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Full Time Dash Video Production with 51% for Facebook and YouTube Ads!

Will you fund this proposal essentially to hire me full time to be of service to:
  1. Create new Dash videos at https://www.youtube.com/jerrybanfield and at https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield
  2. Spend 110 Dash a month equal to 51.6% of this proposal funding on advertising split evenly between Facebook and YouTube. Every $1 spent on Facebook ads from the last proposal has reached around 500 people. Each $1 spent on YouTube advertising with Google AdWords for video has averaged about $0.01 per view leading to 11 minutes watched or about 20 hours watched per $1 spent. This is the only proposal I know of with a clear plan supported by data to advertise Dash on a large scale using the two most powerful advertising platforms in the world. If you are not able to get these results with ads online yourself, watch my tutorials showing how at at
  3. Actively participate in forums, slack, and collaboration with others to help me make the best qualify videos.
I made this proposal because I see the need to either go all in with serving you here or stop trying and focus on other projects. When you consider all of my costs so far, I essentially have done everything including this proposal for free. Now I am asking for what I am worth while offering to give much more. If you vote no on this, I have no plans to create any new Dash videos or proposals because I will instead devote all of my time to making music and doing my podcast.

When we vote yes to fund this proposal, our estimated return over the next three months is about 6 million people finding out about Dash for the first time with the videos that perform the best receiving the majority of the ad budget. Estimates of results are from previous proposals as shown in the investor report at https://jerry.tips/2o42HSy using the current Dash cost. In summary $1 per thousand on Facebook and $10,000 in Facebook ad budget between the two months equals about 5 million estimated reach on Facebook with around 1 million video views. On YouTube, $1 for one hundred views equals about 1 million views on a $10,000 ad budget. Adding those together is 6 million from ads targeted to the entire world on related interests. If you would like me to focus more in wealthier countries, the amount of people reached would drop some to around 200 per $1 on Facebook and $0.05 per view on YouTube.Will you either vote yes now or watch the video below to see the proposal pitch video?

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Thank you very much for reading this and I appreciate the chance to be of GREATER service here in our community!

Jerry Banfield

PS: After seeing the high amount of no votes, I was pissed and made an entire rant about it on YouTube for everyone to see
including reading the comments from the post and pointing out how crazy it is to vote no when over 5,000 Dash remains unfunded. I care enough to get upset with the insanity of voting no when there are no other proposals offering to do anything like what I offer here.
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Your videos are good but this is way too expensive. If you annualize your requested amount, you are asking the network to pay you a salary at a rate of $120,000 per year to make videos, plus an additional $120,000/year for ads that benefit both your channels and Dash.

I know you used Amanda's proposal as part of your reasoning, but at the time Amanda put in her proposal, the price of Dash was under $20. If you do not get support for this I would encourage you to gather the feedback from here and then propose again with modifications and a substantially lower amount. Personally I can't imagine voting yes to anything above 40 DASH, but I'm interested to hear from others as well --
I think this is too expensive, also.
I personally don't like your style of video. I don't need to see you in the bottom corner of the screen bobbing your head all the time and you are a little too shouty.
Anyway, that is just me. I would still consider voting for your proposal but only for a reduced cost.
Thanks for posting and good luck!
I thought your rant video was actually somewhat interesting, after listening through the whole thing. I would imagine the vast majority of the reaction to it will be negative though (the best way to convince people to change their mind about something is not to start off with repeatedly slamming them for how crazy they are for thinking that way). It really would have been helpful if you had tried to negotiate with people beforehand instead of coming in all-or-nothing with a proposal that is asking for over 6 times the dollar value of all three of your previous funded proposals combined. When you are dealing with DASH, there is a lot to be said about building a reputation over time -- it doesn't happen overnight -- the masternode owners might have preferred you to submit something that asks for less Dash and also requires less work from you.