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Introduction to my extraordinary proposal


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Hi there - I'm the new guy ;-)

I'm planning to write my Master Thesis on the benefits of "dash" in comparison to the other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, I would like to like to generate a proposal for 6 dash coins regarding my published thesis.

For me it is not about the money, as 5 dash-coins per proposal have to be payed to the network anyways and the remaining coin (my gain) will be donated.

The main reason for doing this is to show how sophisticated dash actually is and at the same time contributing to the network!

Could you guys tell me, if the 5 dash-coins have to be payed in advance and if there is a realistic chance for my project to be funded.

Sorry for my English,

I need to check with my Prof., it' s either gonna be in German or in English.

The German Language is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland, as well as in parts of Italy. And in all of these European countries due to the political situation there is a growing interest in cryptocurrencies!

In Germany especially Berlin is the capital of this new movement. I would be extremly thankful for and kind of support - it surely is an extremely important subject for everybody.
Hi Daniel,
For a few Dash more you could get it translated in English so your thesis would be in bot languages.
As I understand you pay the 5 Dash for your proposal in advance and you would get it back the moment your thesis is published.
Iam from Switzerland. We also speak german and i like your idea. In our region the people shoud know more about dash. I will vote for you!

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I like the idea too, and if your find an English major who will translate for a coin or two, that's even better. 5 dash is extremely expensive now a days, and I don't like that personally. I was hoping they would reduce the fee so that smaller projects like this one could be viable. Honestly, I would be worried about getting my project passed if I were you, though it probably would pass. Is it necessary for your thesis that you actually do a proposal?
I'm not a master node holder but I like the idea. I also think you should tag on a translation fee. I'd do it for free but I don't speak German. Just a b1 level of French!
Thanks guys for the support. It actually might make sense to get it translated but that's gonna be a lot of work :-(. I mean the thesis itself is pretty work intensive due to the fact that I have to write at least 80 pages. At the end the dash-proposal is not really necessary but it would be awesome to proof in person that an individual gets paid by the blockchain/community by pushing the currency forward.
It would probably improve your chances if you can prove you are enrolled on a masters course at a university.
And what organization would be the beneficiary of the 1 Dash donation?
Cool, what are you stuying? Afaik before you start with your master thesis, you have to sign some sort of contract with your prof. I think if you prove to a trusted member of the dash community, that you are really writing your thesis about dash, this proposal will be funded.
Hi guys, first of all I am really amazed by the support you give me. I am studying "Financial Services" at the Steinbeis University Berlin. A proof regarding the thesis shouldn't be a problem. Everyday I am learning so much more about cryptos and I am excited where my Thesis will lead me to.
As an aside, the 5 Dash doesnt need to all come from you. Perhaps you have 4 supportive german friends who can instant-send you 1 Dash each? Then, together with your one Dash, you make proposal. Should it pass, you pay back your very supportive friends :)
I would vote yes. I like the idea, and i especially like the enthusiasm. I cant be sure it would pass, but i will support.
I like this proposal. In which University do you study ?
What is the focus of your thesis ?

What if we pay more money (than 6 DASH) to get your thesis translated from German to English so that international community can read it ? Can you find some students in your university to help you on the thesis, or perhaps can you translate it yourself ?

DanielfromGermany: In order to see chances: you can do a forum polling.
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Great idea and proposal.

There's an ongoing vote on dashcentral.org to reduce fees to 0.1 dash : it could likely pass because it's necessary for dash growth (and if it does not it would next month when somebody would propose a reduction to 1 dash), so the risks would be a lot less important for you.

Actually I discovered your preproposal because it was mentionned in the comment seciton of the dash reduce cost proposal i'm talking about; ur preposal was used as an argument to vote in favor of a reduction to 0.1 dash, congrats (I just realise that te comment was from the same author from the post above and author of the proposal, great job @Technologov) !