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WTS f*D Pre-Order physical 'Darkcoin'

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Hello to the Darkcoin/DASH community! New to this forum but not to the crypto economy. My store has been around since 2013 and I have followed DRK as it has evolved. Very exciting history and future! Anyhow, just running my idea for a physical Darkcoin by the community at large (primarily at Bitcointalk) but was informed of this board so thought I would share here as well.

This would be the inaugural (2015) limited batch of 100 'Darkcoin' proofs. I am aware that there is a potential name change occurring so this quite possibly would be the only batch. Each coin is 39mm antique bronze. These proofs will each come unfunded with a numbered hologram for placement on the reverse of the proof. The customer can add a private key if they desire to add funds to the physical piece.

PRE-ORDER ONLY – Cost for 10 pieces is $100 if pre-ordered ($125 retail cost once in stock). To reserve your coins, a down-payment of $25 is required with the remaining $75 (plus shipping charge) due prior to shipment once minting is complete (estimated 3-4 weeks after sufficient pre-orders). Purchase in advance to reserve the lowest numbers available. The line is numbered 1-100 and will be sold sequentially. Mock-ups posted below.

10 pack of 39mm “Darkcoin” Proof:



Layout for tamper resistant hologram logo below (will also include the text: '2015', 'VIRES IN NUMERIS', and proof number '1-100')

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Here is a video product review of a similar one of our products that has already been minted as a point of reference for what the quality of the physical Darkcoin will resemble.
When is the official name change to occur? I still plan on running the one time mint of physical Darkcoins to commemorate the 'Dark Age' period - pending some more community interest and pre-orders.


Ideally, I would like to run a line with the new logo and name - DASH.
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