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Kyle Hagan is no longer part of the development team

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Core Developer
Kyle Hagan is no longer part of the Darkcoin team. Kyle (aka InternetApe) was
one of the 2 founding members of Darkcoin and originally contributed by helping
compile Darkcoin, network infrastructure, brainstorming ideas of how Darkcoin could work, and
running the official pool (which is no longer active).

We've since had some personal issues and he stopped being involved with Darkcoin. Kyle has
posted some controversial things via IRC, but I will not engage in that type of behavior as it's
counter productive to our goal of being the top privacy-centric crypto-currency.

Kyle and I were long time friends of over 10 years and I regret things ending like this, but I
wish him the best in the future.


Evan Duffield
Darkcoin Lead Developer
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Too bad, especially when it's more than "just working together", but things like this unfortunately happen.
I also wish him all the best for his future.
What is his IRC name so we can keep an eye out?
(such a shame) - sorry to hear it
Sorry to hear that, all things change with time… I'm glad to see you are dealing with it so well! Props!
I understand that this is a personal issue but the tone of the language used by Kyle in IRC made many people in the community including myself upset and angry. Kyle needs to understand that many have invested their time and money in this technology and any threat to this investment will not be taken lightly nor will be ignored. A person who has a known location, known identity, young children and other responsibilities should act smarter and avoid making unwanted attention by getting drunk and talking shit. That's all I can say publicly about this issue and urge Kyle Hagan be smart about what he does and talks in the future.
The thing I like about you guys, is that you let bygones be bygones, dont bare grudges and move on, thats very professional in my book.
Thanks for protecting DRKs interests Evan.

Whilst Kyle has been quiet for some time, I was around for many incidents of him making inappropriate comments and clearly not understanding how to speak professionally in an environment where so much money is at stake.
Gosh, I hope your friendship will not suffer from this. Kyle hasn't been around for a while now, so I can honestly say I do miss him. He was fun, if just a bit over enthusiastic sometimes ;)
Would liked to have seen more of Internet Ape; Such a great handle.
You two were like Batman and Robin, superhero of crypto.
Hope you have WonderWoman as a wife, Evan!
After Darkcoin, none of the other coins come close.
For me, the most telling part of his comments were "I never thought Darkcoin would get THIS far", his mentality was too small for the project.

Darkcoin has only just got started... You made the right move Evan, thank you...
“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

So let's all move forward and do all we can for Darkcoin with the time that is given to us...

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Greatness that does not know grief is not true greatness. Stay the course Evan,the ultimate reward is not riches--it is character, May yours continue to grow.
I miss having him around. He was always great at helping people out with problems. That said, he definitely said a few thing in IRC that made me a little less than sympathetic to his plight.


I totally subscribe to this. InternetApe helped me out when I had no clue about masternodes, but all in all, his IRC demeanour was complete inexcusable.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Forward is the way.

ApesEND is more for recent info.
Anyway thnx them both we are here.
Some decisions are tought to make but on the other hand people should grow up and act like the adults.
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