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Do Dash really have a place in Africa?

David Mogaji

New member

Dash more than any other alt-coin in Nigeria have a huge amount of users who were introduced to dash through the efforts of Dashsquard through the meetups, seminars and conferences in which they introduced the audience to Dash.

Since 2017, Dashsquard under the leadership of Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal have been able to signup 800 wallets and counting through the meetups, seminars and conferences which they have been organizing in which the Dash Cultural and Music Festival is one out of many.

Dash users in Africa, especially Nigeria have not been able to use Dash for any other thing other than using it to recharge their mobile phones, which obviously isn’t enough to make Dash a legitimate payment mode in the country. For Dash to be able to attain a high level of acceptance in Africa/Nigeria it needs to have a lot of use case just like any country’s legal tender would and more.

Dashsquard have taken their time to research and investigate the ways in which Dash can earn a permanent place in the people’s heart once cryptocurrency is mentioned and that way is by providing means in which Dash users all over Africa can use Dash in the purchasing of products and services.

Dashcart.app and altsavings.com are software systems that have been critical analyzed and have proven to be of great use when it comes to providing a use case for dash as well as increasing awareness and adoption of Dash all over Africa. With Dashcart’s ongoing partnership with Uber taxi it would be a groundbreaking experience for Dash when users can pay for their taxi fare with Dash, book flights, pay for bills, etc.

Dashcart.app is aiming at creating a system with Uber whereby Dash will be used as one of major modes of payment just as Bitcoin is used in Argentina as a payment mode by Uber.



Altsavings.com on the other hand is aiming at creating a system where everyone can get involved in the cryptocurrency (Dash) movement without fear of losing out. The system is to adopt a method which guarantees safe investment/involvement for everyone. Altsavings.com will be at the forefront of increasing adoption of Dash all over Africa especially Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

If Dash is to reach every nook and cranny then Dash Daily Utility and Savings for Africa is one sure ticket to the actualization of this goal.