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I buy only serious alts.


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I like these Darkcoins and where the headed. Steadily down which is its great to have a stable price above entry even if its sinking a little.

Although we don't want to close the doors too soon like bitcoin, Accepting Darkcoin at these prices is a fanominal incentive for merchants.
Lets not be greedy here. We know we've picked a winner. However, what of this instamine?
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Have a good look through the bitcointalk and you will see that this topic comes up times and times again. And is explained times and times again. Do some research before asking, don't expect people to do the leg work for you.
Sarry ill look more there. I am still a noob at heart.
Sometiems it's worth a shot to see if someone will do the leg work for you. I have found however, that doing it yourself is very rewarding. Not only do you find the information you are looking for, but you also get experiencing in finding that information for future information gathering endeavors. :eek:
Stickied on top of General forum there is a thread called The birth of Darkcoin (or something like that). Go read it.
Like I said above, I buy only serious alts. In 2012 it was Bitcoin, 2013 was Litecoin, and 2014 is Darkcoin. I only bought these coins and have done well for myself. Yes, I came from BTC-e.
Found out about Darkcoin because the name is awesome but had reservations initially earlier this year. That was until I found out more about it. Darkcoin has something no other coin has but needs, called an economic catalyst. (Coins which precipitate a fundamental change in business or technology)

People need a reason to buy, hold and collect more of your coin. Not only day trade. Darkcoin provides that incentive to buy, hold, collect thousands, which will inturn make more thousands by receiving 20% of mined coins divided by the number of masternodes. The reward is a variable, but follow me here;

Imagine you could work from home raising your children or read books, write books, oil paint, compose music, all while running a laptop you barely have to look at generating serious side income honorably and legally through the internet providing service to billions of people world-wide; Being your own boss can be a reality for anyone who collects Darkcoins and follows video instructions on how to set up a few masternodes. At the end of the day, all you will want to hold on to is darkcoins for this very reason of earning more Darkcoin faster.

People also need a reason to use Darkcoin. And PGP (pretty good privacy) happens to be the latest rage in technology. People are craving privacy features built-in now-a days and to accomplish this is quite a feat.

Evan is clearly a computer genius. The man thought of ten different ways to computationally conduct private internet transactions and Darksend being his #1 intellectual property is provided freely in Darkcoin. His contribution to the Bitcoin revolution is enormous already, if you haven't realized. Once he starts to give internet interviews, his financial background and openness will prove invaluable to a Developer of an anonymous digital currency.

I read it and realize now the Darkcoin commencement had plenty of participation and Linux is free so no excuses . Such lies on bitcointalk, ignoring the most important factors. I thank Evan for his candor.
Have you had any experience with NMC & NXT? They look interesting to me next to Darkcoin & BTC.