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Its interesting in the sense that it has garnered a community with the promise of anonymity, but there is no data that I can find on how they plan to implement this. It seems like they are trying to build a zerocash protocol with masternodes; which is an interesting idea. It is surpirsing there is so little information and yet they have an active user base.

For DNET? Not sure, there is potential in the idea, on the other hand, there's a reason its very cheap.

(Edit) The more I think about it, probably not, at least not until the white paper is out; there are other coins I am more interested in, such as vanilla and rads.

How about you?

I got 200k of DNET and will wait for now. Setting up 20 nodes would give me $60 a month -$30 for the vps. So it's $30 monthly profit. but I will wait a bit longer and see how the development goes.