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January 2017 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report


Masternode Owner/Operator
Dear Community members,

It is my pleasure to give you a status report of the Dash Core Team activities. Below, you will find our report covering activities performed through the end of January, grouped by the four strategic areas of focus for 2017.

  1. Software Development
    1. Dash core wallet - version 12.x (lead developer: Evan Duffield)
      1. the testnet is stable and moving on to the final phase of testing.
      2. Last bug fixing before the launch.
      3. Launch is planned on 5th of February.
    2. Dash Evolution Web-Mobile Platform (lead developer: Andy Freer)
      1. Whitepaper in the process of finalization. Version 0.1 of the Evolution paper released to the technical leaders for first review.
      2. 3 new developers joined the Evo team (Maddie, Vitaly, Chuck)
    3. Dash wallet for Android - updated features (lead developer: @HashEngineering)
      1. Testner application for 12.1 available and tested
    4. Electrum-Dash wallet development (PM: Balazs Kiraly)
      1. The wallet works on majority of platforms but there are some incompatibility issues with USB interface on Mac and Win10
      2. We are looking for help within Evo team to resolve these issues (right after 12.1)
  2. Business Development
    1. Fiat Gateways (including Lamassu) project (PM: Daniel Diaz, external vendor: GitGuild)
      1. Complex update could be found here: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/gitguild-projects.12693/
    2. ProtonMail Integration (PM: Robert Wiecko, Lead developer: Jon Kindel)
      1. Delays experienced on ProtonMail side due to the extensive work on the other features. Martin(Proton CTO) is occupied with internal activities and has no time to integrate Dash at the moment
      2. We are continuously sharing documentation and software updates with him (software build for Proton will be released together with 12.1)
    3. Wall of Coins
      1. Project delivery might fall around mid-month due to time lost over the holiday period
      2. Project remains on schedule in terms of hours expended vs. planned progress, it was just some substantial vacation days taken during December for some key resources
      3. API is now available to the public for testing
      4. Project on track (should be launched in February)
    4. Regulated Fiat Exchange
      1. Technical work is ongoing
      2. Echange developers are working with Dash developers on general integration and investigating InstantSend
      3. Project on track
    5. Work on new partnerships and opportunities (and looking for integration mechanics)
  3. Marketing and Communication
    1. Wachsman PR project
      1. Cooperation with WPR re-launched for promotion of release 12.1 for 1 month
    2. https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/...outreach-promotion-january.12464/#post-110761
    3. new dash.org side
      1. Launched
      2. Working on expansion (more pages and sections)
      3. Working on Translations (Chi, Russ, Port, Esp are in production)
    4. We launched Merchant /Dash cross Marketing initiative (we present /promote them - and so do they with us)
    5. Ryan Taylor on Cheddar Live: https://twitter.com/cheddar/status/820398031048609792
    6. Ryan Taylor at TNABC in Miami (Booth + Presentation)
      incl DashVent
    7. Robert Wiecko Presentation at ICE Total Gaming
    8. Daily news updates on
      1. https://www.dash.org/forum/topic/news/
      2. https://www.dash.org/news/
      3. https://www.facebook.com/DashPay/
      4. https://twitter.com/Dashpay
      5. https://www.reddit.com/r/dashpay/new/
      6. https://forum.bitcoin.com/dash-f67/
      7. https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/693-dash-dash/
      8. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/101869723775111070721
      9. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8179817
      10. https://www.minds.com/Dashpay
      11. https://www.instagram.com/Dashpay/
      12. + Slack, Telegram and news bot
  4. Project Organization
    1. Support with the dash.org development and release 12.1
    2. Preparations to ICE Totally Gaming
    3. Coordination of the Core Team projects
Original report is available in the following location: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/display/OC/January+2017+-+Dash+Core+Team+Monthly+Report
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