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Inter-app communication for Dash iOS wallet


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Hi guys,

Does Dash iOS wallet support a custom URL scheme for inter-application communication? If so, GitHub link would be appreciated.

I'm expecting that custom URL schema allows 3rd party mobile applications to produce payment requests (similar to defined in BIP-0070) which then addressed to and handled by the wallet app.

From the user point of view, one can find and choose some goods/services in a 3rd party app, proceed to checkout and click 'Pay with Dash' button. This action will open installed Dash wallet with pre-filled payment dialog. A user only has to doublecheck payment requisites on the screen and send the payment in one click.

CC @QuantumExplorer, @UdjinM6
Funny you mention this, as I'm building this feature as we speak and should have it ready with doc by next release (1-2 weeks from now).
Hi QuantumExplorer,

Yeah, it's a funny coincidence, and I'm happy to know this feature is going to production soon.

Our company has the sports betting mobile application. It's almost impossible to deploy it to the Appstore and Google Play because of its gambling nature. We spent more than a year, and all our attempts were in vain. Now we're going to notch out payments from the app to avoid being recognized as a gambling software. Instead, we'll integrate it with Dash wallet through the inter-application communication. I hope this will allow us to get into the official stores.

I would appreciate if you will share the link to the doc when it is possible.

Hi QuantumExplorer,

Thanks for sharing the specification. Nice to see you implemented more operations than I thought. I believe it will be used by tons of apps very soon and push Dash to new users!

I didn't expect this but anyway want to ask: did you think about the capability to send money to several outputs in one transaction? I know this seems like unclaimed feature which would make URL schema complicated, but anyway any your thoughts on that will be appreciated.