically reduced pricing or free which will drive demand and periodic spikes in DASH wallet sign ups on a stadium scale.

To further galvanize DASH’s acceptance across the continent we will draw in our broadcast partner ESPN KWESÉ and the ECONET Group stable of companies directly, as well as seek out other strategic partnerships with retailers, gateways and vendors so as to amplify and extend our partnership for DASH’s African expansion. In this way DASH can piggyback on existing networks and established roll out campaigns, giving more targeted visibility, connecting to more potential customers, more often.

The Benefit to DASH:

We believe this platform and DASH creates a perfect fit, a launch pad into Africa - high impact, high visibility events and a means to parachute into a key global market achieving both customer acquisition and direct engagement, positioning DASH as a trusted household name and entrenching DASH as part of the African brand landscape.

The Title sponsorship of the Friday Fight Nights platform is a branding goldmine:

· DASH Prime time TV Commercial spots (x5)

· DASH Opening and Closing billboards

· DASH Live “Call to Action” motion graphics

· DASH Incidental branding at the Official weigh in & Press Conferences

· DASH Primary branding within the boxing ring real estate & within the venue

· DASH Primary branding across all event marketing and digital content

This presents some of the most powerful forms of marketing in professional sport, equating to an almost 8:1 ROI. The Friday Fight Night platform can deliver:

1. Brand Awareness,

2. Customer Engagement

3. Purchase Consideration

The Friday Fight Night events and the backing of ESPN KWESÉ can connect DASH to a focused target audience on a Pan African scale. DASH can essentially “own” an entire sporting code across the continent, using high profile internationally broadcast boxing events as a strategic marketing vehicle to penetrate the African market. Where the best African boxers, perform in the big title fights all against the backdrop of the DASH brand, winning the hearts and minds of its people and embedding the brand with a knock-out blow.

The Cost:

The Title sponsorship package has been structured at a total of 190 DASH per show. The $70 000,00 budget is broken down into a $55 000,00 contribution that goes toward the staging of the live event and related hard costs to running the show. The remaining $15 000,00 balance is ring-fenced and split as $10 000,00 for DASH fighter performance bonuses and $5 000,00 for DASH fan prizes. The latter contribution(s) thus stimulates DASH recirculation.

The Way Forward:

We propose kick starting this process with a “whisper campaign” at our next event on the 23rd of February in Johannesburg South Africa, where we will be getting the fighters to enter the ring with DASH T-shirts. We will also include DASH branding centre of the boxing ring, DASH branding at the official weigh in and across the print collateral.

Following this show we would like to extend this “whisper campaign” to the 16th of March in Vienna, Austria with our exciting format Africa vs Europe, where we can ramp up the DASH branding even further with custom DASH Team Africa merchandise for the touring Africa fighters as well as more visibility in the ring and across all marketing collateral. We will then provide further free DASH branding on a third event on the 30th of March in Cape Town, South Africa where DASH will take centre of the ring once again and be visible across all marketing collateral.





28164334_2013276132246997_6952377830141355904_o (2).jpg

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-23 at 15.54.06.jpg


28336752_2013265822248028_7717337120780349479_o (1).jpg


These three DASH branded events provide DASH massive exposure across the continent with visibility into 56 million households and viewership numbers of just under 180 Million people. This trial sets a basis for the potential full scale DASH title sponsorship of Friday Fight Nights events from post the 30th of March and beyond.

Key Personal:

Steve Kalakoda: 40 years’ experience in professional boxing, K1 and MMA at the highest level. Former African representative for K1 Japan, Vale Tudo and 2017 nominee for African Promoter of the year.

Jeremy Bean: 16 years in the marketing, advertising, live broadcast events and TV production space, invaluable experience in developing communications for top brands across print, broadcast, mobile, web and live event activations.

Many thanks for the opportunity to present this proposal.


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i love MMA , i'm in contact with Matar Lo , MMA Champion & Fighter here in Canada , he's original from Senegal ! you guys maybe should connect !
i would love to see him caring the DASH Brand .

where can we watch the EVENT ? ESPN KWESÉ Sport ? live stream ?
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I dont support any sponsorship proposals, MMA or a project that doesnt convincingly build adoption.
@Jeremy Bean -- Thanks for your pre-proposal, it's evident you've put a lot of work in to setting this up. As you may know, we've funded some athletic competition proposals of various kinds already, with mixed results and sentiments. What really interests me about your proposal is the introduction to the KWESÉ ecosystem and affiliated partners and use of Dash for payments for tickets, merchandise, concessions, etc.More than anything, we want to see people *using* Dash and the creation of Dash ecosystems. It doesn't really help the Dash network to have mere visibility and mere payouts which will be dumped for fiat currency, it's those elements that create opportunities and incentives for the widespread use of Dash that are most interesting and beneficial to us.

So yes, to echo @djcrypto 's concerns, more data about the actual viewership, attendance, revenue of these events and participating affiliates would go a long way to helping MNOs evaluate the benefit of funding your proposal. Also, it would probably help to consolidate all your budgetary concerns in to a list at the end with a breakdown of how and why the budget is spent so people have a better gauge on how much you're asking for.

Additionally, we have several successfully funded proposals with ambassadors already on the ground throughout Africa. I'm not sure how broad the reach of KWESÉ is, but if you could enlist the support and feedback of our other African partners, that would definitely help your chances. Maybe some of them could come to help educate your fighters about the benefits of and how to use Dash?

One other thing I wanted to mention, a popular idea discussed in the recently funded MMA fighting proposal by Chael Sonnen was to have QR codes displayed for the fighters so that fans could tip their favorite fighters.
Great Question,

With the backing of Kwesé as well as sublicense broadcast agreements we certainly have very solid coverage across Sub-Saharan Africa into som 50 Million Homes equating to around 180 Million total reach* Geopol

Independent Viewership stats as audited by Geopol will be supplied.

We are acutely aware that this needs to translate into tangible adoption we have addressed this via a multi-pronged approach. As expressed in the proposal this will be a process spearheaded through high profile live broadcast events and their marketing build up all structured as campaigns to drive Brand Awareness, Education / demystification, Integration within the event ecosystem, the leveraging existing DASH partnerships on the continent, Dash Wallet Sign Up and Adoption.

Brand Awareness

By seeing and hearing DASH across the 360 marketing mix of radio, tv, digital, PR, incidental branding, commercials and print the brand gains massive credibility, familiarity and becomes part of the Pan African brand landscape. This lays the foundation for ongoing and responsive strategies of driving adoption as well as galvanizing the efforts of other and existing DASH initiatives and partners across Africa.

DASH Firsts

As expressed a large portion of the sponsorship is ring fenced for fighter performance bonuses and fan prizes, this is a first in the African space where the fans will determine fighter bonuses which are given to the fighter post fight on live TV. This alone has huge viral and PR value for the brand where by just attending / watch a fight as a Fan you can win DASH as well as Fighters can top up winnings in DASH.

I love the idea of the QR codes to tip the fighters and this dovetails into our fan driven fighter bonuses very easily. Other initiatives is to make certain high profile events only available (at super reduced rates )through the use/payment in DASH and hence get the adoption / wallets sign ups to spike – this concept can be build up to a be done on a stadium scale.

Brand Education

Coupled with this is the education aspect where we will hold workshops and seminars with our contracted athletes on investing earnings into crypto / DASH and so by doing providing a tangible knowledge transfer, this entire ongoing exercise will be documented and serve as gold content where sporting icons will become the ambassadors to drive adoption and acceptance. In addition, at every event we will be have information POP UP kiosks to reinforce the theme of education coupled with awareness

Consolidation / Leveraging Existing Partnerships

As expressed because we have a Pan African footprint and we broadcast across Africa on a continent scale – we believe we can play a key consolidation role for all the existing DASH African partners, providing massive brand visibility across main stream media. In addition we welcome working together with existing DASH partners and create further synergy to catalyse DASH adoption on multiple fronts.


These events present an ideal opportunity to incorporate DASH across ticketing, food & beverage, merchandise sale and performance bonuses. We commit to incorporating this adoption across our events and welcome the opportunity to work with DASH to retrofit this infrastructure as a standard feature across the events. Beyond this direct adoption the above strategies coupled with working with your existing African partners we believe we can unleash the brand across the continent with a sustained, road mapped yet responsive approach. Beyond this we are working with EXCO level operator within the Econet Group and Kwesé and can make presentations for DASH integration / adoption within their own business to consumer operation of which there has already been inquiries.
This is an impressive proposal. Clearly, much work has gone into preparing it. The proposal owner has contacted Dash Africa to liaise with our existing network of Dashian people. I think that this proposal has good potential ... and I like the idea of giving the guys a chance to see what they can deliver, without long-term commitment. What I've seen so-far is impressive.