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Expiring Text Messages ? (Double secure for the paranoid ; )

I found out that more and more encrypted messengers started to erase message history in 24 hours and stopped to store it anywhere. From one point of view it's a big step to privacy, but on the other hand it's not very convenient as I need some conversations to be stored, but securely stored. For example work chat.
So they delete everything automatically or I can set it somehow if I don't want some messages to be deleted?
It's a very useful thing but I still want to save some conversations.
In some of them you can choose the period of time. For example Dust erases everything in 24 hours.
But it's not very useful as you probably can't choose the exact dialogues to erase or not.
So Telegram also erases the story by itself? I thought that it stores it on a server.
Telegram stores everything! I can tell you more - the developers have an access to all the information.
Users can erase the story on their devices but it will be still stored on the server.