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Is Mining.Darkcointalk.org down?


I just came home and see nothing but Stratum Connection Failed: Failed connect to mining.darkcointalk.org:3333; no error

What gives? This mean the site is down? anyone else having issues??
Thanks.. I was beginning to see errors all over the place.. DarkPool is currently on block 75100. When mining.darkcointalk.org was up, it's last block was 75073. I have the updated wallet, but it is currently out of sync saying it is trying to process block 75091..

Kinda glad I just started and don't have any real coins anywhere.. just sitting in the pools themselves, so I shouldn't loose anything.. with Darkcointalk down, I switched mining back to DarkPool and they are just humming away.. Hopefully they won't have to orphan everything they have mined for the last couple of hours!!
Looks like Mining.DarkcoinTalk.org is back up and running!! And after re-indexing my Dark Wallet.. both are showing the same block and my wallet is sync'd now!!
Good job guys!! One day I may even understand all of this!! LOL