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Date and Time issue, Privatesend is idle


New member
sorry for my bad english, hope thats the right section.

So when i start dash core it says "Please check that your computer's date and time are correct! If your clock is wrong, Dash Core will not work properly."

But it is right.

So everytime i start dash core and synch last 2h again and again.
Then it stocks by 99,9% but all blocks are done, i checked manually.

In the right corner it also says "up to date".

So now the biggest problem.

I wanna mix/privatesend my dash.

When i start, it sometimes do like 2% but then, it says Privatesend request incomplete.
Sometimes after some minutes/hours it just say "privatesend idle"

So i let it run over night for good 8-10hours, (2 rounds) and it stuck at 16% lol.

What can i do?
Hi, can you verify you are using Dash Core Also make sure the date format is correct and that you are reading it correctly (maybe US format with month first?), I have never seen this error without a problem in the clock configuration.