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Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Reddit Ads Update Thread

You have unlocked (professionally and in an organized, responsible manner) Dash's path back to the top 3.

Get more budget, fast. This deserves it. There's $8.5M/mo now and Ripple and all the other crap coins are not holding back on their spends. Forget the temporary prices - those top ranking coins that are putting the pedal to the metal are sucking talent, news, investment, users, traction, integrations, merchants out from under us.
Nice to see our paid ad experts (@dashdisciple, @feedbands) on the same page!

Can you put a link to the proposal in the initial post so that we can refresh our memories of the proposal as we track the updates?

How do you feel about assembling an advisory board of trusted/established Dash community members to help oversee your project and help you secure greater funding? Maybe consider using an escrow service. Personally I would like to see a good chunk of the monthly budget used in this manner, as long as a system of solid accountability is in place.
Ad budget has been depleted.

We've saved enough funds to continue running remarketing through the end of the month, but ads at scale have stopped deploying as of this morning.

Will add links to proposals. Expect a comprehensive report shortly.
One thing is very clear from our heatmapping analysis, the number one thing people want to do when they visit Dash Informer is buy Dash:





The results were surprisingly dramatic.
In order to address the chief interest of our userbase, which is buying dash, my engineering team is already working on regionally specific dynamic insertion of the How To Buy panel. We will be inserting a country-specific panel based on where the user is located. Buying Dash in India is different vs. in the US, vs. in Europe. We will configure a panel for each country, working top down from the list of countries our visitors are from, which is posted below. The panel will no longer read How To Buy Dash but rather, How To Buy Dash in India or How To Buy Dash in South Africa.

Luckily, Bittrex serves just about every country, so as long as they are accepting new accounts we just need to get our users some bitcoin. Can't be too hard right?

There were our top ten sources based on the campaign, so we would start with addressing these countries specifically in How to Buy Dash:

To follow up yes I think accountability and transparency is important. Ad Spends should be verified. In terms of an advisory board, the entire Dash network is my advisory board and I've been incorporating their feedback rapidly throughout the campaign. A lot of people sounded the alarms to take down the videos down of Jerry Banfield :mad:. done. A few of people cried foul that Coinbase was the first recommendation for a portal into Dash, so we added Uphold, WallOfCoins and Bitfinex. One guy said that we should be inserting our own affiliate links to track signups at exchanges. This thought had of course occurred to me but I decided against it out of conflict of interest. Perhaps we could put Core affiliate links in there, or if I did use my own, that money could be cycled back into the ad campaign. I feel the affiliate account handling is really more a decision to reach with consensus among the network.

All that being said, I do have a certain way that I like to work, and people I like to work with, and can move with tremendous speed and efficiency in the current format. We can deploy ads at scale, we can verify the spend, and we can continue to be open and receptive to feedback from the Dash community.
I would think if we could have affiliate links for this project. Then the funds generated by those sign-ups are just added to the budget. Then thier wouldn’t be a real conflict of interest with it. Also then this project could partially pay for itself over the long term. We have a large budget yes but if affiliate link bring in 1k the 1k that we can have for something else in the budget. Just my 2 duffs.

I think this is real cool and your doing a good job.
Quick update:

1. we are swapping out the "How To Buy Dash" video for this, which shows how to buy dash with uphold:

2. We are putting the naomi and desertlynx video at the top of all experimental variants since it performed best against all conversion goals

3. We are moving the "How To Buy Dash" panel to the top of the page, since it is the most important and interesting panel to our users.

4. We are preparing split tests for email list signup.

We were beginning the process of translation and building out the regional-specific tech for the buy panels but the voting this round isn't doing so well so we are pausing that work at this time.
Quick update folks, the native Reddit ads are continuing to scale up nicely.

Today alone we have done 325,000 impressions across all of the most popular altcoin subreddits. We've delivered 1500 clicks at an average cost of just 31 cents per click and a total spend of $452.27

The /r/Dashpay subreddit has gained 500 new subscribers since we began our campaign. 17903 subscribers at start of campaign to 18400 as of writing this.

I saw your promoted ad(i assume) on /r/cryptocurrency on my mobile phone a few minutes ago. It points to /r/dashpay. The one that says Could Dash overtake Bitcoin in 2018. That is on my account that is not signed in. Haven't seen it on my desktop. Are you targeting mobile more?
Yep, that's our ad.

We are targeting both mobile and web equally but reddit's black box seems to be biased toward mobile.
My biggest suggestion would be to have the /r/dashpay moderators sticky a thread that explains the basics about dash. Something like Followed a Dash link? Learn about dash here.

I’m not sure I would advertise on
/r/verge (there are a lot of new speculators on this, so it might be ok)
I would think it would be least effective there.

With limited funds i'd probably just focus the majority of efforts on /r/cryptocurrency as that is where all the new crypto users are.

And you should add these to the list.

What about the timeline of targeting non-crypto subreddits?
Great suggestions. Since reddit has more inventory than we can capture, we should strategically remove some subreddits and focus on the ones we anticipate will be most effective. Removing monero is a great suggestion.

We are planning on moving into the /r/personalfinance subreddit with it's 12.5 million subscribers upon the next proposal's successful funding.
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Hey everyone, we are now preparing for Phase II whether it happens this cycle or next, (or never at all).

Phase II optimization: drive email signups and confirm wallet downloads with a small weekly dash giveaway
for Phase II, we are optimizing for email list signups and confirmed wallet downloads and we think we've got a great plan.

What we are going to do is ask for an email address and a wallet address and give away .1 dash randomly to a user each week. time and again, offers such as these prove to be powerful ways to generate email signups, and in our case, we can also confirm wallet signups because people will want to win that .1 dash and so they will sign up for the wallet and put it in there.

So, by doing this, we think we can maximize both email signups and wallet downloads at the same time.

We are trying a number of different email signup forms in several experimental variants and using the existing footer signup form as the control. We'll be experimenting with a popup email form, a header email form, and possibly one other.
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I'd like to re-iterate what an opportunity it is to have @feedbands at Dash, willing to execute on such a professional campaign. He has done this nearly for free, and it's an excellent start to what could be a game-changing advertising strategy for Dash. He's used a perfectly good (utilitarian) landing page, tested volumes at different price levels, and has tracking set up on multiple variables. The laymen does not do these things, only an experienced online marketer.

I truly hope that the MNOs are willing to look at the quality of Feedband's work versus his relative newness in the community, or any other factors that are less than objective.

For the good of Dash (and Dash's languishing relevance in the crypto market), I certainly hope that the MNOs take Feedbands up on his offer to scale this campaign.
I would think if we could have affiliate links for this project. Then the funds generated by those sign-ups are just added to the budget. Then thier wouldn’t be a real conflict of interest with it. Also then this project could partially pay for itself over the long term. We have a large budget yes but if affiliate link bring in 1k the 1k that we can have for something else in the budget. Just my 2 duffs.

I think this is real cool and your doing a good job.

If affiliate links are available - use them, definitely. Cycle the money back into the budget; effectively a small rebate for ad costs.
There's no reason to sacrifice competitive advantage.
We will definitely start working them in to provide an additional layer of results tracking and generate additional funding for the campaign.


We are going to begin rolling out our geolocation gear over the next week, testing in the US, India and New York state to begin with. We chose these test regions because Uphold/Bittrex/Poloniex is not available in New York State, and those as well as Coinbase etc. are not available in India. So we have a country that uses completely different services (India) and a US state where most common services are unavailable (new york).

This will allow us to test our tech at the country level and the state level. Once we roll it out, we'll be able to use geopeeker to see if it's working properly and displaying the proper content for these countries.

Then, we'll start working in order of important to include instructions on how to buy dash in every single country in the world. These instructions will automatically display to visitors from that country.

This is necessary as the dashinformer campaign is already a worldwide campaign, see for yourself:

As soon as funding allows, we also plan on translating into the predominant language of every country in the world as well.
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