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"errorMessage" : "Could not allocate vin


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I got my IP address mixed up between two masternodes. I sent the DASH to a standby address, rebuilt both of the masternode configurations with the local wallet. ONE works fine:

masternode start-alias MN3

"alias" : "MN3",
"result" : "successful"

The other still produces this error:

masternode start-alias MN2

"alias" : "MN2",
"result" : "failed",
"errorMessage" : "Could not allocate vin 515272e08b8816daf9ff7633e89d5d746d20c9039c87211afa6c2f5455dddd5e:1 for masternode xxx.xx.xxx.244:9999"
(IP address changed to prevent attacks).

I assume that on the blockchain, there is a VIN assigned to my IP address for this node. I completely redid this for BOTH nodes, and the second one reassinged. Any idea why the one for MN2 doesn't budge? Dashd is not running.
"Could not allocate vin" usually means that coins for this masternode are not in the wallet you trying to send start-alias command from. Make sure wallet is fully synced.
Perfect answer, just what I needed. I was using two wallet files, and only one masternode.conf but trying to "masternode start-alias" from the same wallet. Of course, the one that had the coins deposited in that wallet worked, the other did not.

That didn't work for me. I got the same "could not allocate vin" error, and the reason was I had an input of more than 1000 coins. I needed to have an input of *exactly* 1000 coins for that to work. I just sent myself 1000 coins so that I had an input of that amount and that was it.