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[Guide] What is Dash a complete guide on Dash for Beginners

Harish Ramkumar

New member
Hello fellow members,

I have written a detailed blog post on Dash - Altcoin. I would like to get review and/ or feedback from you all.

I have started with Dash as a cryptocurrency, then how and why Dash is popular, then moved on to Dash Features. Finally gave information on Dash Mining and conclusion.

Please go through the blog post and feel free to let me know for any suggestions.

Blog Post Title: What is Dash

Thanks in Advance.
hi i am a newbie in crypto currency ,,, i just bought some bitcoin n etherum 2 days ago should i invest in dash ? kindly guide me
On first glance, it looks very impressive.

I want to make something similar in my mother's tongue, for my fellow countrymen :D

I will go through it when I get home.

Thank you!
" It has gained traction than any other in the market. It has been rated as one of the fasted growing altcoins in the market. We are going to look keenly exactly why is this."

These sentences look a little iffy... gained traction than? I think you meant It has gained traction more than any other coin in the market. ... FasteD growing.... to look keenly into something...

Otherwise... good!

"it resembleS bitcoin
45% goes to the Masternodes.. etc.

There is no "Company". Dash is a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation. (DAO)

Masternodes should be checked "Yes" (Brown dot on your image above.)

Price went from a few cents to currently $334 approx. - !

Hope that helps :)
"Privacy" is better than "Anonymity."

More accurate and less abrasive towards the powers that be.

Most governments are familiar with Privacy, some respect it and some don't.

There's no such thing as a government that respects anonymity. That level of corruption has become the norm...
Thanks for the extensive article.

I found several pieces of information that are very dated, or somewhat inaccurate.

You said, “It is used to refer to the other cryptocurrency coins that part them with Bitcoin. “

Improved: It is generally used to refer to all cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

You said, “ The most recognized ones are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Moreno. “

Improved: Change Moreno to Monero, and Dash has had more market cap and greater token value and lower transaction cost and better marketing than Monero for a long time.

You said, “ for Dash altcoin, there is a special note, the Masternode. “

Improved: change “note” to node.

You said, “Also, it earns a block reward of about 45%. Apart from the collateral, these masternodes do not cost money or effort as they are designed for a specific purpose.”

Improved: Change “about” to exactly. Also, Masternodes DO cost money AND effort to operate well and get paid regularly.

You said, “One trick is when you send your stash, it is broken down into tens and ones which are sent to different miners who in turn send the amount to the right receiver. Another one is which they employ Coinjoin. “

Improved: Miners never touch PrivateSend at all, only the Masternodes do that. And PrivateSend never touches Coinjoin either. We use a similar mixing protocol to Coinjoin, but very much improved and done at the protocol level, not at all using Coinjoin. When Bitcoin users use the mixing service of CoinJoin, they have to trust Coinjoin. Our protocol mixing is essentially trustless.

You said, “The reason for this anonymity majorly focuses on the hiding of the transaction records as will be explained in Private Send.”

Improved, Again, we are more interested in privacy rather than anonymity. And the transactions are never hidden. It is an open blockchain where anyone can inspect any transaction. Monero hides transactions by obscuring their entire blockchain.

You said, “When there is anonymity, no one will be able to devalue the coin for whichever reason especially while purchasing in the Dark Web.”

Improved, Monero is the coin that is proud of their anonymity and involvement with the Dark Web. Dash in more interested in privacy than in helping people to do illicit things on the Dark Web. Some people might use it in that way, but that is not the primary motivation behind PrivateSend.

You said, “To get started (mining), you need to know a few basics. First is that Dash mining, unlike Bitcoin, is easier for individuals than for the companies to mine. How is this so especially because Dash uses the Bitcoin core program? Dash uses x11 algorithm which is easier to mine using GPU than CPU. That is, if you have a gaming rig at home, you are in luck. What you need is a wallet and a mining software to get started. This coupled with the fact that manufacturers haven’t made an x11 hardware to mine Dash makes it relatively profitable.

Improved: This is very outdated. You cannot mine profitably using a graphics card any more. And companies do in fact make specialized mining equipment just for Dash.

You said, “Hardware

Purchasing and running a Raspberry Pi. This is a skeleton of a computer that houses a Dash Masternode. The return on investment for this is estimated to be 17% per year. You only need to set it up and connect it to the internet. for power consumption, it can run on the power you use to charge a phone.”

This has not been true for a long time. You need a real server with substantial capabilities. You cannot do it on a raspberry pie. The return on investment currently stands at just over 8%, not 17%.

Again, with emphasis, I'm not crapping on you article, but it could be made better and more accurate.

Finest regards,