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help needed with dash wallet distress


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Hello, I had an older version of the dash core wallet running, but it kept loading the block index forever (intro screen). It has been running for over a week without change. I stopped it and started again but no change. Now I downloaded the latest version today but it "thinks" it is the first time I have a dash wallet running on my PC.

I am very concerned that I lost my previous wallet info and all my DASH. I made a back-up of my previous wallet some 5 month ago to a flash drive (dash.dat). Can I somehow restore my old wallet into my new wallet? I see the option "back-up wallet", which i did some time ago, but i cannot find the option "restore my back-up".

Any help is much appreciated, as I am really confused now. Can it really be that I lost all my money?
Your wallet with the coins is in the DASH folder in your appdata.

Copy it to dashcore folder in your appdata and restart the wallet.

There was a change of versions from 12.0 to 12.1 that's why when you downloaded and started the new binaries you see balance 0.

Here is the link you need to follow

YES SIR!! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to help me out. My DASH is back where it belongs and it was as easy as you said. just copy the wallet.dat to the proper folder.