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I sent a dash but it’s happen appear where I sent it

I sent a dash from uphold wallet to my dash wallet and then I sent that same dash back to my uphold (using the same address from the first transaction). It is saying it complete but it hasn’t been reflected in my uphold yet. I wanted to know why that could be.
Check the address on the block explorer.
What do you exactly mean by saying "using the same address from the first transaction"?
When sending to Uphold you should use your Uphold Dash deposit address.
If you have used the address from the block explorer from which the coins went to your iPhone wallet then you have to open a ticket on uphold as they probably use different addresses to send from.
By the same address I meant the address that the first transaction said the dash had came from when it went into my IPhone wallet. I didn’t realize my uphold had a different address than the one I used in the first transaction, thank you
You will need to talk to Uphold to try to recover your money. In general, they will only process deposits sent to your deposit address, which is almost certain different from the address they used to process your withdrawal.