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Developement work for p2pool and NOMP Stratum patch


The buck stops here.
Title says it all. Are there any groups of people who can work together to create a patch for both these pools?

Edit: Current Bounty Amount
250 dark from Evan and Kyle for P2pool
250 dark from Evan and Kyle for NOMP
200 dark from MyFarm for General Bounty
50 dark from Vertoe for P2pool
100 usd from Vertoe for P2pool
5 dark from ayruel for General Bounty
1 dark from yidakee for General Bounty

Total Bounty as of now. 503 dark and 100 usd for p2pool. USD Equivalent of a decent amount.
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p2pool seems more important, regular MPOS has been patched, but the team haven't been able to patch p2pool for RC2 (time constraints?). I'm trigger happy to help with development, but totally unqualified. Best I can do is fire up a node for test purposes. Never tried doing an MPOS, like all things new, seems quite challenging. From everything I've read, everyone that runs pools really loves NOMP though, and voice it well over MPOS. But probably due to the ease of cross-coin stratum switching configs.
Since master nodes will start receiving payouts, a percentage will have to be taken out of the mining payouts to divert directly to the master node.

MPOS subsidery is written in python.

P2pool subsidery is written in C++.

NOMP subsidery is written in JavaScript.

The new subsidiary function has to be rewritten in the other languages.
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In good faith to the community, I add 1 DRK to the bounty. I'm still mining in hopes for a second masternode,,,
In support of the Darkcoin community we're going to add 2 bounties to the list:

250DRK - A patch for NOMP
250DRK - A patch for P2Pool

To test your environment on testnet, please refer to this post:
Source code can be found here:
Patched code can be found here:

To get the bounty you must provide the code and prove it works on testnet (Testnet currently is post-fork)

Our bounty fund is starting to run low, to help out please consider donating! XbvMksW32pWkJi4epVVfGZ3YheoNF9exRw

PS. Me and Evan are going to donate 10% of our earnings from DRKPool.com each month to the bounties. This amounts to 74 DRK so far, which we just sent.
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Just sent my 1DRK to the bounty. If possible I'd like to allocate that to p2pool
good challenge .. 5 DRK to the bounty

Transaction ID: 78ae3466c0220332cf1301a14c6454cd823cad0484c144a3197ec926faf2b00a
I'm throwing in 50 DRK bounty for anyone able to patch this p2pool code to work with darkcoin masternode payments (rc2) after may 14th hardfork.

Anyone else want to add DRK to this bounty? Without p2pool darkcoin would lose a major part of decentralization!

Cross post https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.msg6521879#msg6521879
Sent my bounty to bountysource - join me and support p2pool with your bounty!
So it seems the problem has been solved NOMP....

Is it simply an issue of the pool not understanding how to deal with the tx percentage that goes to the masternode?