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Idea for Venezuela remittances help



I'm currently traveling across South America, visiting friends from time to time. I met lots of Venezuelans who moved and are working abroad. One thing came to my mind when I talked with them about sending money back to Venezuela to help their families. They do it just by sending cash through middle-men, who charge at least 10% and many of them heard about cryptocurrencies (or at least Bitcoin).

So I told them about DASH and how cheap and fast it is. At this point every each of them had the same question - how to do it ? How to send money to my mum/dad/sister/friend with DASH ?

And my response was to buy DASH for Colombian/Chilean/Argentinian Peso on the cryptocurrency exchange, send it to cryptocurrency exchange where you can withdraw Venezuelan Bolivars and then withdraw it to your mum/dad Venezuelan bank account. Now, what is missing here - the DETAILS! A step by step guide (with screenshots) how to:

1. Set up DASH wallet
2. Buy DASH with any Latin American currency
3. Sell it for Venezuelan Bolivars (or any other South American currency)
4. Withdraw that money to a mum/dad/friends bank account

This remittance market is huge and things in Venezuela are getting worse and worse. We should create a website (in Spanish of course) with few simple questions:

1. Where do you live ? - Colombia/Chile/Argentina/Peru...
2. Where do you want send money to? - Venezuela/Costa Rica/Panama...
3. How much money do you want to send - ....
4. Do you have a bank account ? Yes/No
5. Is the person you are sending money to tech savvy ? Yes/No

Based on the answers, user should be redirected to subpage describing detailed steps how to do it (with screenshots). If user's mum/dad/friend is not tech savvy, then user should take care of everything himself, ie. creating exchange accounts, buying/selling DASH, withdrawing Bolivars to their bank accounts. Something like https://dash.red/dash-digital-cash-es/convertir-dash-a-bolivares/?lang=es would be great but the walkthrough should look much more digestible for a normal person. Maybe description why we do this step / why is needed should be visible after hovering or clicking on the help icon ?

Would be also great to show how much (at current cryptocurrency exchange prices) would the person receive at the moment. Of course if it is technicaly possible to have live prices from eg BitINKA and Cryptobuyers and deduct all of the fees for buying/withdrawals.

That way we could refer this website to all Venezuelans living abroad in need of fast and cheap money transfers. It is just an idea, unfortunately I don't have the capacity at the moment to create it but maybe someone from community has time for this ?
While merchants and payment systems are being developed, cross border payments, especially for struggling economies and developing nations, like Venezuela, are, IMO, the best use case for dash right now and a big step towards larger adoption.
The main hurdle to this is the exchange of dash for either fiat or goods/services. To use an exchange you need to go thorough a process and checks that most in a such an economy aren't able to meet or understand.
It is necessary to continue pushing wallet downloads and assisting with exchange of fiat-dash and dash-fiat, but merchant adoption in the target markets is of paramount importance to cement dash as digital cash.