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DCG January 1st Budget Proposals To Be Posted by December 8th


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DCG will post the January 1st proposals by end of day December 8th.

We expect to request 60% of the available treasury funds for this budget cycle.
What happened to proposals? Based on discussions on Discord, other proposal owners are waiting to see whether you will request more budget so they can submit their proposals.
"We expect to request 60% of the available treasury funds for this budget"

If the statement above is accurate, then the budget could play out like this.
Next Dash network total superblock maximum payout is 6,177 Dash x 0.60 = 3,706.2 Dash. 6177 - 3706 = 2,471. According to Dash Nexus, currently 1,376 Dash is allocated to passing proposals. That would leave 1,095 Dash extra for additional passing proposals, if DCG proposal was 60% of total and if all of it passed (it was divided into 3 different proposals last month if i recall correctly).

This is pure conjecture based on googling.

I hope Glenn is okay.
All is well, I am posting the proposals in the next few hours. A few last minute details needed to be finalized before I posted - so there is a 1-day delay.

We are indeed requesting 3,705 Dash for this budget cycle.