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Free Electricity-Mining Recommendations

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Right now my Solar Panel controller sends excess electricity back to the grid when all my batteries are charged.

I would like to use my excess electricity to power a mining rig.

What is the most inexpensive way to start mining? I have old I7 powered PCs loaded up with Debian Linux, and can get GPUs if necessary.

I would assume I can start with CPU mining and add GPU's as I go? I know that CPU mining is not viable if you are paying for electricity, but in this case I am not. What can I do with what I've got? Any guides would be helpful.
I would also be interested in getting an answer on this - especially if it ends in viable and profitable mining.
excess electricity
i would get some old 2nd hand assics and do a test run
mining returns are low imo (as of but bitmain miners from last year)
but with “free” electricity why not buy sold old cheap asics and try it out (good project ; )
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