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Have questions for Amanda B. Johnson? Send 'em over for inclusion in a future episode!


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At the end of the last DASH: Detailed episode, Soft/Hard Forks vs. 'Sporks': Evan Duffield Explains How Dash is Different, I outlined my idea for a future episode titled, "Ask A.B.J", that'd feature questions posed to host Amanda B. Johnson about Dash or cryptocurrency.

If you have questions for Amanda, send 'em my way: [email protected]. Thanks in advance.

[my pitch starts at 33:31 in the video below if you care to view]

Always good to see Amanda with Evan, and it was a small surprise to see you at the end of the vid ! :)

I would like to ask if Amanda could add yet another word to the verbotten list... cheat

Evan gets a whack-a-mole for using that word around the project... I think I would have edited it out ? Bleep ?

Some people will take such a word and run with it, to the extreme... there are examples from devs of other coins...

Do you conduct such interviews from a schedule of 'talking points' or will they all be unexpected ?

Rusty, thanks for sharing your questions -- I'll ask them of Amanda when we record the "Ask A.B.J." episode in the near future.

I agree with your sentiment -- the use of the word "cheat" could carry with it some baggage. It may be an easy go-to for folks who try to critique Dash, but for those intellectually honest, Evan's meaning -- that this bit of code deftness allows them to accomplish an otherwise complex task, is easy to glean. That's not to discount the importance of language but I don't foresee Dash devs doing lots of interviews boasting about their ability to "cheat" -- I think Evan just found that a useful word at the time.

Be well.
Instead of asking amanda, why dont you ask someone who writes code?
Amanda is an actor, a media person, and her answers are meaningless because she is unable to turn her words and her thoughts into something real that can run in a computer.