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  • Orientate roughly 50+ Mobile Mobile (MM) Merchants from Northern region on Dash Digital Cash merchandise, as well as show them on how to register on www.discoverdash.com
  • Create more physical dash merchants through MM merchants and commercial shops.
  • Ensure easy accessibility of Dash Digital Cash in Ghana by getting more suppliers and usage of dash on board.
  • Expand dash as a cryptocurrency that can be used for income generation in Ghana.
  • Increase the visibility of Dash Digital Cash as a payment method in Ghana.
  • Increase adoption campaigns through the practical use of dash by people, businesses and street hawkers

  • Embark on individual encounter campaigns with commercial shops along main streets to advise them on:
    • How Digital Cash can help to improve their business operations
    • How they can integrate dash into their transactions and;
    • How they can invest in dash cryptocurrency
  • Organize one-on-one meetings with existing Mobile Money (MM) merchants in the region to train them on how they can integrate dash digital cash on their daily trading and why they should.
  • Arrange special radio discussions on the usage of digital cash featured with local languages for mass understanding.
  • Organize an exclusive seminar for MM merchants and all commercial workers to formally train them on the benefits of integrating dash digital cash in their businesses.
Time-frame for Project Execution: One (1) Month

  • Exclusive Campaigns in a form of individualised Merchant Meetups and seminars will be used to increase Dash Digital Cash merchant adoption in Ghana.
  • The purpose is to lessen the difficulties involve in accessing dash digital cash in Ghana.
  • This will enable us to have one-on-one interaction with the masses and numerous commercial shops as well as merchants of Mobile Money (MM) in northern region.
  • Approximately 200 Businessmen, MM merchants, hawkers and shops in one targeted region will be covered.
  • Exclusive merchant adoption seminar shall be organized to formally train people covered in these matches on Dash Digital Cash and business integration.
  • MM merchants and commercial shops covered shall be registered on discoverdash.com

The awareness and usage of dash digital cash in Ghana is gradually gaining momentum in every single day. The reason being that, there has been an increase penetration of public awareness campaigns such as conferences and meet ups in the country. Nonetheless, majority of the public are still lacking behind when it comes to the awareness of this technology. This proposal intends to achieve a widespread proliferation of Dash Digital Cash to the creation of many Dash merchant services in Ghana with the sole aim of increasing accessibility of Dash Digital Cash to the masses. The proposal recognized the need to create an available market supply of Dash Digital Cash as a means of meeting the increasing demand for dash in the country. The main drive will be on getting Mobile Money agents on the supply of Dash to the masses.

Mobile Money (or Mobile Payment) generally refers to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods. GSMA (2013) defines MM as a transformational service that uses ICT and non-bank retail channels to extend the delivery of financial services to the clients who cannot easily be reached profitably with traditional branched-based financial services.

In developing countries like Ghana, mobile payment solutions have been deployed as a means of extending financial services to the community known as the "unbanked" or "underbanked," which is estimated to be as much as 50% of the world's adult population, according to Financial Access' 2009 Report "Half the World is Unbanked". These payment networks are often used for micro-payments in Ghana. The use of mobile payments in developing countries has attracted public and private funding by organizations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States Agency for International Development and Mercy Corps. And now most people in Ghana depend on this mobile payment services for their financial transactions. Mobile payment services are provided by existing Communication networks in the country. These are the MTN mobile money service, Airtel Mobile money service, Vodafone cash service etc.

The widespread proliferation of MM services among the unbanked and underserved in the country has led to the establishment of many MM merchant businesses in every city. MM merchants serve as individual Merchants of MM that provide easy accessibility of MM services to the masses. These merchants are located at vantage points of every city where they can easily be accessed to perform functions.

Exclusive Campaigns will enable us to have direct contact with these MM merchants and commercial shops in every region. Involving MM merchants into Dash Digital cash Merchandise will cause an emotional reaction in businesses and the general public towards Dash Digital Cash. This project will run throughout the country, but for the meantime one (1) regional capital (Tamale) is the target with the expectation of establishing at least 25+ Dash Digital Cash merchants in this city through these MM merchants.

The Problem Statement
The level of demand for Dash Digital Cash has been increasing due to the persistent improvements in dash awareness promotions in Ghana. Some businesses have started accepting dash as payment method for their goods and services whiles many more are still to come on-board. Also, many people from the general public now have interest for Dash Digical Cash and have been making research on it. This results to many people now demanding to buy and hold dash or to spend dash on items. However, acquiring and using digital cash have been the major challenges to people and businesses in the country; this is because only few digital cash merchants can be found in Ghana . It has obviously become known that, the number of people demanding for dash far exceeds the number of dash suppliers in Ghana. This challenge has been a major factor deterring people away from investing in dash.

The questions people normally ask are; where and how can I buy dash? Or where can I sell my dash when I need cash? How can I spend my dash in Ghana and many more. In several instances, pressure mounts on the very few merchants in the country ensuing many complains from the public. You could hear people complaining that, it takes so much time for them to receive the dash they ordered, or it takes so much time for them to cash out their dash and many more. This complains normally scare newbies because they think they may lose their monies in this.

Moreover, the streets of every city especially in Ghana are where businesses are usually sited. Indeed, conferences and meet ups had been organized in Ghana for dash cryptocurrency. But, these conferences have been largely organized for those in academia and not much on the streets where commercial activities are situated along. These businessmen or hawkers on the streets deserve to know about dash digital cash. Also, they can be a better source for dash to be used as daily payment for goods and services. Nevertheless, most of them lack the knowledge of dash and cryptocurrency in general because relatively, they do not have time for social media, or reading posters for seminars organized for the public. They won’t leave their business settings to attend these conferences, but there is a way to reach them more appropriately.

In summary, the problem is that accessibility of dash digital cash in Ghana has been very difficult amidst increased in demand for dash. Most people out of academia, for instance, businesses or merchants of MM along the main streets who can integrate dash in their daily trading are lacking behind with the knowledge of dash digital cash. This makes spending or investing in dash very difficult in the country.

The Solution Process
The simply way to increase accessibility of anything is to increase supply and public awareness of that particular thing. Exclusive Campaigns will take into consideration several techniques such as Exclusive merchant orientation meetups and seminars to educate the public on dash merchandise and adoption. This way, we can cover most people on the streets (both businesses and non-business) and more especially MM merchant businesses who can serve as merchants for Dash Digital Cash.

Firstly, individualized meetups will be done with merchants of MM and commercial shops in the regional capital with the sole aim of creating their awareness of Dash Digital Cash. During these meet ups, we shall register and invite all those covered to an Exclusive Dash Digital Cash Seminar that shall be organized to officially train them on the various dynamics and practicalities in dash cryptocurrency usage, as well as how they can integrate Dash Digital Cash in their daily trading. Dash wallets shall be downloaded by participants and be tipped with dash token to showcase dash InsantSend and convenience to people.

Eventhough the country has experienced a rapid increased in usage of MM payment services from Mobile communication Networks. But these services eventhough have perceived to be better than the banks, also posses a lot of challenges preventing it to be flexible to solve the financial situations of the unbanked and underserved. Some of the main challenges they posses are high transanction charges, limited spending, network failure and many more. Integrating Dash Digital Cash will serve better. The high recognizance of MM services in the country have brought public attention towards digital financial transactions. The numerous MM merchants providing MM Services in the country can therefore be rely upon to enable mass adoption of digital cash system if they are properly engaged.

Most of these merchants shall be reached one by one during these campaigns to get them involve in dash merchandise. MM merchants shall be educated with Digital Cash system and atleast the following topics to enable them adopt the sale of dash to the general public;
  • The various benefits dash can offer over MM services
  • The opportunities in dash cryptocurrency investment
  • How dash can enhance business and daily transactions
  • Dash merchandise and profit
Furthermore, during the individual merchant orientation meetups with MM agents and commercial shops, the team shall organize people for an exclusive dash merchant seminar to officially train them on cryptocurrency, blockchain and dash digital cash trading.

Lastly, mobile top up agents and recharge card shops shall be encouraged to start using Dash to buy airtime through www.bitrefill.com and www.pikoo.com for customers. This will help to create an environment for daily usage of Dash as well as increase demand for dash digital cash in the country. Likewise, to ensure liquidity for newly created dash merchants, we shall also partner with www.dashghana.net and www.uniquecoin.net to provide ready market for dash merchants.

The above methods shall be used and possibly more shall be added to deliberately get more people on Dash Digital Cash sale and usage. And also help increase the awareness of the general public about digital cash system. Exclusive meetups, seminars, posters amd media expressions are the building blocks for this project to achieve its aim.


General expenses
Transport within Northern region $250
1 Banner $50
50 Dash stickers and flyers $0.5*50= $25
50 Dash T-shirts $5*50= $250
Graphic designer $50
Videos and pictures uploads $50
Dash Giveaways $200
TOTAL= $925

Three Days Individualized Meetups with atleast 50 MM merchants

Salary for 5 freelancers 150*5= $750
Refreshment $150
Notepads and pens $20
TOTAL= $920

Exclusive Merchant Adoption Seminar

Microphone, projector, speakers $100
Snacks and drinks $200
Conference room $150
Photographer $50
TOTAL= $500


TOTAL DASH= 10 (Current Dash price $260.24)
Who I am
Abdul Karim Yakubu is my name, also known as Sahabia on Dash forum and discord. I am from Ghana, West Africa. I am a development Planner by profession, cryptocurrency enthusiast, free market advocate as well as a team member of the Center for Liberty and Entrepreneurship (CLE Ghana). I have since August 2017 participated in several dash conferences, meetups and radio discussions here in Ghana where I actually learnt so much about cryptocurrencies and dash digital cash in particular. Moreover, I have participated in Dash Force and dashboost meet ups and won in several times. See below;
Having developed so much enthusiasm for cryptocurrency and Dash Digital Cash in particular as well as with my desire for a better financial system for my country and the world at large, I am submitting this proposal to the community with the main purpose of making positive change for dash community and my country through the ideas captured in this proposal
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Thank you so much for the suggestion @DashingDude. I will work more on that and get to escrow. Indeed MMs are really one of the best sources for mainstreaming dash. Thanks once again for the commendation
Seems interesting. I will need to think about the price a bit. Seems like a large meet up.

The thing I am curious most about is it certain that 100 merchants will accept Dash?
In 3 different regions so 300 total?
Is the supply of Dash in Ghana available to entice merchants to take it?
Are there online merchants in Ghana?
In the "WHAT THE PROPOSAL SEEKS TO ACHIEVE" section, could you elaborate on what kinds of methods you'll be using to convince all of these businesses and money merchants to accept Dash and help facilitate our ecosystem? That's a lot of work to do, so you will need a solid team to help you and your message will need to be consistent. Also be thinking about the complete Dash ecosystem. So you intend to onboard merchants, great, but they'll need customers to spend Dash. Where will the customers get Dash? From Money Merchants, great, but what incentive will they have to get Dash and not some more common local currency to spend instead? Think about encouraging merchants to incentivize the use of Dash in some way (specials, discounts, etc). Also consider encouraging merchants to talk to employees or contractors about paying them in Dash, etc. People need to have Dash in their hands if they are going to spend it at merchants and businesses, and those businesses and merchants need to be putting Dash back in to their communities. Dash must flow back and forth for it to be worth anyone's while.

One suggestion I might make is that every merchant you get to start accepting Dash, you should help them list their business on http://www.discoverdash.org . This has been a very effective way both for the DAO to track your progress and for businesses to gain exposure to potential customers using Dash in their region.

Another suggestion is since you're targeting Money Merchants in particular, you should contact KuvaCash, another proposal in which Dash has heavily invested which is creating an automated solution for facilitating Money Merchants to get their customers in and out of Dash and sending payments very easily. Since KuvaCash is focused only in Zimbabwe right now, obviously you wouldn't be able to bring their services to Ghana immediately (lots of regulatory hurdles), but you could help pave the way for that kind of arrangement if KuvaCash decides to expand, and in exchange for helping pave the way, they could probably give you some advice for convincing Money Merchants to start accepting and facilitating Dash.

Over all, if you're successful in your goals and keep good records of your progress, I think your proposal is excellent. While 35 Dash is not insignificant, it's comparable to a lot of the smaller conference-based proposals, and I believe your proposal will bring much more value for Dash as a whole than a mere conference, especially with an eye to the future.
Thanks for the wonderful contribution @Arthyron. Indeed i'm highly impressed. I will work on the sections you mentioned. Also, I will work on the proposal to point out the various methods that will be employed to keep MM merchants and customers in dash usage. Flexible discounts, ready supply and commission on sales will be employed, details will be explained. This will help to attract both MM merchants and customers to ought for dash instead of any similar currency. Moreover, the main advantages of dash over the existing MMs can be rely upon to pave way for dash merchant and usage adoption. I will indeed work hard to connect with Kuvacash since both projects have some similarities. Updating the proposal very soon. Please keep monitoring
I assume it is the proposal fee.
Thank you very much for the suggestions @aarellanes. We currently have one active online merchant (uniquecoin.net) in Ghana who sale in both large and small quantities. And hopefully some will be coming on board very soon especially the ebitcoinics.com existing in the country. I will try to partner with these online merchants so that ready supply and liquidity can be assured to keep MM merchants in business. for now this is the plan available but soliciting for more ideas
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Nice going man. You're handling the pre-proposal phase very well. I think that your price is overall reasonable, for the goals that you describe. Just deal with the doubts expressed above, as I'm sure you will, and I think your proposal has a great chance of passing.
Nice going man. You're handling the pre-proposal phase very well. I think that your price is overall reasonable, for the goals that you describe. Just deal with the doubts expressed above, as I'm sure you will, and I think your proposal has a great chance of passing.
Thank you so much @DashingDude . Sure I will deal with all doubts.
Very good proposal. The adoption of dash in Ghana is increasing in rapid pace but the problem we have in Ghana is where to spend dash and merchant to exchange dash. I pray this proposal wins so we get more merchants and where to spend dash in Ghana. And also dash hub Africa team are doing very very well in Ghana in terms of project execution so I strongly believe you guys are going to make this project a buoyant one . all the best. I pray the community vote this proposal.
Very good proposal. The adoption of dash in Ghana is increasing in rapid pace but the problem we have in Ghana is where to spend dash and merchant to exchange dash. I pray this proposal wins so we get more merchants and where to spend dash in Ghana. And also dash hub Africa team are doing very very well in Ghana in terms of project execution so I strongly believe you guys are going to make this project a buoyant one . all the best. I pray the community vote this proposal.
Indeed @Megas ..Amen. This project when finally approved will make great impact. This is what we need for dash and our country. Thanks for the commendation bro.
So powerful, You're a real thinker and a problem solver...I think if this proposal become executed Dash will be of everyday use in Ghana more especially in your focused region.

In addition to the proposal, Why don't you add www.dashghana.net as the supplier of Dash to enable Dash availability to the mobile money Merchants and also, possibly recruit Freelancers that would be paid in Dash to assist in creating awareness and increase adoption to Commercial businesses.

Lastly, to create an environment for daily usage for Dash you can get mobile topup agents and recharge card shops to start using Dash to buy airtime through www.bitrefill.com and www.pikoo.com for customers.

I have no doubt that this proposal offers a lot of potential to make Dash everyday Cash in Ghana. Good luck.

Thank you very much @UltimateCrypto. Your wonderful suggestions will be taken into consideration. I think the success of this project will really require the involvement of www.dashghana.net and the work of freelancers.
Moreover,there is no doubt that www.bitrefill.com and www.pikoo.com can pave way for daily usage of dash in Ghana. All we can do is to encourage MM agents to adopt the usage of these sites in selling of airtime.
I appreciate!
Awesome awesome you see in Ghana when Dash ambassadors move to and fro one question almost every individual ask is so where can I exchange to real cash when I adopt this digital cash. Even though there are few online merchants but in Ghana "the masses don't easily believe in online works" so targeting the MMs merchant on the street in Ghana is gonna be bouyant idea.
This project is going to make Africa Dashy (Ghana). Cheers bro nice move and great idea.