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Importing private key failed


New member
Hi all,
I created a Dash paper wallet a few years ago and wanted now to import the private key into my new Dash Core (20.0.4) wallet using the console command importprivkey. I got the answer "Invalid private key encoding (code -5). I read, that private keys start normally with a 7. My key starts with vRr7b........ and has 51 characters. Does anyone know a way?
I just went to https://paper.dash.org/ and created a new key pair, I then took the private key and imported it into Dashcore v20.1 and it worked fine. Key was XF24rq6XRTJ6LHC4QLpq4np7n4GWfks5wkYa5VuHAWzYEtfJTrXa so, yours looks like something else maybe, double check everything and also confirm you are using the correct chain.
I imported a new generated private key, but I can only see the "watch-only" wallet. Any other possibility?
(Just a reminder: I have the original private key, but Dash Core v20.0 doesn't accept it.)