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Fund the Alt Thirty Six Event Proposal

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Hey Dash community,

I'm Edward and I've been an Alt Thirty Six enthusiast since early 2018. At the time, I was new into the California licensed cannabis industry and as a crypto enthusiasts, I knew that this technology was sorely needed in the industry.

Fast forward to now, in this time I've made relationships with many licensed cannabis operators, provide consulting to cannabis operators and I've recently obtained a licensed to hold cannabis events.

Also during this time, I've kept in touch with Alt Thirty Six, exploring ways to bridge the gap between the cannabis operators and a digital payment platform that they didn't know they needed!

My efforts, changes in the cannabis industry attitude to digital payments and the timing with recent Alt Thirty Six platform developments, have created a perfect storm for partnerships.

The event that is up for vote, is my creative way to promote public awareness of the Alt Thirty Six platform and to demonstrate actual customer adoption.

I ask that you support this proposal. Allow Dash, Alt Thirty Six and our event to reach the cannabis consumers who will drive adoption and generate positive public awareness.

If anyone has any direct questions before they vote, please reach out. Thanks

After reading the comments on the proposal for the Alt36 Cannabis lounge event and judging by the overwhelming votes of "No" on this event, the DASH community is severely misinformed on the benefits of this event and the traction that Alt36 is gaining from dispensaries adoption and usage of their platform.

As an update, my event is going as planned and will be the second permitted event in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the largest cannabis markets in the world. Sadly, because of complaints by masternode holders,and their "No" votes dash and their community won't be benefiting from this event in any shape or form. We still will plan to use Alt36 as an option for ticket and cannabis purchases, but there won't be any marketing as it relates to the dash network. I'm upset and disappointed by the masternodes who appear to be penalizing Alt 36 for their lack of transparency and updates to the masternodes.

So ok, great hold on to your "power of the purse" and lose out on the ability to have dash and it's network make a significant impact on the cannabis market, in addition to the loss of a positive impact on your coin price.

When you see the footage/interviews and joy that my event will bring to all attendees, then just maybe you could contemplate what could have been for the dash community. I'll be fine without the help of your network as I'm a cannabis licensee, but for you all it's really a loss to gain exposure in the largest tech marketplace in the most friendly cannabis climate that we have. I'll also continuing to work with Alt 36 gain more customers and adoption here in the SF bay area. Thanks for your time.
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