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HardFork Series Masterthread


HardFork Series: Where DASH Meets the Screen

(*See Proposal Updates Below in red)
HardFork is a crypto-noir thriller set in a near future world where decentralized factions work to overthrow their society's centralize regime. Bridging state of the art filmmaking and storytelling techniques with the fascinating landscape of DASH in the narrative space, HardFork will evoke a detailed future-forward sci-fi world in which blockchain and cryptocurrency play an integral part. HardFork affords the potential to break new ground for DASH by showcasing its benefits to the public through a state-of-the art production with Hollywood actors, visionary directing, amazing special effects... and above all, a powerful storyline that captivates audiences. Here's the proof of concept HardFork teaser trailer:

Doug Karr - Director, Writer: Doug has worked in the industry since 1997 creating original independent films screened at over 50 festivals including Sundance and won multiple awards including 3 Cannes Lions. His films have sold to Netflix and numerous television channels and been seen by audiences around the world. He is joined by...

Eric Vance Walton, an acclaimed American author and Thurber Treat award winner.

Adil Elias, writer, producer and blockchain specialist.

Andrew Levine, who is currently a core team member of Steemit.

Matthew Niemerg, former IBMer and distributed ledger technology expert.

Naomi Brockwell, producer, actor, and toastmaster for blockchain conferences (Consensus: Invest, D10E, and many more).


Christopher James Baker, actor, writer and director, best known for Netflix’s Ozark (2017), The Purge: Election year (2016) HBO’s True Detective (2014), Sanctum (2011), The Condemned (2007) and many more.

Elia Monte-Brown (Madam Secretary, The Affair)

Erinn Ruth (Billions, Blindspot)

Naomi Brockwell has multiple roles in the project beyond producing; she’ll lend her acting talents to HardFork, with an impressive reel: leading actress of the Lionsgate thriller "Subconscious", associate producer of the multi-award winning feature documentary "Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It", producer for Stossel and ReasonTV, and co-executive producer of the award-winning documentary drama "Audition".

Aside from the great talent already attached to the series, we have a bigger casting process that will take place in January 2018. Kate Geller, our Casting Director is a very well-known and respected Hollywood professional that worked on a multitude of blockbuster movies such as John Wick, The Wolverine, Noah, The Maze Runner, Demolition and more recently, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.... And many other marquee productions.

From Production to post, our crew is stacked with top of the line Hollywood professionals to bring HardFork to the screen in style. In the sound department, we are lucky to count the amazing, two-time Emmy winner Charles Maynes. His work is acclaimed both in series (The Pacific, Outcast) and movies (Constantine, Tarantino’s Planet Terror… etc). Our production department includes Liz Cowie, a producer with VICE ON HBO, who has worked as a senior producer at Vice where she’s overseen content from beginning discussions, to locked picture for over 12 years. Celebrated Cinematographer Graham Willoughby went from lensing our trailer to the latest David Letterman Netflix series. Our competitive advantage is that we have a solid, experienced and talented professional team that will advocate for DASH through professional film production both on-screen and off.

The Tipping Point - A Great Problem To Solve

Despite the spectacular growth of the blockchain industry, the sector is still inadequately represented by the quantity and caliber of media productions that are designed to bring distributed ledger technologies to the wider public. The problem is, in order for ideas to spread and hit mass-adoption, it’s necessary to have communicators who can bridge the gap between the technology’s new and unprecedented concepts and the wider public.

Bringing DASH to the Masses

Our main focus with the HardFork Series is to create a captivating world where we can convey the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency ideas in a compelling story that resonates with the masses. Imagine if DASH could cut through the media landscape noise—instability, FUD and FOMO—in the blockchain space and be able to showcase both their tech and their vision through a powerful storyline that captivates audiences.

Unique Value Offer

HardFork will provide a impactful visual representation by a member of the DASH team via the character's storyline and will incorporate DASH’s unique traits into a long-arc storyline while playing a key role in the series as game-changers in an epic crypto-noir narrative.
  • DASH will be represented in a minimum of 5 episodes within the HardFork Season 1 storyline (6-8 episodes total), including some of the specific uses of the DASH governance model and innovative approach to technology.
  • Regular screen time through a character representing DASH.
  • That character will have a guaranteed minimum appearance in 5 episodes of Season 1. Minimum of 60 spoken lines of dialogue.
  • An executive producer credit + cameo for a DASH representative of the team/community’s choosing.
  • A featured interview in HardFork PR spots and exclusive material.
  • Premiere Screening invites for up to 20 team members and another 20 drawn from community members.
  • Weekly gamified DASH giveaways integrated into the HardFork viewership to the most engaged and influential members of the audience.
  • Printed/projected DASH logos in all HardFork appearances/presentations/posters/paid media/etc., beginning with our upcoming showcase as part of a HardFork Series Fashion Week scheduled to be present at the Microsoft Space on 5th Avenue in NYC with DASH giveaways, spearheaded by our growth hacking team at Hommenificent.
  • A DASH/HardFork branded content commercial spot created exclusively for DASH featuring stars from the HardFork series - Doug Karr’s commercials have starred numerous celebs including Andre3000, olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, Disney/pop star Sabrina Carpenter, and YouTube celeb Bethany Mota, along with winning 3 Cannes Lions, his ads have been featured in AdWeek’s Top Ten lists multiple times.

Thanks for Reading. Let’s Bring DASH to the Mainstream!

Thanks so much to everyone for your feedback so far, here are some updates…

  • UPDATE 12/25/17 - Our own Naomi Brockwell has been busy spreading Dashday Cheer...
    She just released this in-depth video for her audience that features Jason King and Joel Valenzuela explaining what DASH is and why they love it! Check it out.
  • UPDATE 12/23/17 - Matt McKibbin chats about the HardFork Series and DASH - How this proposal could change culture and his excitement about being part of the advisory board. Here's the VIDEO.
  • UPDATE 12/21/17 - Naomi Brockwell just did an amazing interview with Joël Valenzuela for Dash Force News where she talks DASH and how we have an opportunity to shape the narrative with the HardFork series, here’s a highlight.
  • UPDATE 12/18/17 - VIDEO Jason King sits down with Naomi to chat about the HardFork DASH proposal and his recent addition to the advisory board, check it out.
  • UPDATE 12/14/17 - We’ve added three new leaders in the blockchain space to the HardFork Series advisory board, Bruce Fenton, Matt McKibbin and DASH Conference London MC Jason King. (All other updates moved below proposal...)

    • UPDATE 12/11/17 - This is a preferred placement (at a one-time only, first money in sizable discount). We are limiting the offers and this offer is in the very top tier and close to our hearts as we are offering DASH to be represent by Bendrix, the Sensei-like masternode that discovers our protagonist Van Misham (who works for the Central Financial Services), and brings him into the Decentralized movement (D.faction). Bendrix is a star character, an anchor for the protagonist and serves as Van’s mentor throughout the series (in Obi-Wan Kenobi/Telemachus archetype).
    • UPDATE 12/11/17 - Bendrix will have a prominent DASH tattoo.
    • UPDATE 12/11/17 - Along with that, the words “DASH” or “mDASH” will be spoken in every episode of the season.
    • UPDATE 12/11/17 - The words DASH or the DASH logo will be displayed in any on-screen trading graphic in a preferred position.
    • UPDATE 12/11/17 - Liberal representations of person to person payments will be visually represented again with the Dash logo and or spoken name.

    • UPDATE 12/07/17 - A distinctive opportunity to set DASH apart. So crucial in our entertainment focused society to be associated with media that pushes trends and influences culture.
    • UPDATE 12/07/17 - Audiences have become inured to conventional advertising, that’s not to say good ad media can’t cut through, but what our culture craves now is long term serial engagement. From narrative series to gaming to a connected network of fan fiction and interplay. Our roadmap for the HardFork Universe includes a 7+ year track of deep engagement which DASH will be a part of from the ground up.
    • UPDATE 12/07/17 - Product placements are highly effective. They’re in every show for a reason. Repeated exposure to a product like DASH over successive episodes will provide unparalleled name recognition and help DASH capture the slogan Digital Cash.
    • UPDATE 12/07/17 - The gamified Dash Sweepstake integrated through easter eggs within the HardFork plot, will not only give audiences an opportunity to open wallets and use DASH, but will also help to educate them on how DASH WORKS. Driving viewers to a specific DASH-HardFork Sweepstakes websites, we will include a wealth of info on the benefits and workings of DASH.
    • UPDATE 12/07/17 - HardFork will be a connector that introduces DASH to a brand new group of people, a demographic that is in alignment with the values and philosophy of the cryptocurrency community. Helping the non-crypto savvy make a leap from “Oh crypto: you mean Bitcoin?” to “Oh crypto: you mean Dash?” by infusing DASH into the lexicon an immeasurable ROI for DASH.
    • UPDATE 12/07/17 - Subtly educate viewers about DASH's unique attributes in a fun and entertaining way, emphasizing blazingly fast transaction speed, DASH's InstantSend allowing retail transactions to fully confirm in seconds, huge potential for widespread point-of-sale integration, DASH’s immense scalability and much more. As well as privatesend, the treasury, the balance of rewards for miners and masternodes, and Dash Evolution.
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Hello from Eric Vance Walton!

We’ve seen the future. We are the pioneers.
Today, inequality is unprecedented. Power is concentrated. Our potential, limited. Yet the self proclaimed masters of mankind, the elite, have vastly underestimated our ingenuity.
Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are poised to transform our entire world.
Decentralization is coming to -- Banking. Healthcare. Transportation. Finance. Insurance. Supply Chain Management and, yes, even Voting.
The pioneers of the Dash community have already realized that blockchain technology can create a world that is more transparent, efficient, and equitable for all.
The question is...How do we wake the masses? How do we get them to see our vision?
In short, we must convince them through our stories.
No one else will build the bridge between this amazing technology and their imaginations. It’s up to us.
Each blog post we write. The words we speak. The FILMS we create.
We have the incredible opportunity to show the way….
And the perfect time is now.

Check out more of Eric's work here:
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Hey Dash community! We are so thrilled to announce the newest member of the HardFork Series advisory board… Bruce Fenton!


We are beyond excited to have Bruce Fenton join our project as an advisor. He has made huge strides in the blockchain world to say the least.

Bruce Fenton is the CEO Chainstone Labs; a company focused on blockchain, tokenization of securities, and decentralized asset management. Bruce is also the Managing Director of Atlantic Financial, the first full service investment company on the Internet. He is the founder of the Satoshi Roundtable Private Blockchain Retreat, and is a board member of Medici Ventures and Bitcoin Foundation.

Everyone on the HardFork team is eager to hear your thoughts on this latest addition! If you have any questions please let us know.
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Is Bruce Fenton making himself available on the forum to answer questions about his role in the project?

This is a great example of how projects such as the HardFork Series exposes Dash to high level people in finance. Thanks to the HardFork team and the interest their project generates because of its high production values, someone like Bruce Fenton has a vested interest now in Dash.
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Is Bruce Fenton making himself available on the forum to answer questions about his role in the project?

Great question, I’m sure he’d be totally down to, we'll check in and see if his schedule allows!

And thank you so much for your kind words on what we’re working to bring to the DASH community!
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Another exciting announcement. We have added another member to the HardFork Advisory Board: Jason King!


Jason King’s focus is using blockchain technology for the greater good. He is the founder of Unsung, an app that aims to leverage the sharing economy to end food waste and hunger. Additionally, his organization Sean’s Outpost has fed over 167,000 meals to the homeless, all paid for by cryptocurrency. He emceed the Dash conference in London this year.

We’re so excited to have Jason on board and help bring HardFork to the masses!

Jason and Naomi Brockwell just did a video interview that we will be sharing with you once Naomi returns from d10e Bucharest.
It's really nice to see synergy happening with proposals. Jason and Unsung have been supprted by Dash in the past:


MNOs who voted No early on this proposal should really take another look -- Doug and Eric are working very hard to earn the confidence of the Dash community. I have personally spoken with them on the phone and I am convinced they are honest and earnest in their desire to serve Dash with their project.
Jim thank you so much for seeing the value in our vision. We so appreciate your continued guidance and support and are so excited at the potential of partnering with this wonderful community on a project of this scope that could have such a huge resonance.

Naomi Brockwell and Jason King agree, "DASH is the $H!T"

Jason King sits down with Naomi to chat about the HardFork DASH proposal and his recent addition to the advisory board.
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Naomi Brockwell just did an amazing interview with Joël Valenzuela for Dash Force News where she talks DASH and how we have an opportunity to shape the narrative with the HardFork Series, check it out:
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Matt McKibbin chats about the HardFork Series & DASH - How this proposal could change culture and his excitement about being part of the advisory board.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the proposal yet, here it is.
Happy Holidays!
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