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I like this...


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Doesn't happen too often that a coin older than 2 months doesn't follow the BTC/LTC tendencies :smile:

Nice to see that pretty picture! Now imagine if bitcoin rebounds, assuming they are not locked in an inverse relationship :)

Hey, where did you get that chart? I've been looking for a place to do % comparison charting on altcoins.
I'm actually picking up some of the other alt-coins, just to collect them, as they dip so all good :)
Bitcoin is the biggest altcoin taking a hard dip right now!

I have a tab open on https://bitcoinwisdom.com/markets/bitfinex/drkusd so I can easily see the DRK/USD price in the tab header and I was surprised to see it drop over a dollar from last night. I was even more suprised upon opening btc-e and mintpal to see DRK/BTC barely dropped, the majority of the DRK/USD drop came from the BTC/USD drop!
Bitcoin is the biggest altcoin taking a hard dip right now!

It's weird but I'm starting to really think we may be seeing the possibility of people moving out from Bitcoin properly. Even a few weeks ago that would have seemed wild to me, but not so much anymore.