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Electrum DASH 2.4.1 cannot send

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Hi, I’m a total noob, I honestly don’t know my knee from my elbo when it comes to DASH. I love the idea of it and I’m hoping someone out there is willing to help me out. I would like to move the DASH I have out of my current Electrum DASH 2.4.1 wallet (which won’t connect) to the new Edge wallet. Can someone please walk me through it? Is there a way to do it with private keys? If so how? Please explain like I’m 5yo. Much thanks and good karma to you!
Hi there!

You should be able to export either your recovery seed or individual private keys from Electrum by going to Wallet -> Seed or Wallet -> Private Keys -> Export. You can then safely update Dash Electrum, or import the seed into another HD wallet like Dash for Android/iPhone. I'm not sure if Edge will work, since it is a multicurrency wallet - but feel free to try. If it doesn't work, it's probably better to simply recover the funds in a newer version of Electrum and send it to a new wallet created on the device or app you plan to use in the future.

Good luck!
Dash Electrum 2.4.1 is hopelessly outdated. If you won't be able to export your keys, start with backing up your wallet and upgrading Dash Electrum to 3.2.2
Thanks!!! I just upgraded to Electrum DASH 3.2.2, but I still can't get it to go online. I have it set "Select server automatically" which is "electrum.dash.saimpm.com" on port 50002. Any advice? Thanks!!! You rock!!!
That server should work. My installation also shows:
  • electrum.leblancnet.us port 50016
  • port 50002
Do you have any firewalls or port blockers in the way?
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