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Instamine is a non-issue.


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Partial Instamine is a non-issue.

1. Bill Gates pre-mined Microsoft stocks.
2. Mark Zuckerberg pre-mined Facebook stocks.
3. Vitalik pre-mined Ethereum.
4. Crypto-coins are both digital gold and a stock.

I believe that creators need to have financial incentives to make their projects a success.

EDIT: Here a guy that wrote an article that Bitcoin is not a digital gold, but more like a company stock. Good read !https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/65ks6p/critical_misunderstanding_bitcoindigital_gold/

EDIT2: Even better would be, for the investors, is if creator pre-mines his coins, but uses a 5-year TIME LOCK transaction, so he can't dump it on the market. This will provide a long-term motivation to improve his creation. Pump-and-Dump out; Innovation in !

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Sometimes, restating an assertion in E-prime lets us re-examine our thoughts.

For example, we can restate "partial Instamine is a non-issue" as: "I consider partial instamine a non-issue".