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I would like some more info why Chris Hough left.


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I am curious about that myself, he was appointed Head of Growth for Dash Core Group in Feb 2022 (so relatively recent).
Frankly i did not even know he left. I don't visit Dash Discord anymore, so i could be a bit out of touch with Dash latest developments.
Seems he wasn't a good fit for Dash, he was holed up in his Telegram group, refused to join the forum, or twitter, pretty odd for someone whose role it was to reach a lot of people and build hype for the project. Anyway, it's good we didn't have to wait a year to find out it wasn't working, funds are more scarce these days, may as well save them for better things.
During his interview with TDL, Chris seemed quite motivated and adamant about the role even saying he didn't mind wearing multiple hats; doing whatever's needed to grow the ecosystem. How did he go from that to quitting in barely 3 months? I'd like to know too.
Chris left because he was being hamstrung by the developers who he was scared of. He didn't believe dash platform would be a good marketing tool (which I can't wrap my mind around) but to be fair platform still isn't here so he'd have been sitting on his hand waiting I suppose. He lacked the constitution to interact with a DAO