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iBeLink™ DM11G ASIC Dash Miner Support Thread

There is a managed switch DES-1210-52 / ME, to which antminer and ibelink are connected, antminer is visible on the network, and ibelink does not pass, it works only directly with the router or any other unmanaged switch.
ip static
ibelink latest firmware
firmware DES-1210-52 / ME does not help too

If you set the Static IP option, is the correct IP address set in the miner and the router? With a managed switch, there may be additional settings that need to be set to allow internet access. The DM11G works best if connected directly to the router or an unmanaged switch.
I know this is many years later but its worth while to reach out to the community. I was recently sent a DM11G unit to test however it does not appear that the unit is connecting to the network.

The turn on sequence looks to be ok... all lights up blue on the outside of the unit after running its test, however it does not seem to connect to the net where I can search for an IP address, so I cannot get to its main page where I can see the state of the unit or its blades.
Im very technical, but im a little out of the loop when it comes to this unit.

What is the timeframe it takes to power on, and be available to connect?
Im wondering if I need to image the SD card on the little mainboard, but I don't want to do anything to brick the unit.

Thanks in advance!