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Important Update To Our Advertisement Production Process

I just wanted to swing by make an update post on behalf of our team.

If you have not met us at Eralith yet, please have a gander at our first ad campaign:


We are just coming off the heels of this round of voting, and being close to being funded, we are rearing to get started planning our next YouTube commercial.

In light of discussions with fellow community members, we've made some decisions:

Because this is very much a community funded process, we thought it imperative to talk a little bit about how we see our commercial pitches working from now on. Since we are not a traditional advertising agency, we have the freedom to do things a little differently, and we think it will bear fruit creatively.

Regarding community input, we have decided that we will submit our pitches directly to the forums to be vetted by the community.

We will not be performing public story roundtables per sè, as this would make the process unnecessarily long and messy.

We will instead create pitch threads, and submit multiple storyboards with accompanying treatment documents. We will then ask you guys to vote on your favourites. We will be consistently targeting the same message: “Dash is the superior cryptocurrency.”, but simultaneously looking at different storytelling methods for delivering said message. It might be that a lot of members gravitate towards a certain story, but prefer a different treatment.

As production progresses, we will continuously update our pitch threads with new animatics and WIP’s to illustrate our progress and allow for feedback to heighten our message.

We do want to build our capacity for longform campaigns, so once we establish characters the community is on board with, we will use them repeatedly, which will reduce production costs.

Once production is finished/nearly finished on the selected ad, we will submit our pre-proposal as usual and wrap production before submitting the final proposal.

We are confident that by adopting this approach we can create a process that bolsters our community and adds exposure to the analog and digital campaigns of our fellow community members.

Let us know what you think, and thank you for your continued support!
Proposal Evaluation Committee

Hi Pieter

Just want to find out if you are planning to submit your proposal(s) officially, i.e. Pay the 5 Dash to submit it?
If so, do you agree to the PEC (Proposal Evaluation Committee) assisting you in preparing your Pre-Proposal(s)?

The way we do it is to give a Report on your Proposal highlighting areas that you can improve.
As you improve the Proposal the Report is adjusted and this may be done a number of times (up to 5 or more), each time the chance of your Proposal being accepted by the MNO’s will increase.

The Report also has another function:
To give the Pre-Proposal a percentage mark. This percentage will make it possible to give the MNO’s and community a prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals. This list will save everyone time and increase the chance of your Proposal gaining votes.

However, please be aware that the PEC has not officially been accepted by the MNO’s. We are also in the Pre-Proposal phase, so you have no obligation to partake.
If you want to know who will be doing the Evaluations – see here: Official PEC Pre-P https://goo.gl/qrbeXK

If you do want to use our services (note this is a free service)
1. Please PM me on the Dash Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions Forum indicating agreement.
2. and if you have not done this yet, please read: How to submit a Dash Pre-Proposal https://goo.gl/7jmwXQ
3. Once you have read it you might want to adjust your Pre-Proposal before we submit the 1st Report, so I will wait for you to give us the go-ahead before we start the evaluation process.

If you don’t want the PEC to evaluate the Proposal – please PM me as well, then I won’t bug you again for an answer ;)

Good luck with your Proposal!
I forgot to mention - we will be releasing reports on all Pre-Proposals in any case, towards the end of the cycle. ;)
Proposal Evaluation Committee

Hi Pieter
I'm not thirsty anymore ;)
Started raining after quite a serious drought. You 'Northeners' - stop pumping crap in the air! We are dying of thirst here in southern Africa :(

If you do want to use our services to create a great proposal. ;)
1. Please note that we do not have that much time to give you feedback via the Evaluations. The final report has to be in 3 days before end of cycle and you have to have your last adjustments in 5 days before end of cycle : i.e.: Last Adjustments: 28 June.
2. We hope to receive at least 4 updates from you (if necessary) and provide you with the same number of Evaluation/Report feedbacks, but it does mean you and us will have to start asap.
3. To adjust your Pre-Proposal for the 1st evaluation will be a time consuming (+- 3 hours of work), but believe me it will be well worth your time if you are serious about getting your Proposal passed.
4. PM me that you want us to help, once you've discussed it with your team,
5. and then PM me once you've read and adjusted your Pre-Proposal and are ready for your 1st evaluation

Good luck!
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